Assad’s Survival Plan
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  • teapartydoc

    Tell me what the difference is between the guy in Yemen that our government keeps trying to assassinate, and Basher of Asses? Is it because the guy in Yemen is less effective in prosecuting a terror war against the US and its allies and is being punished for his relative ineffectiveness? Maybe the guy in Yemen needs to get his act together. If he can prove himself more capable, maybe our government will turn its attention on [Assad].

  • Tom Billings

    Turkey will do nothing but talk, because their government has imprisoned or driven to resignation exactly those people who would plan and execute any military action against Assad. Still, they might fall into a disaster there, trying to use their decapitated military as though it were whole. That disaster would give Assad, and Iran, far greater legitimacy.

    As Claire Berlinski has noted, the primary ideology in Ankara today is not islamism, but fantasy. Erdogan cannot admit his own constraints, because the only way out of them would mean he must stop centralizing power in his own Party. They have little or no continuity with the Ottoman past, because Attaturk’s reform of the Turkish alphabet denies them the ability to even read the Ottoman diplomatic correspondence about Iran, much less about their Syrian client. They are walking blindly.

    The Syrians are on their own,….may they have the courage to free themselves.

  • AD

    Where is Lawrence when you need him?

  • Earl E. Teetyme

    “Where is Lawrence when you need him?” He’d probably be playing house with his life partner somewhere in the vicinity of San Franpsycho.?

  • ThomasD

    The Sunnis, and the US are the devils Assad knows, he’s seen how to deal with them his whole life. As your breakdown shows, there simply are no significant unknowns, perhaps with the single exception of his own military.

    Which might be a problem for Assad, but neither would it be a solution for the rest of Syria.

  • ASSAD knows all he has to do is keep killing and hold power until the rebellion runs out of steam. No one else will challenge him- the West is too weak-willed. The only question is how many dead bodies will it take for [him] to get from here to there.

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