Israeli Embassy: The Egyptian Bastille?
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  • K2K

    well stated Mr. Mead. David Goldman posted some charts about the drop in Egypt tourism at PJM.

    So, Egypt’s military just declared martial law, and is implementing much stricter visa procedures.

    The real test may be when they run out of accumulated foreign exchange and can not import enough wheat to feed 40 million Egyptians who depend on subsidized bread. Then we shall see food riots?

    Ironic that low population Libya has enough oil wealth to cover Egypt – which is why I still think Egypt’s military should annex eastern Libya and ignore the Sinai 🙂

  • pst314

    As a side-note:

    Muslims have a long history of not respecting embassies and ambassadors.

    (Or, for that matter, doctors, rescue workers, humanitarian aid workers, women, children….)

  • MTNolan

    Crane Brinton wrote “The Anatomy of Revolution” in 1938. Its well worth reading. The new governments set up after the revolt are unable to solve the problems that caused the revolution in the first place. And since they do not have the authority to resist those who wish to continue the revolution, the government blames some foreign power and war usually results…. which leads to the fall of the government which is replaced by more radical and ruthless elements.

  • pst314

    MTNolan: Another book to read??? 🙂

    One of the “problems” of the internet is finding out about interesting books far faster than one can read them all…which is quite the opposite of what life was like when the news was dominated by the MSM.

  • Kris

    “even many of those who don’t want more wars also don’t want what they see as the shame and surrender of an Israeli embassy on Egyptian territory”

    And can you imagine how humiliated they must feel about the Sinai being under Egyptian control only because Israel agreed to hand it over in exchange for peace? That is why the peace treaty must be abrogated and the Sinai returned to Israel, so that the brave Egyptian people can regain the Sinai through soul and blood. You-know-hu is Great!

  • standfast24

    Good observations about Egypt. Insight sadly lacking from the MSM. Even better reminder for the Obama admin that actions have consequences.
    No doubt that the Dems wish NY 9 was not happening right now – this is an additional reminder that Obama policy has put Israel at risk.

  • MaryWilbur

    Your analysis makes too much sense to ignore. Egypt’s future does not look very bright.

  • Mike T

    The challenge the prospect of shifting public opinion is that the violent jihadists and supporters of never-ending Palestinian terrorism are quite happy to use violence against Egyptian who disagrees with a radicalized Egypt. As with the Reign of Terror, the innocent and moderate will be frog-marched to the Egyptian version of the guillotine and executed.

  • avidus

    Now that the Israeli embassy is torched, it’s ambassador and staff fled where does the crowd turn its focus and anger?

    Should conditions continue to worsen I think it will be quite interesting to see what happens with the US embassy.

    After all, while Israel is the primary enemy we all know who is next in line. Our $2B in annual aid notwithstanding.

    Should our embassy shortly be attacked then I will suggest we have an unmistakable sign that this revolution is clearly going the way of Robespierre.

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