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Published on: May 10, 2010
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  • D.

    One clarification – the Roman camps around Masada aren’t, to my knowledge, the original ones – they are recreated to resemble the classical descriptions. Not that there aren’t authentic remnants of the Romans… you can’t spit without hitting someone’s mailbox mounted on an old Roman mile marker (by some standards, they are technically ‘new’)

    Looks like you are hitting all of the sights… did you climb Masada on foot? It’s a nice hike.

    ~A Big Fan

  • jbay

    “…exquisite collection of beautiful calligraphy containing the anti-Christian passages of the Koran makes a major political and theological statement.”

    What exatly do they say? Every Muslim I’ve known has always told me that Muhammad preached that Christians and Jews are brothers of the faith/book so I’m really curious what the precise translations are.

    Thanks to anyone that can provide and answer.

  • Arthur Melmed

    The opening perpendicular to the Western Wall is probably an extension of what is named Herodian Street, and does not give access to the Temple Mount.

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