For Gas, Europe Seeks To Avoid Russia
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  • higgins1990

    “The Russians brought this on themselves; heavy handed attempts to use their control over Europe’s gas supply made even pro-Russian governments ready to reduce the Kremlin’s ability to blackmail the EU.”


  • Joseph Somsel

    Ronald Reagan tried to talk the Europeans out of depending on Russia for natural gas, but to little avail.

    Then the Europeans decided, ON THEIR OWN, to step back from building the only workable alternative to natural gas, nuclear power plants.

    I did a piece on this entitled “Sticking it to Gazprom” following the Georgian invasion.


  • Kris

    The Nabucco pipeline would pass through Turkey, which is itself proving vexing, but in this case, two problems are better than one. And we can then see what happens on the Israeli-Cypriot-Greek front.

  • cas

    I thought it was interesting as I read a recent policy paper concerning the new “fracking” techniq

  • cas

    I found an interesting reference in a recent reportthat details the amount of natural gas contained UNDER Eurpope itself, that can now be econimcally recovered via fracking. I wonder if the “green” lobby will again win this battle?

  • William

    And what of Russia’s ability to blackmail the very central Asian states that Europe would shift their dependence to?

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