Venezuela After Chavez
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  • Richard F. Miller

    Drug lords are bad, but the use of Venezuelan territory to station Iranian built and operated Shahab-3 missiles (range, c. 1,200 miles) is worse.

    It is impossible for outsiders to assess recent reports to this effect; but if true, it represents a real problem for us. Chavez moving on may be an opportunity for us–a necessary opportunity.

  • Toni

    “America’s basic strategy for coping with Chavez is to roll our eyes, sigh, and ignore.”

    What’s the alternative?

  • One alternative was tried in the early 2000s, (a coup) but it didn’t take.

    We need to bring back the coup for these instances. Say what you will. Chile is free, Cuba isn’t.

  • Richard F. Miller

    Mr. Behrend:

    I am in violent agreement! Others may criticize the more aggressive CIA decapitation policies of the 1950s, but they had one rather large thing to recommend them: in the aftermath of getting our fingers singed in Korea, these were a lot less bloody than the “limited” wars that followed.

    In an age of declining power projection (that’s just a fact of strained budgets) we better copy Obama in one (and only one) regard–the use of wet operations to execute our interests. Naturally, he hasn’t been a fraction as aggressive as he should be; however, future presidents aren’t going to have much choice.

    That’s going to mean (let the liberals collectively hiss here) coups, assassinations, funding and arming oppositions, shadow armies, and all the rest.

    If anyone knows how to conjure the shades of Dulles and Kermit Roosevelt, please do so.

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