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  • WigWag

    “Perhaps more startling is the appearance of such anti-Ahmadi violence in ordinarily mild Indonesia…What happens in Indonesia is a warning sign for what could happen and is happening to other moderate Muslim populations throughout the world – Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh.” (Walter Russell Mead)

    It would be interesting to know why Professor Mead characterizes the Muslim populations of Nigeria, Somalia and Bangladesh as “moderate.” Nigerian Islamists are attacking their Christian neighbors with gusto and anti-Ahmadiya violence is as prevalent in Bangladesh as it is in Pakistan. See,

    As for Somalia, anyone who has read the books written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali would have a difficult time concluding that the form of Islam practiced in Somalia is “moderate.” That is unless you consider, forced consanguineous marriage of young girls, female genital mutilation and ubiquitous honor killings to be signs of moderation. See,


    Professor Mead is right about Indonesia though; it is the canary in the coal mine. Mead could just as easily have mentioned Malaysia and Turkey; two other supposedly “moderate” Islamic nations moving in a decidedly immoderate direction.

    Two books that are “must reads” for anyone operating under the delusion that “moderate” Islam is anything like what the West considers “moderate” are:

    1) Eliza Griswold’s “The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam”

    2) Paul Berman’s “Flight of the Intellectuals: The Controversy Over Islamism and the Press.”

    Griswold’s travels along the Tenth Parallel take her to many nations where Islam and Christianity meet. She describes in gripping and depressing detail how there is nothing “moderate” about how supposedly democratic nations like Malaysia and Indonesia treat their Christian populations.

    Berman’s book is also fascinating. He tracks the history of the “Muslim Brotherhood” which many pundits and leftist journalists insist is a “moderate” organization. Come to think of it, members of President Obama’s Administration are trying to make the same argument. Berman traces the lineage of the Brotherhood and one of its most articulate spokesmen, Tariq Ramadan, to show how they are rooted in Nazism and how their supposed “moderation” is really a strategy designed to deceive gullible westerners.

    Ramadan was offered a faculty position at Notre Dame only to be denied admittance into the United States by the Bush Administration because of his sympathy with terrorists. Of course, the Obama Administration lifted the ban and welcomed him into the United States with open arms.

    One of Professor Mead’s colleagues on the faculty at Bard ,the journalist Ian Buruma, was so besotted with Ramadan that he lovingly penned a defenses of Ramadan’s “moderate” views. In a debate in France with Sarkozy a few years before he assumed the French Presidency, Sarkozy asked Ramadan whether he condemned the Islamic practice of stoning women to death for adultery; Ramadan refused and suggested that at most a temporary postponement of the practice might be considered while Islamic religious authorities considered the issue more closely. Apparently that was enough for Buruma and even President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to conclude that Ramadan was a “moderate.”

    Given this interesting, lively and timely debate about what “moderation” is in the Muslim world, perhaps someday Professor Mead will share with his loyal readers exactly what he thinks the characteristics of “moderate” Islam are. Does he really think that the governments of Indonesia or Bangladesh are still “moderate” in the way they treat minority religious groups? Does he really think the form of Islam practiced in Somalia is “moderate?” Does he think Tariq Ramadan or his fellow travelers in the Muslim Brotherhood are “moderate?”

    My question is this; as “moderate” Islam disappears, how long will it be before the clash of civilizations between the Islamic world and the Western world becomes far more violent than it already is? While hoping for the best, wouldn’t it be wise to prepare for the worst? Is burying our heads in the sand really the smartest option?

  • Kris

    “What happens in Indonesia is a warning sign for what could happen and is happening to other moderate Muslim populations throughout the world – Nigeria, Somalia, Bangladesh.”

    Thank Allah that this could never happen with the moderate Muslim populations here in the West!

  • John Bautista

    Hey have you heard of this incident in India???
    let me know what you think!

    India: Preacher accused of forced conversion

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