The Revolution Coming To A Kindle Near You
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  • Anthony

    The lessening of “gate keeper” constraints combined with internet disintermediation certainly avails new opportunity for “undiscovered genius” (and others) willing to write and publish (21st century information and communication change exemplified). Careers and lives as you imply WRM may be upended – ah, technological progress….

  • WigWag

    Amazon is now the hunter but before long it could easily be the hunted. Amazon is in the process of disintermediating the book business by destroying publishers but how long will it be before authors (especially the famous ones) realize that they really don’t need Amazon’s distribution system? Why should authors allow Amazon to stand in between them and their readers? How long will it be before Facebook or something like it replaces Amazon as the distribution channel of choice for authors and musicians?

    My guess is that it will happen in what seems like a heart beat.

  • At the same time the publisher White Wolf (World of Darkness and New World of Darkness) have, according to reports, decided to switch entirely to print on demand. So that’s another change to the publishing business.

  • Vinnster

    Perfect timing. In the November issue of MaximumPC is a story with step by step instructions on how to create your very e-book for Kindle readers.

  • ErisGuy

    “vigilant gatekeepers”

    And look how often they were wrong. And how often new publishing houses were established to overthrow the old, staid, stuffy publishers. Too much power in too few hands; too much undiscoverable corruption. Good riddance.

  • Everyone a writer; no one a writer.

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