Via Meadia Update
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  • Brock

    My favorite part about the new short posts is that I can share them more easily. Most people I know aren’t interested in these topics enough to read the long essays, but they’ll read dropped knowledge nuggets as long as they’re bite-size.

  • Mrs. Davis

    The short posts are great. Give the interns an attaboy.

  • Just curious, why did you get rid of the Disqus comment platform?

  • Never had it properly installed—it went semi-live on the servers by mistake. We may implement it in the future when I get my head wrapped around it. Is it something you’d like to see?

  • Yes, I like Disqus because I can go back to my account and see my entire history of comments across all Disqus blogs.

    It eases the number of logins as well.

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