Taiwanese Film Stirs Romantic Nationalism
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  • peter38a

    “This type of movie, done well, can inspire whole societies with nationalist pride, reinforce the prominence of folk heroes (including, quite often, violent ones), and strengthen a people’s togetherness at the expense of foreigners”

    Dr. Mead I believe you have put your finger on the reason for Hollywood’s disinclination to produce cowboy movies. If only we would, culturally speaking, order them to “fill your hand.” And of course we can by not paying for the clap-trap they produce.

    Tsai? Some nice parallels with Churchill don’t you think? He thought it better to die as a free people than live like slaves.

    And by-the-by, main land China; isn’t this the regime that goes to bed each night wondering if they will awaken to another poisoning of the countries children, or collapse of buildings from shoddy cement, finding that this finally was the last rice grain on the camel’s back? Wars seldom turn out as the initiator believe they will so the real question is just how much “war” can the mainland paradigm take before it trembles and, look out aunt Sally, tumbles to the ground.

  • St0815

    Strange idea this “warming of relations”. What does it consist of? Is China reducing the military build-up against Taiwan? Reducing the number of missiles it’s targeting on the island? Relinquishing claims against Taiwan’s territorial integrity? Stop blocking Taiwan from joining international organizations?

    It does nothing of the sort, it makes increasingly aggressive territorial claims against all of its neighbors and supports some of the most evil regimes in Asia (like North Korea and Burma).

    And now Tsai stating that China has exerted influence over Taiwanese elections counts as “aggressive rhetoric”? It’s plainly true, certainly it must be possible to complain about this in an election campaign if another country puts on pressure regarding the outcome? What precisely is aggressive about that?

    Tsai makes no claims to Chinese territory, does not want to attack China, does not even want to formalize the de-facto independence of her own country. And *that* already counts as being aggressive.

  • HYM

    @ 2. St0815,

    what a load of [stuff with which I disagree]. read your own words again. stop using lies to attack others.

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