US Plot To Steal Amazon Exposed
Published on: April 12, 2011
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  • Tom Holsinger

    The next time anyone visits Brazil, see if you can start, or further, spread, a rumor about a Yankee conspiracy to steal Brazil’s precious bodily fluids.

  • Belinda Hsu

    this US Plot to Steal Amazon was widely spread in Brazil and most people believe it is the reality, including many friends of mine who have sent me the above map and articles on this subject per e-mail…

  • Luke Lea

    Looking at Gapminder, Brazil looks a lot more like Mexico than an emerging global economic power. Its real per capita GDP ranks 104th in the world according to the CIA fact book. That’s roughly one-fourth the level in Europe and the U.S.

    Economic inequality on the other hand is greater than that of any other country in the world outside of Africa, which is really saying something (again according the CIA, based on Gini coefficients).

    So color me dubious.

  • teapartydoc

    Want good will with South America? Unilaterally eliminate all tariffs on South American goods, both agricultural and industrial. Everything. It’s better than unilateral disarmament. I think it might be best if I don’t hold my breath waiting for this one.

  • Tennwriter

    Some ecofreaks would like to take over the Amazon, and make it a World Park. These same sorts of nutbars would want to do the same to the Moon, and Mars for fear we evil humans might pollute them.

    Thankfully, these idiots are less powerful these days, and never had a real chance to begin with.

    Most Americans probably think of Brazil in a kind of benevolent apathy. We might have a passing thought about it or some aspect of it, once a month. We’re not real good at being conniving plotters. We are good at ignoring people and watching TV shows.

  • eu quero que vc se fodam seus merda arombados

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