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Published on: November 6, 2010
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  • John Barker

    Thank you for the best early Christmas present I could have been given. Readers may want to contribute to this enterprise. I hope there is a way to do so. This is a great experiment in mass education whose ramifications may be profound. If I were a college professor or administrator I would become a student of this process and learn from it. This enterprise may give new meaning to the dictum publish or perish. Long live the revolution!

  • Soul

    I’ll look forward to reading the articles about the Civil War and what times were like back then. I had several relatives that fought in the great conflict, and wrote a little about their experiences, for both the north and the south. It was at times difficult to understand their writing and thoughts, so maybe this will give more clarity.

  • This should be fun. I know a lot about Lincoln, the greatest modern man I propose, though less about the war itself.

    For a start I suggest you link to Edmund Wilson’s Patriotic Gore — or, better yet, to the various pre-Civil War authors Wilson writes about. They are all free now at Google Books.

  • PaulB

    We should start this off by correcting a common misunderstanding implied in your very first sentence. While it is true that Lincoln received only 41% of the popular vote running against a Northern Democrat (Douglas), a Southern Democrat (Breckenridge) and a Cotton Whig (Bell), he won 15 of the 18 free states with an absolute majority and would have had a majority of the electoral votes even if the votes of the opposing three candidates were combined.

  • Steven Rood

    I think the best way to get the most out of the Long Recall would be day by day, in my e-mail in my in-box like so many aggregators of contemporary news.

    However, I cannot figure out if this is possible.

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