More Bad News for Pensions
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  • Obama just came out with two lines that are being quoted everywhere. It’s a good news/bad news thing. The first line:

    “The good news is that our problems are solvable.”

    I completely agree and the United States is capable of handling this debt, onerous as it is if we apply ourselves and face up to it honestly. But then comes his next line:

    “I assure you we will stay on it till the job is done.”

    That’s the bad news. The debt can be solved but not when the same political elite who see debt as a strategy instead of an obligation continue thinking up fixes. Had he said “I assure you we will stay out of it till the job is done” there might be hope.

  • Anthony

    When a country has allowed its ethos to be captured by half truths , misrepresentations, distortions, and mediocre talents, the nation becomes entangled and extrication is both painful and difficult socio-economically.

  • Charming Billy

    Well, at least Carlyle loved his mama. So he can’t be all bad.

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