Blogging Through Georgia
Published on: October 19, 2010
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  • Walter, your having to link to Wikipedia for the entry on Yugoslavia made me laugh out loud. But of course, you’re right.

    My friends and I shake our heads in disbelief that a band like Nirvana is almost as far back in time to a young person today as the Beatles were to us when Nirvana was breaking big in the early 1990s. For questions of world history, I’m sure it’s even more pronounced.

  • steph houghton

    “The two live together in a vicious symbiotic relationship; scratch a Red and you’ll find a Brown. Better yet, scratch either one deeply enough and you will find a Black: someone so caught up in the will to power that crimes and atrocities don’t even count anymore.”

    This reminds me of an old joke, why is facist like a beaf steak? Becuase he is brown on the outside, and red on inside.

  • Fred Bartlett

    გამარჯობა! (gamorjoba!) I envy you your tours of Georgia — I never made it there during my times in the USSR. Maybe someday … fascinating language and culture — and much despised by the Russians I met, for all that they were happy enough to drink their wine.

    But what do you think of Mikheil Saakashvili? Is he, taken all in all, a good thing for Georgia?

  • jbay1

    The road to hell is paved in good intentions.

    Socialism sounds nice but it ignores costs. In a word it is founded upon naivety with no understanding of mathematics.

    Conservatism recognizes that the devil I know is better than the devil I don’t but ignores and even marks as evil creativity.

    Ironically both polar opposites bring about the same end, “destruction”.

  • leo

    Russians do not despise Georgians any more than any other peoples. With exception of Jews of course. It is called Russian Great-state (my a$$) Chauvinism.

    Saak is an idiot who fall for Putin’s trick so easily.
    He has no business running a state.

  • gus3

    @jbay1, WTH are you talking about? Conservatism recognizes that people are free to create their own success or destruction. How else do you explain the popularity of the iPhone?

  • TW

    Well, this was very interesting, but I was hoping you would also talk about your impressions of present-day Georgia. Please tell me there will be another installment.

    • Sam


      Glad you enjoyed the piece, and yes, this if the first of a few posts on Georgia and the region!


      Editorial Team
      American Interest Online

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