Indian Corruption and The Future of World Peace
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  • Jim.

    Traditionally in China, the “Corruption is OK” leads to the breakdown of government effectiveness, which leads to civil war in which tens of millions of people die. That makes tolerance of government corruption the most lethal idea in history, neck-in-neck with Nationalism, and between ten and a hundred times more lethal than religion.

    Western countries have been fortunate enough to have Protestant types who by the mid-17th century had embedded a “corruption will land you in Hell” element into the hearts and minds of the West. There is still a residual of this sentiment here, though without the fire of zealous faith, anti-corruption has severely weakened here in recent years.

  • carvaka

    first, i think the arrest of anna hazare was an idiotic thing to do by the govt. but it is entirely legal and can be argued as the right thing to do (not that indian govt. always does the right thing.).

    it is a punishable offence in india to threaten to commit suicide or attempting to do that.
    even without legal technicalities it is questionable whether protests involving fast unto death should be allowed.
    two major “critics” of satyagraha (fasting is part of a larger process) were gandhi himself and ambedkar.
    gandhi cautioned people against satyagraha saying that it should not be used as means of getting justice.
    more importantly ambedkar gave a speech before the parliament saying in an independent and democratic country – there can’t be any place of undemocratic forms of protests like satyagraha or violent armed struggle. he said there is always a political process of getting what you want – even if that path seems long and arduous – any other means will only weaken democratic institutions.

    but for an average indian it is very difficult not to support anna . because the govt. doesn’t give any impression that they will do their best by themselves.

    there are also a lot of discussions and debates on both corruption and inflation in india. some has the opinion that both are going to stay with us for some time. and neither of the two are likely to come as a serious obstacle to india’s rise.
    the arguments are, historically high growth always was accompanied with corruption. that scope of corruption has actually decreased in india, what has increased is the magnitude. and more transparency (maturing institutions like election commission, comptroller and auditor general, which are now a days largely independent of political interference ) has led to more revelation.
    the govtl also took some small steps – like right to information, curtailing the discretionary power of ministers , the current lokpal bill, more liberalization etc.

    anyway, enough of playing devil’s advocate. there is indeed a serious problem of misgoverning india. and certainly it has associated risks.

  • carvaka

    just saw on the news, anna hazare and his companions are released.
    no doubt the ruling party’s decision making procedure is dysfunctional.

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