Can China Keep Perry Out of the White House?
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  • See in which some good data is published. Take away the whole energy sector and Texas is still growing faster than any other state. “Since the recession started hourly wages in Texas have increased at a 6th fastest pace in the nation.”

    It’s a diverse economy which won’t go paws up over a single change, but it seems that the world continues to slow. Being the best isn’t saying much when all are so poor.

  • Stephen Clark

    The scenario most helpful to Obama would be for the overall economy to improve while Texas stagnates or declines in isolation. Your hypothetical would likely see the overall economy worse as Texas slows. I can easily imagine Perry’s camp saying in response that Obama’s policies are so bad that they are finally dragging down Texas.

    What’s Obama’s response going to be? It’s China’s fault? While that may be true, it also plays to a meme already taking hold that the administration blames everyone and everything but themselves.

    Beyond that, if by fall ’12 unemployment remains well north of 9%, I rather doubt that most folks outside of Texas will care what’s happening inside Texas.

  • Toni

    Texas exports more to Latin America than to Asia or Europe, I believe.

  • Luke Lea

    All we need, another cowboy from Texas with an inferiority complex and something to prove. After Lyndon and W., I don’t think so.

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