Going To Jersualem
Published on: April 30, 2010
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  • John Barker

    Have a happy and safe trip. We are looking forward to your posts.

  • Luke Lea

    Have a good trip to Israel! The thing that attracted me to your blog in the first place was a piece you wrote in Foreign Affairs in which you suggested that one of the requirements for lasting peace between the Israelis and Palestinians was for there to be something substantial in the final settlement for ordinary Palestinians. I hope you will continue to explore that idea, including the possibility that, just maybe, Europe is the one who ought to supply the missing ingredient. Best to you and your party, including that guy I was hard on. Tell him not to take it personally.

  • Peter

    Mr. Mead,

    You slip is showing … yet again.

    I guess you can’t imagine how pretentious and absurd you sound when you write you‘ve been too busy to blog because “I have been spending my spare time blighting the hopes and lives of America’s most promising youth.”

    Sir, what makes you think you’re dealing with ‘America’s most promising youth?” Is it their SAT scores? Is it that they know how to regurgitate back to you the political correct dictates of the day? Or is it that they properly toady up to establishment authority figures?

    Tell us, just what personal adversities have “America’s most promising youth” that you instruct faced and overcome? Writing a term paper? Deciding where to go on vacation?

  • Stop the presses! I have praise for WRM!

    In March, I commented (March 16, 2:58 pm) that you had only even mentioned the word “occupied” twice on your blog.

    Now, I read that you said “occupied territories” several times (Settling Zion) and give the formal Occupied Territories here. Bravo!

    But, seriously, you grade the papers yourself? And if Yale undergrads interested in foreign policy are America’s most promising youth, we’re in deep trouble.

  • Peter Burman

    A question. If the Arabs rejected the UN partition in 1947 and the peace offer in 1967, how is it that you refer to Gaza and the West Bank as “occupied territory?” One can only “occupy” territory if it was a legally recognized state in the first place. The Arabs rejected the partition and Israel’s later offers of peace. Furthermore, Israel fought a defensive war in ’67. Do you refer to the Alsace as “occupied territory?” If not, why the different standard?

  • Arthur Melmed

    A concept and practice for an East Jerusalem capital for a Palestinian state needs clarification and options. Worth a look.

  • If you wish to see varied wild life in Israel, perhaps check out the nature preserve at Ein Gedi, not too far from Massada. (They have Ibexes there. OK, it’s a fancy deer, but it’s a great Scrabble word.)

    And when you’re in the Golan, make sure that Mt. Bintal is on your itinerary.

  • jbay

    Prof. Mead,

    Might I recommend publishing a few of the conversations you might stumble into?

    It would be very enjoyable to read or listen to the opinions of people on both sides.

    Thanks and have a safe trip!!!

  • Luke Lea

    Some people are tone deaf to irony?

  • Luki, you talkin’ to me? As I’ve said before, irony doesn’t work on the internet.

  • A few suggestions for attractions that aren’t quite at the top of the usual list for a first-time visit.

    – St. John in the Desert monastery at Even Sapir, a moshav at the very western periphery of Jerusalem.
    From here a hike up and around the hills of Moshav Aminadav to the Kennedy Memorial

    – Stalactite Cave in Nahal Sorek National Park and plenty of hiking around there as well (there’s also an off-the-grid family here that sells great goat cheese)

    – Mini Israel (and the nearby Latrun tank museum)

    – Judean Hills wine trail

    – Eshtaol Forest, part of the Judean Hills populated with various memorials

    Nicest hotel at the Dead Sea: Hod Hamidbar — check out its jetty into the sea on Google Maps. Great to stay here a night or two.

    Also, see the sun set from the rooftops of the Old City. Eat lunch on the northern tip of Jaffa at Itzik Hagadol. Pitot and labaneh at a beach cafe at night in Tel Aviv.

    Etc, etc.

  • On grading papers, I can’t find any mention of any duties at Yale besides this trip and the Ivy Scholars HS summer thing. Strange you haven’t mentioned frequent train trips back and forth between New Haven and Queens either. What papers are you grading? Are you home-schooling Nick?

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