The Deepening Shadow of Plains
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  • Corlyss

    James Taranto had a great point earlier in the week. The left’s exquisite dispair is not due to Obama’s not fighting for their goals. That’s bald rationalization. Obama did as much was humanly possible to realize the left’s dreams. Their problem is that their long-dreamed of perfect left Philosopher-King president has enacted many of their perfect left policies and strategies, and they all failed together. Their perfect Philosopher-King not only failed but was reviled by the hapless peasantry for whom so many perfect left programs were designed. The left simply can’t face the failure of their precious social schemes. It has to be someone’s fault, not the fault of the ideas.

  • Randy

    Dr. M,

    How is the Hamiltonian disillusionment with Obama going to play into this? I figure they see Romney as the lesser of evils but it’s seriously doubtful that he’ll get any Jacksonian support in the primaries.

  • nadine

    “…one of Obama’s core beliefs seems to be that American politics needs to be less confrontational and demagogic and that compromise and conciliation should play larger roles in our national life”

    Say WHAT?! You mean, Obama’s core belief is that opponents should stop confronting him and hasten to agree with whatever he says. Obama spends all his time blaming and scolding others for demagoguery when he himself is the champion of the art.

    Let us all remember that when Obama was on top – when he had 60% approval and filibuster-proof control of both houses of Congress, his own approach to “compromise and conciliation” was to tell the Republicans on the Hill “We won.” and shut the them out of legislative deliberations. Obama’s $4 Trillion Federal Budget, his $800 Billion Stimulus, and his Heaven-knows-how-much Obamacare were rammed through on party line votes in defiance of normal legislative procedures. What Democrats like to forget is that all the compromising Obama did on these issues occurred inside the Democratic Caucus.

  • Obama can’t “fight for his beliefs” because they are so far out of the mainstream of most Americans.

    All he can do is attempt to ride out the storm until the Rs stumble or make an unforced error.

    Sure, they will get a lot of mileage out of Ryan’s plan and Perry’s conservativism. Heck, Perry is a Bush clone, in terms of life story.

    This will be another close election, but I’d much rather be the R than the D, in this cycle.

  • President Obama doesn’t mind being confrontational himself. His problem is that he is not used to and does not like opposition to his policies or to himself personally. I’ve noticed that he tends to overreact to criticism, which is not good in a president since it elevates the stature of his critics.

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