More Excellent News, Smithers
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  • Randy

    Don’t worry. The EPA will put a stop to all this. Independence, schmindependence!

  • Personally I’ve no doubt He does. But I’d also be careful not to mention it too often. Especially when in the company of some of our more strident modern – i.e., post-1995 – proponents of American exceptionality. Judging from what I’ve read of them, many seem to have all they can do to acknowledge a common humanity with drunks and fools. Much less to enjoy being lumped together favorably with them in the same proverb.

  • Wes

    You act like this is a good thing. Have you seen the Gasland documentary? At what price do we enjoy this cheap energy?

  • Thanks for the link! Needless to say, I’m a huge fan.

  • Mrs. Davis

    And how does this reduce European and Japanese dependence on ME oil? We have been a minor importer from there but we defend it for our allies, not ourselves.

  • mrs. perry

    We will become exporters, Mrs. Davis.

  • Jeff77450

    I seriously doubt that the U.S. will ever become a net-exporter of petroleum, in part due to the reasons expressed in this excellent article:

    The Europeans, the Japanese, Korea et al should be paying at least 80% of the cost of having U.S. troops in their countries and our keeping the sea-lanes open. –says a retired soldier in Houston, Texas

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