Yule Blog 2010: The Hinge of Fate
Published on: December 28, 2010
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  • matt

    thank you so much for this series ! I am really enjoying reading it ..

  • Christopher Garbowski

    I usually access the American Interest website on occasion through the Arts & Letters link. This year I was disappointed browsing the latter website after Christmas to see that the editors ignored Christmas, which seemed a sign of the secular times. Then I remembered last year’s WRM Yule Blog and was delighted to see the author is creating a “tradition.” As a Christian I believe everyone has a vocation. As much as I enjoyed last year’s blog, which gave clear evidence of the blogger’s vocation as a teacher, now it seems his vocation as a political scientist is coming through in his ever illuminating reflections on Christmas. I look forward to the insights colored by that vocation. WRM has criticized the commercialized Christmas spirit, yet his Christmas blog is entitled Yule Blog, which is also derived for the season from an appropriated non-Christian tradition. Fortunately, however, the blog is the real thing! I heartily pray the tradition contiunes.

    Christopher Garbowski

  • Josh

    Thanks for all of these posts. I can’t say I “enjoyed” this one (that seems a little perverse given the subject), but I appreciate the reminder to take the Christmas story as a whole, rather than leaving off with the shepherds and wisemen bowing down and offering gifts.

  • gary glynn


    No room in the inn, of course,
    And not that much in the stable,
    What with the shepherds, Magi, Mary,
    Joseph, the heavenly host –
    Not to mention the baby
    Using our manger as a cot.
    You couldn’t have squeezed another cherub in
    For love nor money.

    Still, in spite of the overcrowding,
    I did my best to make them feel wanted.
    I could see the baby and I
    Would be going places together.

  • Liza

    “God became man and dwelt among us in order that in the fullness of time we can become like gods ourselves and go live with him.”

    Could you please elaborate on this (or point me to an explication)?

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