Migration Will Shape Our Future
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  • Jim.

    “The long-term trends towards urbanization are a part of the same phenomenon. As communications and transportation have become less expensive and more ubiquitous, more people are leaving the farms and headed into the cities.”

    Does not follow.

    As communications and transportation have become less expensive and more ubiquitous, we have seen not only suburbs but exurbs appear.

    At most, 1/3rd of Americans want to live in urban spaces. The rest of us are here chasing jobs, and we’d rather not be. The Internet, cheap transport, and the increasing tendency of jobs to require 10% – 25% travel all points to the idea that economy is becoming unmoored from the geography of the City.

    Read some more Joel Kotkin, he’s got his head firmly on his shoulders and had a better connection with the aspirations of most Americans, that you have apparently forgotten (dazzled by the glitz and bright city lights of glamorous Queens, no doubt.)

  • Luke Lea

    Does it remind you of the Goths and the Visigoths?

    The older I get the more I realize the cultural/biological uniqueness of the West. It isn’t about race. It’s about outbreeding, the culture of outbreeding. As is usual nowadays, hbd* chick, whoever she is, covers the story.


  • Mick The Reactionary

    No amount of hard data will convince the

    The Ruling Class is convinced that unlimited, uncontrolled immigration is a God’s gift to humanity (it is unclear if Ruling Class thinks Prols are part of humanity).

    No amount of hard data can change their believe.

    Prof Mead is a brilliant writer in service of Ruling Class. No amount of evidence could change his mind.

    Nothing surprising here. Soviet Ruling Class has never changed its mind about superiority of Communism. It just Soviet system collapsed all by itself.

    American Ruling Class will be undone by collapse of Neo-Liberal Economic Policies of which FreeTradeUberAless and Unlimited Immigration are most important components.

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