All The King's (Cyber)Men
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  • Stephen

    Good analysis. Thaksin’s considerable power, what some see as his anti-royalist sentiment and the unpopularity of the Crown Prince raise concerns with the coming succession.

    Thaksin’s power, populism, and policies favoring rural constituencies at the expense, some see, of Bangkok has raised expectations of rural communities, often poor. His banishment has frustrated many and cracked open the rural versus urban tensions that have long been there below the surface calm.

  • Emilio Esteban

    Thailand’s ICT is reponsible for the jailing of hundreds of innocent Thais for posting critical comments of their king on the internet.

    Calling for political hackers to smash ICT’s webs is a legitimate non-violent way to fight back! We must protect the privacy of those exercising their right to free speech on the internet.

    Hackers smash ICT!

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