Strategic Patience
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  • Victory is the best exit strategy.

  • Charles R. Williams

    So what about Yemen and Somalia. This argument for Afghanistan applies to them also. Afghanistan cannot be turned into a modern democratic state. We should focus our efforts on disrupting terrorists at minimum cost. This means covert operations and working through proxy armies and warlords.

    The Obama administration has ramped up the military effort and simultaneously ensured its failure, compounding the Bush administrations failed program of “nation building.”

  • “‘Al-Qaeda is not [in Afghanistan] because we are,’ Crocker said. ‘If we decide to go home before it is ready, you could see a Talibanization of this country and a return to the conditions that existed pre-9/11. You will see regenerated al-Qaeda getting back into the global jihad business.’ ”

    A good example of the common sense that (right now) dares not speak its name.

  • Kris

    “When it comes to the war in Afghanistan – or any war, really – wanting it to be over does not help end it. … But screaming to high heaven about how we hate this war and are yearning to end it will only make it harder to get the agreements that will let us bring our troops home.”

    But setting dates for unilateral and unconditional troop withdrawals is a recipe for success?

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