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  • Neville

    “…the trial by fire of press investigation and vetting that every national candidate (except, apparently, John Edwards) must pass” [before becoming the nominee].

    John Edwards and John F. Kennedy. And John Kerry. And Al Gore.

    Any pattern discernible here?

  • Gene

    So John Edwards is the ONLY presidential candidate that you can think of who is not subject to press investigation and vetting? Wow. I’ve got a hint for you: there’s another guy who shows up in the news pretty often these days …

  • Peter

    Neville, you seemed to have omitted B. Hussein Obama from those presidential candidates that the mainstream media refused to be vetted.

    I also think Comrade Hillary got a bit of a free ride, too.

    Any pattern discernible here? Yes, all the lefties get a free ride while Republicans, especially conservative ones, get smeared.

  • Stephen P

    Jeb Bush was both conservative and effective as governor, pioneering education policy and managing growth well. He still has quite enough respect from the GOP establishment and more populist right-wing commentators (National Review, talk radio, etc.) to put a serious dent in Perry’s campaign. (And there are MORE than enough holes in his record to torpedo his campaign that have gone unmentioned.) Jeb likes to work behind the scenes, of course, but of every leader in the GOP, he’s one of the most dangerous to have as an opponent.

  • Kris

    Rick Perry is the second coming of Bush. He’s also such a radical extremist that even the Bush camp is opposed to him. He is the most radical extremist evar! Unless he falls behind Bachman, or Palin, or anyone else not named Romney, in which case they become the radical-est extremists. And if, Gaea-forfend, any of those actually gets elected President, that will serve to show just how radically extreme the American people have become.

  • zane

    “He has not yet survived the trial by fire of press investigation and vetting that every national candidate (except apparently, John Edwards) must pass.”

    Yet, the failure press investigation and vetting was painfully absent when it came to Obama and now that failure has become legion with books, article, et al, written about that failure. Obama’s early writings, supporting the Green Party and 60’s anti-war protesters, his defense of affirmative action written to a fellow student at Harvard, his room mate who was a drug dealer (at the time they were room mates) from Pakistan, all ignored by the press as reporters decended on Wasilla, Alaska like a plague of locusts.

    Will Perry be vetted? You bet, with his transcripts from Texas A & M now leaked to a very unfriendly website. Will he be beat around the head, while the press remains solidly in the camp of the realization of their socialist dream instilled in them during journalism school? Yes. Will nasty ads, seeking any “hottie” who has had sex with Rick Perry surface? Already has. Only to be outed as a Ron Paul supporter.

    But to think that Rick Perry is the standard candidate who has not faced the hydra before is to mistake his record in a state that sees politics as a full body blood sport. Oh, he will be vetted, because Perry, unlike any other candidate now running on the GOP ticket, poses the greatest threat to the current resident in the White House. And the press knows it.

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