Chernobyl Siblings To Run Another 15 Years
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  • higgins1990

    Mr. Meade, you seem to insinuate that the eleven RBMK reactors still operating will meltdown because a similar reactor at Chernobyl suffered a meltdown. The Chernobyl meltdown was due to gross operator error. Chernobyl didn’t “break” due to poor design.

  • Luke Lea

    According to Wikipedia there have been few if any confirmed deaths from long-term radiation exposure at Chernobyl. The same goes for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Radiation hysteria, not radiation exposure, is what we suffer from. Chalk it up to environmental activists — again (along with AGW and keeping the green revolution out of Africa).

    We can be made to fear invisible things we do not understand, whether it be electromagnetic waves or alpha particles or DNA mutations.

  • dearieme

    “Chernobyl didn’t “break” due to poor design.” True – but, by God, it had ample poor design.

  • Matt

    At least we can take comfort in the fact that the remaining operators of RBMK reactors are unlikely to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. Everyone in the control room dying horribly probably tends to stick in one’s mind when one is contemplating disabling every single safety feature in your reactor for the sake of an unnecessary and needlessly dangerous test.

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