The Insider’s Guide to Development Cliches
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    SR (spending review): Stapler Repair

    USAID: Utterly Serious And In Denial

  • It’s easy to be cynical and jaded towards aid. But in a post colonial politically correct era, where there is no clear authority or possibility of one, what do you expect? This fragmentation and inefficiency results and as imperfect as it is, whom will administer and help run and stabilize the poorest most forgotten regions of the world? The argument that they would be better off without the UN dev NGO world rings hollow. There is limited capacity. I admit it’s not an ideal scenario but its a palliative not a cure. It’s does not bring us to heaven but prevents hell, as SG Dag H said.

  • Luke Lea

    When the times are bad the jokes are good.

  • Richard S

    Why aren’t business corporations “NGOs”? They’re not government, and they’re not family or church. What else are they? They certainly look like non-governmental organizations to me.

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