Slow Posting, Hat Tip To US Foreign Service Officers
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  • nadine

    It’s good to hear that our Foreign Service officers are of good quality. However, the dig I have always heard against them is not that they are stupid; rather, that the combination of Arab politeness, Israeli brusqueness, and the pervasive American assumption that all sides are equally reasonable and there must exist some compromise solution midway between the two sides, leads to a pervasive pro-Arab tilt in the US State Department. (That, and judicious applications of Saudi money to their ‘friends’)

    In short, they conclude that if the Israelis are so hated, they must have done something really bad to deserve it. Their gracious Arab clients couldn’t hate the Israelis so much just for being Jews, could they? Their Arab friends will earnestly explain their reasons.

  • Luke Lea

    Well, then, tell them to get their European colleagues to pony up for Palestinian reparations. They call it the Quartet but it sounds like a solo.

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