Revolutionary Not Evolutionary Times
Published on: March 8, 2010
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  • Robert

    I mistrust all plans that attempt to corral reality, thus The New World Order (or anybody else’s World Order) is engaged in futility.

    The best way to safeguard what is most important about this country is to preserve its exceptionality. That will give our society’s dynamism the fullest scope to invent, build, survive, and prevail in a turbulent world.

    There’s one Europe already, nobody needs another situated in North America. I see nothing on offer in international institutions that’s worth trading away a single scrap of our national sovereignty.

  • Roy

    I’ve always felt that Clinton (the Prez) made an absolutely disastrous mistake in expanding NATO, and encircling Russia. It undercut Russian democrats, making it seem as though liberalization was just a stalking horse for American interests, who only wanted a weakened former adversary. That we now have a Putin seems to me to be an inevitable consequence of that decision. Mightn’t the New World Order have been a stronger coalition if we had had a more conciliatory Russia, rather than one in which traditional nationalist interests are ascendant?

    Zbigniew Brzezinski spends a lot of time criticizing ethnic lobbies and their influence on American foreign policy. And yet at the same time he was bravely spearheading a movement to persuade the Kremlin to acknowledge the Katyn Massacre, he was advocating for NATO expansion, on the grounds of containing Russian militarism, correct? In retrospect, are the benefits of containing Russia militarily worth antagonizing their leadership, and sabotaging our domestic allies there?

  • Peter

    “These days, I’m increasingly wondering whether the climate meltdown is just one aspect of something much bigger. It’s beginning to look as if the whole New World Order project could be breaking down.”

    As a unrepentant Jacksonian, I say from the lips of Mr. Mead to the ears of God.

  • The notion of “New World Order” is hardly new. One can argue that after war become genuinely global (which probably dates from the mid-eighteenth century struggle between France and England) almost every subsequent and major European “group-grope” (e.g.,1815’s Congress of Vienna) became an attempt to impose a New, Newer, and Newest World Order.

    What has changed is the connection between national sovereignty and world order; current elites have sharply discounted the former while hyper-idealizing the latter.

    Unfortunately for the idealists, there is an underlying assumption that must be true for the “New World Order” to work: a “natural” harmony of interests among the former sovereignties. Buttressed by the most advanced multi-culti idealizing this prospect may have even seemed quite real to some.

    Again, unfortunately for the idealists, the shades of Metternich and Tallyrand continue to bow, joust, and cross their fingers behind their back–and even occasionally cross swords. The fact is that racial, cultural, ethnic, religious, regional, and economic differences are not only real, they remain real even after majorities have tendered them full “respect.”

    The joke on the internationalists is that the only genuinely transnational movement turned out to be among the most retrograde: radical Islam. And within rising powers (e.g., China and India), it is nationalism that trades at a premium and internationalism at the discount.

    Entropy and chaos have not been repealed. Balance of power theory continues to operate in international relations, only it is the power that “dare not speak its name.”

    I predict that with the advent of a nuclear Iran, it will be speaking its name quite soon, and loudly.

  • Luke Lea

    “Rather than trying to build an enduring global framework that will last until the end of time . . .”

    I’d settle for one that looks good to last for the next couple of hundred of years. It is too early to write Europe off for reasons of demography and GDP alone. China must certainly replace Japan as the third leg of any stable stool, though mercifully it will not be based on any Kissingerian balance of power. And hopefully it will not take a third world war to see why not is not a good idea.

    As for India, the Himilayan barrier effectively removes her from any military equation, unless as a source of manpower in an East/West showdown on the Eurasian continent, God forbid.

    Trade and economic interdependence remain the surest basis for a stable international peace in my, perhaps wishful, opinion, the lessons of the 19th century notwithstanding. Nuclear weapons and biological weapons make all the difference. Hopefully even China will see that these are not paper tigers now that she has a great deal to lose.

    Obviously these are just my knee-jerk reactions. Can’t we have a little more faith, hope, and charity Mr. Mead?

  • Marcus

    Nice to see that you’ve caught up with the program Mr Mead.
    President George W Bush and his team figured all of this out seven years ago.
    As they say, better late than never.

  • Karl Maier

    It’s just as well that such a rigid, brittle, and inflexible structure will not be implemented (I much prefer bilateral agreements as more flexible and adaptable to changing conditions). I don’t think that the US is in relative decline either, as I’ve heard this before, most recently in the late 80’s when Japan was going to take over the world. Now it’s the BRIC’s that are going to take over the world, I find that unlikely. China for example has a demographic disaster coming in the near future, where their work force is going to shrink by 40 million.
    And while the future looks bleak at the moment. It is American culture, (which includes the four schools), that is the most highly evolved, most successful, and the one best positioned to weather the storm. I believe this even though I now think we are in Great Depression 2.0 which will be accompanied by Megalomaniacs 2.0, now with extra horrifying WMD. (Sounds like a breakfast cereal)
    We will need to preserve the useful elements of the Hamiltonian and Wilsonian agenda, 20% of our economy is foreign trade after all. As a Jacksonian I really hate the International Criminal Court and will be happy to see it fail. I also think NATO has made us into Europe’s nanny and it would be best for their growth and ours to end it.
    Global Warming is Bullshit, we know this because the Warmists models failed to predict temperatures, which have not warmed since ‘95’ (according to them in a recent interview) and have been cooling most recently, and are therefore at least flawed if not outright WRONG (the greatest scientific fraud in human history).
    The Economist’s and Banker’s neo-classical equilibrium models have also failed to be predictive (and are seriously flawed); as they themselves have said none of them saw the Global Financial Crisis coming and even now refuse to acknowledge the deflation and depression we are in, despite the obvious indicators of massive unemployment, and foreclosures.
    It’s called Capitalism for a Reason, Capital is what fuels it. But they don’t even track all the Capital, having stopped tracking M3 in 2006, and have never tracked some of the larger measures of money supply M4-6. There are some other economists out there whose models have been predictive. So it’s possible in the near future that we will be able to get up on this bike, and give this Hog the gas for accelerated growth in the future. That would be so cool.

  • Joe

    Professor Mead:

    I have to disagree with your characterization of Bush’s as setting aside the foreign policy elites’ globalist agenda. The administration made repeated efforts to force the IAEA to do their job and presented a case for war before the UNSC for their blessing. Outside of asking the OIS to mediate, what more would you have had them done? (I am assuming you are referring to Iraq, since the Afghan war was prosecuted under UN sanction).

    The other point which I would like to make is instead of considering the actions and opinions of the BRICs in vacuo, consider the actions of the UN and the evolution of public international law since the mid-1990s. When looked at from a far field, it is astounding: we have had Higgins’ declaration that reservations to human rights treaties are nullified, the revival of universal jurisdiction (Pinochet), an attempt to expand jus cogens, the genocide treaty which places duty for every member state to stop genocide (military if need be), the world court ruling unilaterally on the admissibility of Israel’s reservations to the ICJ statute, ICC, oil-for-food, the IPCC boondoogle…

    What developing country would not be hesitant to engage in a system that seems hellbent on aggrandizing its own power and expanding its legal jurisdiction while limiting yours? The Africans know that France will never sit in the ICC dock for its actions in Rwanda; that reservation will be unchallenged, I am sure.

    I hope this dosen’t make me sound as if I buy gold from G. Gordon Liddy and should it, that was not my intent.

  • Another lecture, not a blog post, but again a good one. I tend to agree with all of this, especially the gap identified between the need for global governance and the fact that we are unlikely to get it.

    I would only add two points. First, there is global governance and there is global governance, by which I mean that not all functions need have or have the same political profile. There tends to be, as Frank Fukuyama pointing out in THE AMERICAN INTEREST some time ago, an inverse relationship between the effectiveness and the legitimacy of international/multilateral institutions. The wider their membership base, the less they can do — the UN is of course the quintessential example; the narrower, and more outcome-oriented the base, the less legitimate they tend to be — note the IMF, the International Bank of Settlements and so on. There are some institutions that are so far below the political radar because of the technical or niche character of their function–the UPU and Interpol, for example–that they can skirt this problem. My point? How well international governance structures can and do function is not an on/off switch. There are in fact several criteria across a few dimensions that shape their effectiveness.

    Second point: Where are all the Hamiltonians? I know about 3 who matter, including one I used to work for. As I see it, the destruction of the old Hamiltonian Republicans (and the American System legacy of the Whigs, of Clay and Webster, they took on board way back) leaves American globalism today largely in the hands of Wilsonians.

    We have today in the US — this is only a slight exaggeration I’m about to make–two Democratic parties: one of the goo-goos and the Big Blue Beast, to use your sonorous language, Walter, that calls itself the Democratic Party; and one of the old Dixiecrats and moral-majority populists that now calls itself the Republican Party. Hamiltonian Republicans are a vanishing breed. This is not good.

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