Greens Turn on Reds in the Andes
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  • Joe

    Stagnation is what normally happens in stage one of the disease of Marxist-Leninist impulses.

    Communization is actually a slow process.

    In the DDR, where I used to live, even after 40 years of “real, living Socialism”, which itself came after Hitler’s crony-industrialist Socialism, not all “free professions” were collectivized. 5% of it, all in specific professions like optometry and such, were still private. They left these folks alone because not only were they all in socially and economically critical trades, they knew that nationalization of them would fail.

    The telling part is that they had an income tax of something around 10%, knowing that if it was too high, that the capacity of those socially and economically critical trades would evaporate.

  • Kris

    “The Great March of Bolivarian Revolutionary Progress is entering a rough patch.”


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