There Is Good News Beyond The Great Fear
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  • Kenny

    The main problem with the blue model is that, over the years, it has created a rather large dependency class, some of which is clearly parasitic. And they are allowed to vote.

    So what do you do with them? And please, don’t say retrain them in some government program. You know as well as I that such a proposal is hogwash.

  • Russell

    Can’t work. No room for graft.

  • Larry, San Francisco

    What kills me is the level of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. In the private sector, most fraud is nipped in the bud by the use of advanced artificial intelligence. This leads to fraud rates in credit cards or on-line banking to be only a few basis points (whatever scare stories you hear). Using similar techniques we should be able to cut fraud in Medicare/Medicaid from 10% (an underestimate probably) to less than 1%. Until this is done, the government’s braying for more taxes will continue to fall on deaf ears.

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