Como Se Dice 'Tea Party' En Espanol?
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  • formerdem

    In these matters we should emulate our European betters, as our cultural ‘elite’ is always abjuring us.

  • Toni

    No, Texas would secede *only* to be its own country. Again.

  • Eurydice

    Sure, Spain can’t print Euros just like Texas can’t print dollars. But states and sovereigns are two different animals and the prescriptions for each are not necessarily the same. In the current case, however, blue state policies deliver a double whammy – they’re too expensive (an issue for states) and they’re turning out to be counter-productive (an issue for sovereigns).

  • Ruy Alencar

    The Boston Tea Party in the American colonies had a motto (‘No taxation without representation’). The Tea Party movement spreading to Europe is a move against irresponsible spending by governement and politicians of all parties. It’s the deficit stupid !

  • David Parker

    Spelling error, ready not read.

  • hola como se dise en español website

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