Clinton in India: Actual News
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  • Jim.

    Hm. If we’re going to be selling out American tech companies for the sake of a corrupt, second-rate power, we may want to rethink the India deal.

    Good strategy is more than just what looks like a good idea — weigh the actual costs and the actual benefits before you embrace it.

  • adrian

    Not sure I agree with this subterfuge. US global strategy is always paramount and the first pillar is their navy’s ability to control all oceans.
    India wants to grow their navy but a large indian navy would challenge the US Fleet responsible for the persian gulf and its oil flow..
    The US provides significant financial support to Pakistan for one reason only, and that is to keep India’s defence resources directed to their land Army.
    The indian’s economy is stronger (in terms of stability and future growth) and their legitimate desire to grow their Navy is constantly challenged by the US for no other reason than the US’s empire building.
    Hillary’s words are smoke and mirror.

  • Very good post…..

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