Libya: The Afterparty Continues
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  • Raymond R

    Please stop associating the loon, that beautiful, noble waterfowl, the image of which graces our Canadian $1 coin, with such vile despicable characters as Moammar Gadhafi. He may be a great lunatic but calling him a loon slanders an innocent bird

  • Luke Lea

    How long before the rebels start shooting each other as someone asked earlier?

    Not long, according to today’s NYT. Like almost all violent political revolutions — maybe the English one was an exception? — this one will end by eating its own.

    Bonus question: what’s the difference between dismal pessimism and realism? Beats me.

    At least Walter Mead tries to be upbeat on some of these issues. Is that a condition of his employment? That’s an unfair question I realize and I hope the answer is no. He’s plenty pessimistic as it is and gores sacred cows everyday.
    Which is one of the reasons I come here! 🙂

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