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  • Andrew Allison

    And it’s just going to get worse. The administration appears to believe that it can keep the Medixxx crises at bay by reducing payments to providers, thereby requiring them to pad their bills in order to receive reasonable compensation. Note that I differentiate here payment for services actually provided and outright fraud which as Prof. Mead points out should be severely punished pour encourager les autres.

  • BillH

    Don’t leave out “defensive medicine” costs brought on by predatory malpractice litigation. I suspect “defensive medicine” takes at least as big a bite out of medicare-medicaid as does fraud and waste.

  • John Burke

    Fraud is endemic to Medicaid. In 1975, NY Gov. Hugh Carey and Atty. Gen. Louis Lefkowitz named (current Brooklyn DA) Joe Hynes as a special prosecutor to investigate Medicaid fraud (initially due to a widespread scandal involving nursing homes defrauding Medicaid). That special prosecutors’ office lived on with plenty of work for 20 years and evolved into a permanent state anti-fraud unit. 48 states now have similar units.

    Yet, Medicaid fraud persists on a major scale. Going on 40 years, it should be obvious to everyone that this problem is systemic — and given that investigators cannot oossibly be catching every fraudster, it likely is far larger than most people realize.

  • Mrs. Davis

    What do we spend on DEA versus Medifraud?

  • Toni

    A truism if ever there was one: create a huge pot of government money and crooks will jump in with schemes to get some of it. Whether bilking Medicaid or siphoning cash meant for Afghan schools or stealing foreign aid to Africa, swindlers go to work.

    Don’t give this administration outsized credit for pursuing Medicaid fraud. Every administration has pursued it since Medicaid was created. Obamacrats discovered and “decided” nothing new.

    This is what so irked me about Obamacare as it was being formulated. You’re going to cut $500 bil of “waste, fraud and abuse” that hadn’t *already* been investigated and prosecuted? Okay. Find and eliminate that additional $500 billion and then we’ll talk about whether the rest of Obamacare will work.

  • Toni

    Whoops. Where I wrote Medicaid, I meant Medicare.

  • Corlyss

    Before this trend is over, doctors compelled to work for the eldercare system or forfeit their licenses to practice. If Obamacare survives the Commerce Clause scrutiny, there will be nothing to stop the government from forcing doctors to work virtually for free. Wasnt’ that one of the law’s hidden objectives? After all, health care is a human right, no?

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