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  • Acksiom

    More than ten times as many usa citizens committed suicide in 2001 as were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

    Last I heard, the federal government was spending about $40 million/year on both suicide research and prevention combined.

    In 2001, the feds spent about $4.7 BILLION on the TSA.

    Ten years later, that number has increased to $7.4 billion. Suicide research and prevention, AFAIK, is still around $40 million/year.

    So well over THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND OF US have killed ourselves over the past decade.

    Meanwhile, how many terrorist murders has the TSA prevented? We can be reasonably confident that there will be no more 9/11 scale WMD-converted jet hijackings, as shown by UA Flight 93. I haven’t found definitive averages for passenger/jet numbers yet, but my raw data so far suggests that about 300 is an acceptable estimate.

    Therefore, to be addressing a problem comparable in size to the suicide rate, the TSA would have to be preventing over 100 passenger jet hijackings, per year, every year since 2001, inclusive.

    Terrorists would have to be killing THIRTY THOUSAND AMERICANS PER YEAR just to be in the same range as the suicide rate. Terrorists would have had to have killed OVER THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND AMERICANS over the past decade in order to just APPROACH the suicide rate.

    And then there’s the possibility that the TSA’s grotesque violations of human privacy, dignity, and autonomy may have contributed to some people’s suicides.

    I’m having a hard time imagining how that could work in reverse. I don’t think identifying and reaching out to those most at risk of suicide is going to increase terrorist murders.

    If we can identify likely terrorists and prevent their attacks, we should be able to identify likely suicide victims and prevent their attacks as well.

    How many of the mass murders in recent years have been intentional murder-suicides? We know many of these people go into their rampages intending to die at the end. Just like the 9/11 attackers. Just like the suicide bombers around the world

    What if the willingness to kill ourselves is closely correlated with the willingness to kill others?

    What if suicide is the reason why intelligent, successful, degreed upper to middle class people become suicidal terrorists?

  • Kris

    “What if suicide is the reason why intelligent, successful, degreed upper to middle class people become suicidal terrorists?”

    Don’t be ridiculous, Acksiom; the reason is obviously ritual genital mutilation!

    For history buffs, see also “The Halifax Explosion”.

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