Laming The Snail
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  • Jordan

    I’m doing everything I can to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the amount of paper mail I get. It’s a headache to blot out my personal information or shred before I toss it. I get all of my bills online. I am starting to get all of my magazines online.

    My deepest sympathies to those workers who will be displaced by this shift.

  • Tom

    Since the invention of Email the Execs at the USPS have been crying about the interne. The decline of first class mail boo hoo. In 2004 -2006 the USPS experienced record profits. The bulk mailing industry saw this as an opportunity to lock in their rates. 1st class always offset the price of bulk rate. The decline of 1st class, bulk rate mail price would have to increase. 2006 PAEA heavily lobbied for by the Bulk mailers, and Postal Execs became law. The bulk mailers received a price cap, and Postal Execs received big raises. Instead of embracing the internet and retooling towards e commerice. The USPS kept the same business model, and tried to lower cost to the bulk mailing industry. This has time and time again been a failing business plan. Their latest billion dollar failure of launching the FSS sorting system, has again proven the lack vision postal execs have. The USPS can still be saved, but real reform is needed.

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