Pakistan’s Crisis: It’s More Than The Militants
Published on: August 14, 2010
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  • K2K

    Good to know you are safe, Mr. Mead. Quite a good summary on Pakistan. The most hopeful note I have found in reading their English language online press is that one word of Yiddish (mishegoss) was used by columnist Cyril Almeida in his penetrating look at Pakistan’s post-flood economic nightmare:

    “What could be worse than floods that have displaced millions, killed thousands and destroyed huge swathes of farmland, a catastrophe the country will take years to recover from?

    Some people think they know, and the answer terrifies them. Away from the political mishegoss in Islamabad, calculators are anxiously being pulled out and back-of-the-envelope calculations are furiously being made by the serious-minded folks. …”

    US Marines, helicopters, food and other aid from the USS Peleliu are getting positive results, but it seems like an overwhelming disaster, as if much of Pakistan will be carried by the floods into the Arabian Sea.

    May the Pakistani people survive with some serious Zakat from the Saudis, and may their political mishegoss be somehow transformed.

  • jrr

    I hope the ISI is preoccupied with honest work, for a change – if it is, that will be a good thing – at least there won’t be any new terror plots and Jihadists coming out of its training camps for a while…

  • Gene Evans

    “The militants”? Don’t you think someone who tosses a grenade into a group of worshippers rates being called a terrorist?

    The most obvious source of foreign assistance would be India but I haven’t seen any mention of this. Did the Pakistanis reject it or did India just never offer any? I’d think helping during a disaster would be a good way of easing tensions between the two countries, assuming anyone is actually interested in this.

    Glad you made it back safely, doctor.

  • V. T. Abraham

    When India offered 5 Million in aid, Pakistan’s foreign ministry said they would have to think about it. Seems that their pride is more important than the welfare of the suffering people. Just another example of the delusional ruling class which is more worried about strategic depth and planting their flag in New Delhi than taking care of their own people.

  • jrr

    The only way India can aid Pakistan is if the aid is offered privately, or through a third party, with no publicity whatsoever – while India has been patient and often generous, it can’t afford to be Gandhian in its policies toward Pakistan – and Pakistan will never, never bury its hatchet – because the hatchet is all Pakistan ever had or will ever have, unless it can change its DNA…perhaps impossible…

  • Aks

    The only good thing about all this is that the LeT is busy spending the annual ushr, mandatory donation it collects from a huge chunk of the Pak public for jihad, on all these PR measures and Islamic relief. Thats a few days that the LeT and ISI stop thinking of jihad and how to kill non Muslims

  • dove

    India has offered $5 million. A news paper has promptly written a piece that the floods are because India has let too much water into the rivers (a few weeks ago they were accusing India of not releasing enough water) and India is insulting Pakistan by offering this blood money.

    I’m sorry to say this, but there is no real cure for mass schizophrenia. Its sad to see such misery, but its the paki army and paki mullahs who are responsible. The rest of the world can’t do anything until the people rise against these groups.

    Right now the people think of them as their saviours and will happily wage terror against US or India as soon as the floods are over.

  • K2K

    Gene: I read somewhere in the Pakistani press that India had offered considerable aid for the earthquake in Jammu/Kashmir a few years ago, and Pakistan refused all of it.

    The current outcry is asking where is the aid from other Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Iran.

    Unfortunately for the people, because of the lackluster aid pledges, Pakistanis are learning they have an image problem.

  • kittoo

    @Gene Evans
    India offered aid. Pakistanis first said that they will have to decide! Then they said that they will take only if routed through UN! India hasnt responded back as of yet. There were also voices that since the aid from India wasnt good enough ($5 million), it should be rejected. No matter if it was more than China or Saudi Arabia or all Islamic countries, those the Pakistanis think of as best friends.
    Pakistanis never cease to amaze me.

  • salim

    Islam is the Abrahamic imperialistic idea to destroy cultures of Misepotemia, Iran, Egypt and Syria. It tried very hard to do the same to India and to some extent China. Todays Christianity and not of Yogi Jesus’s one did the same to rest of the world from Philipines to Americas and Australia. State of Pakistan is the Anglo’s creation using feudals with thousands of acres of land, using alien idea Islam, which is devoid of spirituality. It’s a proxy for colonial Anglo power.

    Now Gene, who should help Pakistan? But beware of this that the cobra whom you have been feeding to destroy native people, their spirituality, culture and language will bite you as well. Pakistan is that cobra.

    Wonder how Budhism and Sanatan Dharma (colloquially Hinduism) spread to Chian, Japan and Indonesia! It was without sending a soldier, compare it to what happened to Americas, Africas and even recently to Hawai. India and China are progressing in every respects because people are still rooted to their land, culture and spirituality. They have not yet become rootless like Pakistanis.

    Moreover, Zaradaris/Bhuttoes and Core Commanders such as Musharraf should bring their wealth from England, France and Swiss banks to help the poor not India on whom 3.5 wars were imposed by Pakistan with western help.

  • Vivasvat

    India’s always ready to help – but will Pakistan accept Indian aid? nah! Saving their false sense of honor and dignity comes first to the feudal elites.

    From a Pakistani newspaper:
    “As for India, which offered $500 million in aid during the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, the offer was refused by Pakistani authorities in the first place and whatever was allowed in was let to rot at security checkposts on the border.”

    India has again offered aid, little this time keeping in mind the previous experience. But what do Pakistani’s do?
    “”Blaming the devastating floods sweeping Pakistan on India releasing excess water into the Satluj and Beas rivers, an editorial in a Pakistani paper on Sunday called on the government to reject the “hypocritical” Indian offer of aid. “The offer of aid is akin is throwing salt on our wounds,” the editorial in the Urdu daily Nawa-i-Waqt said.””

    The Pakistani Govt. meanwhile is still pondering over whether to accept Indian aid.
    Nearly all of the rainfall has fallen in Pakistan which has not built proper hydro infrastructure, yet it is India’s fault. Their self delusionment knows no boundries – all that goes wrong in Pakistan is the fault of India-America-Israel! But the begging bowl is forever extended Cries of “not doing enough” are thrown at the west while nary a voice is raised against the absense of aid from their muslim Arab ummah brothers.
    Pakistan is despicable!

  • salim

    “As the Friday Times reported a few weeks before these floods, the farmers of Pakjab were paying “Ushr” to the Al Rehmat trust. There is a rate for rain-fed land and another for canal-irrigated land. As the Friday Times reported, this money is used for wounded mujahideen and for their families. Al Rehmat is a front for the Jaish-e-Muhammad, as per google.

    I see the plight of the people on TV and keep reaching for my credit card, and have to restrain myself. Strangely, this catastrophe in Pakistan will save Indian, American, Afghan and even other Pakistani lives, simply because the jihadis will have fewer resources for a while.

    That is the bitter reality that we see. It could be we are deluded; but I doubt it. It is impossible to be dispassionate about it.”

  • Peter

    Here is some poitical incorrectness for you to digest, Mr. Mead.

    The hypothesis is that the main trouble with Pakistan and much of the Third World (or is it the ‘developing world’ now) is that it has too much access to even low level modern technology — especially small arms — which are easily imported into those societies.

    As the story goes, people, who as a group, could not develop technologically advanced items — and a automatic pistol and rifles, not to mention munitions are relatively hi-tech in the context we’re speaking — cannot in all honesty be expected to know how to use them properly and in moderation and for the right reasons.

    What do you think of such a proposition?

  • Gene Evans

    “Now Gene, who should help Pakistan? But beware of this that the cobra whom you have been feeding to destroy native people, their spirituality, culture and language will bite you as well.”

    Ah, but I live to destroy native people. That, and for the smell of napalm in the morning, and I will take any risk for these noble objectives.

  • Abdul Kalam

    Good article Mr. Mead. Agree that the problem with Pakistan today is neither too much nationalism or religion. You correctly point the hypocrisy towards both. Anything is possible – including begging – to maintain Honor and Dignity of the ‘rent seekers.’

    One problem is the feudal setup and lack of land reforms. It is easy to fall into the trap of geo-politics, strategery and religion and look for blame. However, there exists a simpler explanation. India was fortunate not only because of her egalitarian founding fathers, but also because of a stubborn pursuit of land reform. Even with this, India has her share of problems.

    In Pakistan today, a few civilian and military ‘rent seekers’ are in control, the social contract is near non-existent. All this means, the region is ripe for repeated revolutions.

    The other issue is the relentless search for purity. This virus, whether it be of the Nazi kind or the Islamist kind will only bring suffering to those it infects and those it tries to exterminate. Large swats of Pakistan today are under the influence of this virus. Democratic forces do not stand a chance in this environment.

  • homer

    The litmus test for the USA will be, let’s say after 12moths or so. Will the survey in Pakistan point that they are friends of America or do they still hate them!Scorpion only has one habit to appreciate the giver- sting

    As for refusal to accept Indian’s help or to be redirected though UN. This show the sick mentality of the Paks. They can always rewrite history and say, Indian never gave any help – where is proof!

    It seems like the weather Ummha has also failed to help the”Belivers” of the land of the pure

  • A MAGICAL SOLUTION TO DISASTER RELIEF: At the time of the ‘supercyclone’ that hit India in Orissa in 1999, I pointed out that the more money the Indian government prints and spends on relief, the more the Indian economy will benefit (see my proposal about money in my article ‘How India‘s Economy Can Grow 30% Per Year Or More‘ in my blog titled ‘Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.’ which can be found by a Google search with the blog title), because the amount so spent will increase the Gross Domestic Product by several times that amount. So long as the money so spent is used for productive purposes– on both goods and services– and is not taken from money earmarked for other purposes but is additional money printed by the government, the more money the government prints and spends, the better for India. Instead of a thousand crores, the government should spend a hundred thousand crores and even more, on short term as well as long term measures. I wrote the government should invite any and all individuals and organisations to ‘find a need and fill it and be reimbursed at double your cost’. I wrote this is a formula to take care of such situations ‘swiftly, painlessly and almost magically’. In non-emergency situations, a profit of 50% may be enough incentive; see my blog.
    I said at the time of the tsunami disaster in 2004 India lacks neither money nor manpower– civil or military– to deal with this or any other problem and should reject the military “coalition” which the United States had seized the opportunity to draw India into. The death and destruction the United States has inflicted on Iraq is greater than any country has suffered from the tsunami. All countries should refuse any assistance from the United States or cooperation with it in tsunami relief or any other enterprise. In a letter dated January 5, 2004 (see my blog), I pointed out that Indian Railways need not collect any fares from passengers (or freight charges) at all since the government can print all the money it needs to pay for the service, at a negligible cost (the cost of printing the money) and, in the process, greatly benefit the economy. In fact, as I have said (letter published in three parts in The Observer of Business and Politics, New Delhi, on March 11, 12 & 13, 1997), the government need not take in any money at all– in the form of taxes, charges or borrowings– when it can print all the money it wants. The more money the government prints and spends for goods and services, the more the economy will benefit (printing paper currency can be replaced with, say, electronic insertion of funds into accounts for certain purposes). This applies to all goods and services and all governments. On the issue of the monetization of government benefits in Russia in 2004, I said that providing benefits in kind has the advantage of ensuring that the money is used for productive purposes, that there is a corresponding increase in the production of goods and services along with the money supply, avoiding inflation; see my blog for a fuller treatment.

  • Abdul Kalam

    For those who get my drift:

    Satish Chander thou art the birather of Caanakyar
    Who penned the wonderful Earth-e-Sashter

    Will the real slim shady please stand up?

    What does any of your unverifiable rear-search have to do with the price of dal in Rawalpindi?

  • Sad Realist

    Interesting — I posted a comment that viewed the role of the US & UK unfavourably, in that it is they who allowed Islamic fundamentalism to flourish through generous support for the Saudis and Pakistan. It got deleted!

  • homer

    Sad Realist,
    Stop telling the truth!

  • Whitehall

    Symptoms, not the root causes, are offered here.

    Let’s just face the facts, Pakistan is a failing “civilization.” It is a lost piece of a former empire, a decaying backwater.

    People within a culture are the only ones who can cure their culture. Sounds like they invest their available energies in avoiding the facts, not building the future.

    Isolation is the best we Americans can do. They will have to heal themselves.

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