Obama’s Postracial Dilemma
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  • “Managing the complex politics of race has been one of the President’s most important successes.”

    Excuse me?

    One black professor gets arrested and we all get a lecture in police behaving “stupidly,” before The One knows anything about the situation, we get a beer summit and more arrogant condescension from the Community Agitator. But several major cities have race riots with Blacks attacking Whites solely based on skin color, Chicago beaches are closed due to race riots, WI Fairgrounds become attack-whitey zones… and we hear crickets from the Oval? Holder rejects the NBP Voter intimidation case… crickets? Reports out of FEC that Holder will not pursue ANY race cases in which Whites are the victims?

    I nearly always agree with Dr Mead, but if Obama has had ANY “successes” in race issues, no one is aware of it. He is the most racially polarizing president in decades.

  • Anthony

    This attributed new approach recommended by CBC reads as an attempt to avoid leadership (WRM; you wrote a piece about this 8-27-11) failure attribution; that is, communities functionally poor in the necessary economic, social, and cultural institutions to assuage ravages of ecomonic cycles have had electoral representatives trapped within political agenda of the Democratic party – government sponsorship/programs as sole economic response to social and political well-being of the underpriviledged and unemployed. That said, President Obama is trapped and immobilized between the contending issues of the politics and economics of American ideas of liberalism and conservatism.

    The 21st century (national) economy founders in the administrative embrace of functional disarray, while blind economic forces drift further and further from political control – the president essentially becomes a caretaker (politics become a holding action of programmatic expediency). Surrounding that , we are yet couching some public policies in either race-coded or race-avoidance strategies, when the interest of the country requires so much more from its nominal leaders (a political leader with a firm knowledge of the mechanics of goverment and the balance of forces in society can successfully assert the general interest over the special interests).

  • And thus continues the long chain of what I’ve taken to calling “Stealth Reparations.”

  • pst314

    “The meticulously-crafted ‘postracial’ image which served the President so well during the campaign has worn poorly in the messier world of governance….”

    Crafted indeed. There was absolutely nothing sincere in that image. The Obama campaign was grossly racist, with an endless drumbeat of “you’re a racist if you don’t vote for the black candidate” and “the only real reason anyone would oppose a left-wing extremist like Obama is racism.” As in his previous campaigns, Obama let other people say and do the dirty work, but we all know he was behind it. So just how much dirtier will his 2012 campaign be?

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