Tip Toe Towards Transfer Union?
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  • Kenny

    you make insightful comments, Mr. Mead.

    What you write rings so true for the short term.

    But the long run is a different story where maybe it’s Froggy who will be trapped — and perhaps cooked.

  • Jim.

    It is absolutely NOT in Germany’s best interests to go along with the French plan. All the French plan does is guarantee that Europe will exhaust every reserve before it faces its next crisis, which will lead to collapse.

  • Luke Lea

    Wickedly cynical. But, who knows, maybe it will work.

  • Toni

    This reminds me of the way the French (and Russians) tried to play the old post-Gulf War sanctions on Iraq. They were advocating easing of the sanctions for the sake of suffering Iraqis. Their real goal was oil exploration contracts for French (and Russian) private oil companies. Contracts had been negotiated and awaited only the lifting of sanctions.

    Then the US ousted Saddam, and there went all those contracts.

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