Celebrating Stalin in Georgia
Published on: October 21, 2010
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  • Earl of Sandwich

    I also like Reason’s account of the Stalin musuem.


  • Gregory

    You write about Stalin’s museum but you do not say a word about the Museum of Soviet Occupation in Tbilisi that tells it all about the atrocities the Russian Bolsheviks (including Stalin himself) committed after they conquered Georgia in 1921.

    When the Russians bombed Gori during the 2008 invasion of Georgia, not surprisingly Stalin’s statue was not touched by the invaders. The Georgian government ordered the removal of the statue after the active phase of the war ended (the Russians still occupy 20 percent of Georgian territory of course).

    And last but not least: Have you heard anything about the Stalin icons that have recently become so popular in Russia? It is not surprising at all since Stalin was a Russian tsar not Georgian king…

  • Adam Garfinkle

    Very glad you mentioned the Che Guevara idiocy, as you termed it. A perfect description, I would say. Do these kids with their chic T-shirts have even a clue? And if not, why not?

    My own eldest son I once saw waling around with a Mao t-shirt. I wanted to rip it right off his body, I said, “Do you have any idea what a sentient Chinese person walking around Washington or Philadelphia is likely to think of you wearing that shirt?” “No.” “Try Pol Pot.” “Oh.” I never saw him wear it again.

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  • rationalbeing

    Greatest curse in this universe is american imperialism which caused and causes more deaths in the world than stalin’s era.western colonialism destroyed and looted asia and africa.george bush junior probably the more idiotic than che gvra ruled usa.a country(which of course supported different dictators for their own interest) having unprecedented dictatorship of the should think twice blaming stalin.stalin created power balance by building nuclear weapon,defeated nazis.

  • owen mcguinn

    Stalin was a cruel but fair leader who
    continues to be venerated by the aging
    and ever dwindling membership of the
    Communist Party of Australia (my country).
    Do you want to know what their party’s
    slogan is? It’s “The Party of the 21st
    century!”. I kid you not. You hear of old
    hippie “acid casualties” who “decided to
    stay in 1968”.These guys and gals decided
    to stay in 1955.They hate Krushchev with
    a passion and think Gorbatchev “destroyed
    the well-functioning socialist democracy of
    the Soviet Union”. I saw a cartoon recently
    where a fortune teller looking into a crystal
    ball says “I see a world without hatred,
    violence, conflict, greed and war”.”Wow!”
    says her customer “the people of the future
    must be really happy!”.”I don’t see any people” answers the fortune teller.

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