A Whiff Of Grapeshot
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  • Kenny

    “Shot rioters.” Mayor Richard Daily, Chicago, 1968 or there about.

  • Russ

    Similar events in SF Bay Area yesterday, where BART shuts down cellular service in underground terminals to prevent violent flash mob, and is roundly criticized by The Usual Suspects for violating free speech of mob!

  • Jim.

    – Re-enact the Riot Act.
    – Expand Criminal Conspiracy laws to apply to tweets.

  • I concur but with a more “colonial” viewpoint http://wp.me/p1Bswk-bX . As John Adams said while defending British troops… “We talk of liberty and property, but, if we cut up the law of self-defence, we cut up the foundation of both, and if we give up this, the rest is of very little value, and therefore, this principle must be strictly attended to.”

  • cohort

    1. Do you actually believe that someone engaging in a criminal act have no rights whatsoever to complain about the state using force? Any force? And do you mean only after they’ve been held criminally liable through a trial, or do you mean people on the streets who the police judge to be engaged in criminal acts? Or are you just using imprecise language?

    2. Part of the reason Britain and other democracies with a free press have maintained the balance between liberty and order is through vocal opposition from civil society groups, such as the human rights crowd. In light of that I don’t understand your condescension in telling the human rights crowd to “calm down”

  • Christopher

    Sorry but once the government takes away civil liberties in one emergency it will only continue to do so in the future. The governments failure to actually investigate and attempt to deal with the protesters in any way that excludes force is the true problem.
    According to Locke, when the legislature fails to act in the interests of the people it needs to be overthrown. Unfortunately we are reaching that point.

  • Luke Lea

    If it happened here you’d see the National Guard on the street and militarily enforced curfews. Shoot, if not to kill, to sting. What’s the English word for “curfew”?

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