Epitaph for Obama
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  • Kenny

    With a little luck, we’ll see Ralph Nadar and the Green Party on the balolot again.


  • Jim.

    Even Obama realizes the current level of spending is unsustainable. Even these $4 trillion in cuts are about 1/10th of what we actually need to make, to balance our books.

    The $40 trillion of savings that we need over 30 years or so (more, if we don’t balance the budget in the near-term) and the $100 trillion in the long term are simply not going to be realized without serious cuts and reforms in Entitlement programs.

    Confiscatory taxes on “plutocrats” and on “corporations” just aren’t going to cut it. Obama’s bright enough to do that, even though he can’t come out and say it.

  • Doug Page

    Does Greenwald want the United States to turn into Greece or some other nation that can’t pay back its loans? According to Barron’s, the United States spends $225 billion each year servicing its $14.3 trillion of debt.

    Think if we weren’t carrying that kind of debt. We could spend the $225 billion on something else, maybe on educating our children; maybe on better roads and bridges and other infrastructure items; maybe on finding a better (perhaps even green) source of energy — right here at home instead of in the Middle East; maybe on a jobs program that puts people back to work.

    It’s time to pay down the Visa card. And either we solve our problems or someone else will do it for us, like the Chinese.

    I’d be a far less conflicted voter if the Democrats could understand the value of a dollar and the Republicans could understand the value of human rights.

    Let’s hope both parties in Congress, and The White House, find their inner adult and make a deal — soon!

  • Luke Lea

    Weak or clueless?

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