Research & Editorial Internships with Via Meadia
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  • dearieme

    You forgot to mention the pay.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @dearime: which should tell you something right there.

  • dearieme

    I see: you must be planning to pay minimum wage?

  • BlogDog

    Really, what would the intern net?
    Intern net … Internnnet … I’ve got a great idea!

  • TB

    I hope someone lets us know someday if they ever need researchers and writers who can work over the internet.

    I can dig up almost any information in less than half an hour. Give me a whole morning and I can tell you what God had for breakfast. But my wife has a professional career here and I can’t move away.

  • John

    Mr. Meade,

    Would you accept the after hours help of a very well educated government lawyer? Just asking.

  • stanmo

    Dearieme: Get thee to Wallstreet

  • Albertabound

    No money no honey.

  • willis

    I saw Bill Clinton celebrating his 65th birthday. He may have some intern leads for you.

  • Charlie Martin


  • bm

    You don’t need more interns. The change over to a branded product using lots of interns has already seen a drop in the quality of Via Meadia. Instead of the distinctive individual voice,quirky wisdom and unexpected insights of WRM, the blog is now quickly turning into one more pundit opinion mill run by a lot of clever, slightly smug twenty year olds. It’s OK in its way but I’d much rather have the old individual blog back.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      @bm: don’t worry. We plan to keep the long, individual posts, and are working to make it all more interesting. And for better or for worse, nothing goes up on this site (unless clearly marked) that doesn’t get heavily read, revised and often rewritten by yours truly. If we make any changes in that policy, they will be announced on the site. WRM

  • @ dearime; Internships are usually unpaid positions, but if they do pay, it’s not very much.

  • observor


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