Yule Blog 2010-2011: The Light at the End of the Yule Blog
Published on: January 6, 2011
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  • JT

    Thank you, Walter, for a fantastic series. I suspect many (like me) will return to these meditations again next December as a thoughtful, satisfying Christmas refuge from the madness of the “holidays”.

  • Mrs. Davis

    In 1947 10% of Phi Beta Kappas went into the ministry. Today? It is Christianity’s loss. For one doesn’t often hear this many good sermons in a year, let alone a fortnight.

  • London

    Thank you Prof Mead. My family and I truely appreciated the series and have shared it with friends around the world. As a fellow progressive Christian, I agree it is difficult to talk about our faith. But as Rabbi Sacks concludes in The Dignity of Difference, absolutely necessary especially in the global context. You seemed to have found your voice in the series, and there were bits that felt truely inspired. Bravo to the preacher’s kid.

  • Peter Dellas

    Walter, your Yule Blog was a refreshing and stimulating read and I wish to thank you for the courage to publish it. I say “courage” because it is seen as weakness and intellectually debasing to admit to anything Christian in today’s hostile climate.

  • John Barker

    Quite a series! I hope you continue to refine and publish each season. One way or another many people I know are groping toward a faith and more would do so, if they could see that rational and educated people can have a meaningful spiritual life without sacrificing the intellect or embracing fanaticism. I would like to see some mention of books that have guided you on your spiritual journey.

  • This has been a great series. The intellectual life and the life of faith need each other, and love for the Baby and His Mother can be thoughtful as well as emotional. I am looking at my lighted Christmas tree, in the dark, typing this on my phone. It comes down tomorrow.

    The sweetness of the season (though not only sweet, as you reminded us) has to give way to ordinary time, and the rigor of Lent, and to the differently flavored joy of Easter. Each has it’s place. You have added materially to my appreciation of the season this year.

  • London

    A book list would be wonderful. Thank you.

  • I so much enjoyed this series. Thank you.

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