Et Tu Barack?
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  • Bard College class of ’65

    but it has become increasingly clear to many people on the center and a few on the left that the old program aren’t sustainable

    Walter, you might want to consider taking one of those remedial reading and writing classes Bard offers incoming freshmen. It is either “old programs aren’t sustainable” or “old program isn’t sustainable”. I hope that helps.

  • Actually, O Bard of ’65, it doesn’t help. It is merely pedantic. You breezed right past the much more revealing misstatement in the passage quoted: “It is a Democratic President who feels that deficit reduction during a recession and keeping tax rates near historic laws….” in which “laws” stands in for “lows” and in doing so opens a door into the writer’s mind.

    In either case, the new law in the debate from the left is to repeat the “historic lows/law” meme whenever possible regardless of current context.

  • Toni

    Dr. Mead, do you really believe that Obama is “the driving force now behind cutting Medicare and Social Security”?

    Didn’t he scoff at the Paul Ryan budget? Didn’t at least implicitly approve of the ad of the GOP throwing granny off a cliff by revising Social Security? In 2-1/2 years as President, he has not once mention revising entitlements and still hasn’t put forth any plan, nor any budget items he’s willing to cut.

    Remember, the only 2012 budget Obama ever submitted actually raised spending and was voted down 97-0 in the Senate. He’s never submitted another. For months, he demanded a “clean vote” on raising the debt limit — a yes/no vote, so Republicans who voted “no” could be accused of fiscal irresponsibility.

    I believe he wouldn’t even be considering entitlement reform if 1) the Republican House didn’t have him backed into a corner on raising the debt limit by Aug. 2, and 2) he didn’t want a Big Deal to make him look moderate for the 2012 electorate.

    Really, given the realities of politics, it’s unreasonable to try to get a crash Big Deal. How much better if the Administration and Congress worked out spending cuts, entitlement form, and a new tax code over a period of months, not weeks. But, no, Obama never broached any of those endeavors, nor put forth any such plan, until the last minute — again, only because of the previous debt limit will soon be reached.

    The evidence suggests that Obama never had any intention of cutting spending or revising entitlements or the tax code. Not until he had his back up against the debt limit wall.

  • Dan Griswold (Not the Cato fellow)

    Like the socialist left, the technocratic high priests believe in government control and a redistributive state, but the vision is less “workers of the world unite” than it is “professors of the world design”.

    Ah! Socialists deny human nature and reality while Technocrats suffer hubris. Obama and hubris, that’s a match.

  • Fred

    “His true center of gravity is in Kennedy/Johnson administration”

    Weren’t they and their policies disastrous enough in the 60s and 70s? Bay of Pigs, Viet Nam, multi-generational government dole, stagflation, crime waves, Iranian hostage crisis, racial preferences, gutting of standards in, oh, everthing (standards being inherently racist and sexist). If anything, technocratic liberals were, and are, far more dangerous than radicals because they are much more likely to get power and keep it long enough to do grave harm to our culture and economy.

  • nadine

    To Fred’s comment (#5) let me add the obvious: there may have been some excuse for believing the Great Society programs of the 1960s would work back in the 1960s, but to believe it NOW after forty years of proven failure shows a dogmatic inability to ever learn from the facts before you.

    To my mind, the argument over whether Obama is technocratic paleolib or an Alinskyite stealth socialist just demonstrates how shallow and deceitful the man is: if he had any discernible principles, surely we could all have figured them out by now?

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