Fifth Reich Making Its Move?
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  • Mrs. Davis

    A very interesting post.

    The Germans are back as a great power, but a dangerous one? Europe is more of a danger to the US when it is divided and at conflict. I’m trying to see the downside of the Germans achieving peacefully what they have tried to do unsuccessfully with violence.

    The Germans will not soon forget WWII. As no one in the American south will pursue secession so the Germans will not pursue conquest for a long time. And if they did, they would face the same array of enemies as last time, but much better prepared to deal with them more swiftly.

    The more interesting question is what the
    British will do. We should be offering them closer association with the other Anglospheric powers so that they do not fall into the Fifth Reich and we retain access in the event we ultimately need it. But given our current President’s anti-Anglo attitude, it seems unlikely.

  • WigWag

    Is Germany back as a dangerous power?

    The headline reminds me of Lord Byron’s quip about his mother-in-law.

    “She had been dangerously ill; now she is dangerously well.”

    And as long as we are talking about the German people, for those who haven’t seen it, Peter Berger’s post on “Religion and Other Curiosities” is well worth reading. It is entitled the “Fading Shadow of the Habsburgs.”

  • Eurydice

    Well, sure. And it’s not just the Brits and the French who’ve been talking about this – it’s the rest of Europe, too, and for some time now. Although, I have to smile a little about the French – they thought a Franco-German Europe was a great idea until they realized sharing space with other countries might dilute their Frenchness.

    I guess I don’t know what “dangerous great power” means in the Eurozone context. The thing is that the Archbishop is mistaken – it’s not just Greece, Ireland and Portugal that are no longer sovereign nations, it’s every country that gave up its currency, including Germany. Germany may still have dreams of taking over the world, but they’ve given up the fun part of world domination – using superior firepower to subjugate the little people, looting their resources, making them jump through hoops, a carefree disregard for their subjects’ welfare. Whatever hoops Germany comes up with now, they’ll have to jump through them, too. Somewhere there’s an evil mastermind who’s wondering where he went so terribly wrong.

  • joe weiss

    Germany should leave Europe and join the Swiss Federation…more likely though it will team up with Russia soon… lets see how the anglofrogs will react then….

  • Toni

    I never understood why the EU didn’t let Greece lie in the bed it had made. Greece violated the common-currency laws. Shouldn’t Greece alone suffer the consequences?

    Silly me. Law-abiding is so hier.

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