How Al Gore Wrecked Planet Earth
Published on: February 19, 2010
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  • Norm

    I think the evolution of the IPCC showed a migration toward a more doctrinaire Alarmist position through selection bias (as scientists less certain of the AGW hypothesis dropped out of the process) and the structure of the IPCC itself where bureaucrats eager to expand the reach of government were determined not to let this crisis go to waste.

    As long as this was contained to an academic ivory tower, it didn’t much matter outside the Green community, but seemingly suddenly, during the worst recession in over a generation, the Green community wanted to revamp the economy and destroy millions of existing jobs at great cost while promising to replace them with millions more that were just as good, if not better jobs. People were skeptical with good reason.

    The Greens need a falsifiable theory of climate and repeatedly passes tests by all comers. Until they achieve that, one of the consequences of this affair is the suspicion by a good part of the public that much of the Green movement is motivated by a mix of bad science, socialism, and paternalistic authoritarianism. That’s not a winning combination for the US electoral process.

  • George H.

    “Gore was the one world leader who had the standing inside the climate change movement to lead it onto a more sustainable path and, as far as we can tell from the facts now before us, he didn’t really try.”
    Maybe because he was too busy scaring the world about the catastrophic consequences of global warming in order to enrich himself to the tune of $90+ million.

  • David

    I would think that it was also all the more egregious given the movement’s politically sophisticated and very rich backers.

    One could reasonably argue that it was brought down by Davids rather than Goliaths.

    I’m inclined to believe that “politically sophisticated and very rich” tends to be friendly to more central power – makes the fulcrum and lever that much more effective, you know.

    My observations only, your mileage may vary.

  • NF

    How true.

    Told this way, the story brings to mind a magnificent ‘Larson’ cartoon that describes a similar debacle.

    An overweight child is poised at the top of a slide, preparing to descend. Meanwhile, two spiders have spun a fragile web across the bottom of the slide. One spider is saying to the other one “if we pull this off we’ll be eating like kings!”

    The greens have just re-enacted this whole scenario.

    It was never in Al Gore’s financial interest to point this out.

  • Luke Lea

    The tip off was the hysterical response to Bjorn Lomborg’s “The Skeptical Environmentalist.” His remains the most sensible voice on the subject.

  • Ken Smith

    This is an interesting angle from which to view the paradoxical, multifarious global warming movement. What many greens are perhaps loathe to admit is that Al Gore really isn’t very smart. He is tenacious, to be sure– he can pursue a single big idea relentlessly, but he seems to lack the ability to reflect with any subtlety upon his own cherished ideas.

    I think of him as a fundamentalist. Like most fundamentalists, his conception of humanity is quite limited. He thinks of people more as objects that can be manipulated to beneficent ends, and less as rational creatures who can genuinely think for themselves. This, at root, is the reason he thought (and still apparently thinks) that he could not only get away with peddling all manner of empirically false or questionable information, but that such doubtful material would strengthen his cause.

  • Kim Skelton

    Al Gore was in this for two reasons only; I repeat, two reasons only…
    1. Huge standing within the Progressive Movement for the rest of his life, including a legacy.
    2. Huge financial gains for the rest of his life, and beyond for family members.

    If Al Gore was one bit serious about GW, he would have lived by the standards he demanded for the rest of the world. Leaders set the example. Al Gore was a carbon using whore, and still is today. Huge house with little or no green technology; private jet trips around the globe more regularly than Bill Clinton’s globe trotting; another huge house with little or no green technology; and you can add to this list for hours with a little research.

    Al Gore is about as selfish and dishonest as any human I have ever witnessed.

  • BillyHill

    Bernie Madoff is in jail for pulling a con. Why ain’t AlGore in jail?

  • KMarx

    That’s “dead as a door nail”, not door knob. How do you kill a door nail? I know, but I shall leave that as an exercise for the student to learn. Do not play similes with Charles Dickens. Okay, he is dead too, but anyway…

  • Only a fool would have believed anything Al Gore said. He is a pathalogical lier. Long before the global warming nonsense collapsed, the British school system refused his attempt to make his book required reading in the schools because it contained so many falsehoods. Giving him a Nobel Prize, followed by the one given to Obama, forever disgraced the very Prize itself. The only thing those two awards accomplished was to get a Norweigan car company a half a billion dollar grant from the Obama administration to build battery powered luxary cars.

  • John M. Ware

    Mr. Gore’s carelessness with facts and his overblown self-aggrandizement have been well known for decades. My first reaction upon hearing about “An Inconvenient Truth” was skepticism, simply because of the source. The next question is: When will the main-stream American media wake up and report the truth? We are still getting editorials insisting upon the reality, inevitability, and nondeniability of global warming, and the absolute necessity for draconian steps to combat it. A complete reversal of this stance, replacing it with the actual current state of the science (very unsettled, still in formative stage) is necessary for those media; but I don’t foresee it any time soon. “There is none so blind as he who will not see.”

  • RKV

    “The climate change movement now needs to regroup,.” Excuse me for asking the obvious, “Why?”

    What they really need to do is shut the hell up. No “mea culpas,” because all that does is give them MORE airtime. Eco-sharia was the stated goal of this movement. For God’s sake why do we want them to do anything given their track record?
    Communism killed millions, and the Greens were looking to be the new Reds. The results would have been murderous (in fact ARE, but that’s another long story [see the ban on DDT and it’s effects on the instance of malaria for one example]).

    Mencken got it right – “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.”

  • Daniel

    I was living in Kyoto when a convoy of military helicopters dramatically flew in vice president Gore at the end of the conference which produced the Kyoto Protocol. Have listened to him on japanese television during his repeated visits here growing ever more hysterical and unrealistic, and richer, and receiving ever greater applause and honors (an oscar, noble peace prizes), and wider forums. I don’t blame Gore. Rousseau said the popularization of science necessarily leads to its politicization and thus its inevitable turn from science back to opinion (religion in this case). Opinion very much like the soft despotism de tocqueville explains. Gore was and is the stuff of a soft despot. For him it was never about science or realistic political goals. For him it was about him. Which is why I don’t blame him. Instead I blame the media, the “scientist” of the climate warming religion, the various governmental and extra-governmental agencies, and all the other folks who desperately needed a soft despot for their goals, for their fears, for their sense of self, and other things a soft-despot provides.

  • Guaman

    You’re missing the point – global warming was and is a scam for power. The basic premise is false and even if it were not, it is insufficient justification to deprive humans of their freedom.

    Al Gore is an intellectual light weight. Most of the others are/were nothing but opportunists.

    We should just be grateful we didn’t buy the Brooklyn Bridge instead of analysing why the sale wasn’t made.

  • Al Gore is the Re-incarnation of the Xhosa Prophetess Nongqawuse. Look it up.

  • Lazarus Long

    Sounds like a defense of the Soviet Empire, after its defeat.

    “Darn it, if only the right people were in charge communism WOULD work!”

    Sorry, the AGW myth collapsed under the weight of it’s own lies and corruption.

  • Bohemond

    Occam’s Razor suggests a simpler answer: the Failed Divinity Student is a moron. Gore, notwithstanding his PR machine’s efforts, is a stupid, stupid man. He is incapable of making a coherent case (unless Fenton Communications ghostwrites it for him) because he hasn’t the least understanding of the science.

  • Babe

    The environmental movement did not understand that Al Gore is an opportunist of great ambition, yet without intellectual pedigree or academic rigor. This is a dangerous combination that always portends ruinous results. He had the credentials of a sad and proven loser. Most Americans were already on to Gore’s game and would not follow him to the watercloset out of idle curiosity. Now, the whole world knows what Americans have known for years. It will take years to clean up the debris and litter left in his wake.

  • Pat

    I seem to recall that CRU were funded by more than Exxon put up to oppose the theory. I doubt that NASA or Penn state get by without similar funding. We have been bombarded with green adverts for years- were these free? IPCC itself receives funding. Greenpeace WWF, and Friends of the Earth all have massive funding- much of it from government. The green movement has been able to outspend exxon many times over. Part of this of course is investment to promote the expected return from the running of a carbon exchange- I wonder why they chose to promote a solution put forward by the CEO of Enron? And then there’s all the public subsidies for biofuels, windmills and solar power that wouldn’t have been there without the AGW scare.
    And it does indeed matter if the theory is false- think of the subsidies given to Russia to get them to sign Kyoto, all the aforesaid subsidies- I doubt they’ll be paid back.
    Plus of course we’ve let China and India Get a decade march on us- fine if they are actually our friends- but what if either of them aren’t?

  • Don

    To use Al’s own words he bellowed at BUSH:


    You and your hack scientists lied, Al.

    Now please, go away…

  • Don

    Gore was busy making hay($$$$) while the sun shined(on him)-

    “But if Al Gore and the climate change people are even half right about what is happening to our world, ”

    you’re supposed to be past the denial stage,—No?

  • NormD

    From this atheist’s viewpoint, the Global Warming Movement looks like a religion. No religion questions its roots and basic tenets.

  • MassJim

    Lets see. They collected data and wanted to change how the entire industrial free world operates. With this data they wanted to change how free people live. They wanted to impose unprecedented restrictions on the free world and they didn’t think to hold onto the paper work that would prove their point. And you think it was because the researchers did not have enough clerical help? Move over Mr. Bellesiles, you have company.

  • noahp

    Though the movement towards a global treaty has clearly been derailed and since I never really bought in to AGW or the feasibility of the solution…to me this is a good thing. Hopefully I will be proved correct by another ten years of global cooling.

    But I fear that we will continue to pursue, at great cost and perpetual subsidies, so-called sustainable energy projects that will cripple efforts to revitalize our economy. Obama clings to the warmist agenda despite the emerging facts.

    The brutal fact which is rarely acknowledged is that for the forseeable future a conventionally powered baseload generating capcity for electrical power must be maintained due to the fickle nature of solar and wind (I flew past a vast wind farm this past summer East of LA…none of the turbines were active!). But the environmentalists do not seem to understand or care about practicalities or economics.

  • jim kannry

    He was in it for the money, period. Why is it so hard to say he is a crook and and a charlatan?

  • Blacksheep

    The entire world is indebted to whoever hacked, sorted and released the CRU emails of Dr. Jones and his colleagues.

  • john b

    The people in the climate change movement have not yet shown a propensity for confronting facts, palatable or otherwise. I’ll be surprised if they start now.

  • Doug Santo

    Interesting piece. You left out the part where cynical former politicians use naive young greens for personal gain and glorification. I am not willing to assume all parties acted in good faith.

    Doug Santo
    Pasadena, CA

  • JohnBoy

    What a brilliant read!

    The tragedy is that there is a compelling case to move off of coal and oil for both environmental and national security reasons. It would be relatively straight forward to unite the greens and the national security hawks on a simple straightforward package of carrots and sticks for a long-term energy strategy.

    First, the greens need to grow up.

  • Tulsa Jack

    “Global Warming” is a fraud. It doesn’t exist. Greenie-weenies are the dupes of lying, psychopathic, totalitarian thugs, led by Obama-Banana. The world owes them nothing. Let them twist in the wind. Defund these con-artists and throw their corrupt, criminal leaders in jail where they belong, starting with Gore, Pachuri, Jones, Mann, and Hansen.

    Enough of this stupid nonsense! Greenies are the “deniers” who can’t face reality. Normal people have a right to get on with their lives without these raging ideologues imposing their utterly destructive, radical-leftist oppressions. What unbelievable arrogance. These scoundrels are not just enemies of freedom and prosperity, they are enemies of humanity itself.

  • apb

    Don’t forget – algore’s the genius that informed us that the interior of the earth is “extremely hot, several million degrees.”

    I used to think that nothing was dumber than a Cook County democrat. That concept’s been blown away by gore’s MSM synchophants and goracle disciples.

  • SteveP

    “From this atheist’s viewpoint, the Global Warming Movement looks like a religion. No religion questions its roots and basic tenets.”

    It looks that way from this Christian’s viewpoint, too.

    “Ultimately, the most telling argument against global warming is the lack of seriousness with which the greens themselves have approached the issue.”

    The most telling arguments against global warming are science, history and common sense, as well as the proven fact that the whole thing is a hoax (see climategate).

  • Allan Blackwell

    George Kennan once wrote that he saw more harm done by people who tried to bring about the Millennium in their lifetimes, than by those who quietly tend their own little corner. Well –

  • The real reason it (Alarmist pact to economic hell) is dead is because Gaia is laughing uproariously in an empirical guffaw at the simplistic theory of AGW, and that is becoming evident even to the mathematically challenged.

  • lee tabin

    Liberal Fantasies

    I agree Gore is stupid, but I also believe that he knew enough to know that man made Global Warming (AGW) was nonsense. When scientists don’t want the other side to get a hearing, that is an obvious sign that they know something is wrong with their science.

    I personally believe the leaders of this silly environmental movement always knew that the cost of fixing any real or imagined danger to the world was absurdly greater than not fixing it. I think the roots of this are simple and exceedingly sinister. It was the goal of the leadership (people of Soros’s ilk) to weaken the United States through wealth transfer. Obama, for different reasons wants to weaken us as he feels we will then be able to get along with anyone. He is only supremely naive–not evil.

    There are so many people invested in AGW that it had a long run. The followers-those who have religious feelings about AGW and other political beliefs-are really not to blame. They are simply victims of groupthink and their motives are as much social as anything else.
    It is actually both pathetic and scary.

    In my neighborhood if one has a sticker on his car that touts a Republican candidate, he is likely to have his car keyed. It was dangerous to have a McCain-Palin sign in front of your house.

    Bush wasn’t mistaken in his views. He was both a moron and an evil monster. Cheney who is one of the most able a mild mannered politicians is considered evil incarnate by the MSM. Now Obama is planning a health care reform that is grinningly backed by those it will do the most harm to. Imagine, single payer health insurance as a goal without tort reform. It will cost 20gs a year.

    The environmental crowd wants energy independence but they won’t build a single refinery or drill for our huge supply of oil which alone might bring down the Iranian government.

    I am surprised that these emailing scientists are not being prosecuted. If justice won out Gore would spend the rest of his life in prison.

    Lee Tabin
    Highland Park, Illinois

  • Dave

    Al Gore fancies himself the Pope of Global Warming, but real Popes practice the faith they preach. Gore is the Jimmy Swaggart of Global Warming, except that he has yet to stand before TV cameras tearfully begging forgiveness for his carbon-wasting ways.

  • A “strong story” in the Washington Post? Eilperin and co. talk sadly as if the “failure to do anything about climate” has to do with the balkiness and recalcitrance of the participants. Not a darn thing about the “science” collapsing on them like an abandoned mine.

  • Buck O’Fama

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Pat

    As a card-carrying Skeptic (editor of a local Skeptics newsletter and regular contributor to one of CSICOP’s publications in the ’90s), I knew from the moment Al Gore declared skeptics who asked legitimate questions about his science to be the biggest threat to the Earth that he was filled to the brim with self-righteous bushwah.

    I’ve always suspected he was mentally off (a suspicion shared by my brother, a former TV newsman who once interviewed Al and described him as “seriously creepy”). Unlike Al, I admit upfront that I have no psychiatric training, but I think he suffers from a frustrated Messiah complex. Brought up to believe he was destined to be President, he missed it by “thatmuch,” then wigged out. Grew a Moses-like beard, gained 100 pounds, gave raging speeches to himself in the mirror for awhile, then came up with his slide show as a way to prove he was something even more important than the stupid President: he was the person who was going to save THE ENTIRE PLANET from the invisible scourge of an evil, naturally-occurring atmospheric gas. That so many people were willing to follow and celebrate the pronouncements of such a transparently unqualified and unbalanced individual explains all you need to know about how cults work and why so many people lined up to drink Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid.

    As for your question about what role Al Gore plays in all this, that’s obvious. He plays the same role in the AGW movement — in terms of promoting it, benefiting from it and being completely incompetent to discuss it — as Jenny McCarthy plays in the anti-vaccination movement.

  • The polar bears are thriving.
    The glaciers have been receding since they carved out the Great Lakes 100,000 years ago. Climate change/global warming is within all statistical norms.
    The fraud, propaganda, intimidation, skweered peer review, data manipulation and bogus science concoting today’s hoax of global warming is disgusting and eclipses anything done by Piltdown Man many times over. Hopefully, this global warming hoax will soon be in the trash dump of history along with that other disgracefull farce!

  • Brahma

    It’s dead as a doornail, as in dead plumb. Straight up and down, not leaning, which would cause the door to swing open or closed as a function of gravity.

    • Walter Russell Mead

      Thanks for catching that error; I have subsequently cut wages for the research team and awarded myself a large bonus in recognition of superior management skills.

  • Boyd

    The scariest part of all this is how close they came to pulling it off. While in hind sight it was pretty much inevitable it would collapse, it certainly didn’t look that way for at least the last ten years. That’s a long life for something this bogus.

  • One PowerPoint slide composition and Al Gore is suddenly the leader of the Greens? It’s not that simple. To be led, one has to be willing to follow like a sheep.
    Al Gore is politician, Greens and Leftists are simpletons. Al was smart enough to figure out how to fleece millions from these simpletons. I say good on him.

  • Dave LeBlanc

    I am a follow the money type. Al Gore stood to make a very large fortune if this all went through. Maybe he thought it was his just reward for his activism; maybe it was just large scam that appealed to his venal self. I tend to think the later.

    When his fund collapses completely and investors are looking to get at least some of their money back, they are going to be turning to Al Gore, or on him to be more precise. He may wind up broke just on lawyers fees alone.

    Couldn’t happen to a more appropriate human.

  • BobYoung

    Let’s be honest. The world dodged a bullet this time. If it hadn’t been for the unauthorized release of data/emails from the East Anglia CRU, the Copenhagen Global Warming treaty would be reality now.

    The Greenies and Gore would be smiling for the cameras, partying, and giving each other awards. The rest of us would be facing a very bleak future with nothing to look forward to but the loss of the tools that let us be productive and live our daily lives.

    Except for one unknown hero, Gore and his henchmen would’ve pulled this off. Instead of analyzing what went wrong within the Green movement, we should be analyzing how hoaxes like AGW get started and gain traction among the political and academic elites…and how to stop them early, if that’s not too much to ask.

  • alvord

    Talk about group think. The author of this article and most of his commenters enjoy bashing the people who want to actually do something about global warming more than they want to propose solutions that will address the enormity, and time critical nature, of the problem.

  • JEM

    The real failing, of course, was permitting a theory worthy of investigation to be spun up, through spotty data manipulated by a few with a political agenda, into a global crisis.

    It’s much more telling that this whole thing got as far as it did on such thin evidence, and that but for the efforts of one conscience-stricken whistleblower (who deserves a knighthood, should he ever sacrifice his employability in academia by coming forward) and the indefatigable efforts of a very few outsiders, it might have gone a lot further.

    As for the ‘politically sophisticated and very rich opponents’ – most of them (see BP, etc.) had long since rolled over, giving in to their political masters’ carbon obsession in the hope of securing preferential treatment for themselves.

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  • David Burns

    The whole green movement only makes sense when viewed as the radical fundamentalist religion that it is to its followers. A religion complete with honest devout believers, sanctimonious devotees, and get-it-while-you-can charlatans. You decide where Al Gore fits.

  • Timstigator

    Algore is the ultimate opportunist; he saw millions of soft sycophants ripe for the plucking. He didn’t have to work very hard to create an audience. It was already there, and needed a political figure to further the agenda.

  • The comments are more insightful than the article.

  • AD

    It was all a scam…
    By the politicians for power;
    By the scientists for research grants;
    By the charlatans (Big Al, etc) for personal wealth.
    It was the money!

  • Look, here’s the thing, if you want the faintest trace of credibility you simply MUST first and foremost observably live the life you propound. Secondly, rebuff any honors bestowed upon you. Gore on the other hand has always seemed by those not enamored to be more interested in atoning for his own sins against Ghia by coercing the masses into a new way of living without actually changing anything about his own rather obvious profligacy. And of course the ego is unmatched. Much like Obama, come to think of it. The phenomenon, a true spectacle, requires unbelievable amount of sustained energy, without which it simply withers.

  • Frederick Davies

    Dear WRM,

    So, we revert to the “We were right, but we framed the issue wrongly” position; sorry, but no: the AGW movement failed because the entire edifice was constructed on a pack of lies and exaggerations; because it was based on the delusions of human-hating environmentalists and wealth-hating leftists; because you and your cohort of id**ts would not recognise the truth even if it paraded naked in front of you. This is not a case of the right idea pursued by the wrong people, this is a case of the wrong idea attracting the wrong people. Remember the “Evil begets evil” quote? Well look in the mirror.

    If you are not man enough to admit you were wrong, go away and hide somewhere away from us; just spare us your pathetic moaning.



  • The problem was not the politics, it was the science. You cannot come to a conclusion and then seek for the facts that support it. Once you commit yourself to the conclusion, before the facts are in, you become the charlatan seeking to do whatever you can to “validate” the conclusion. Lies, distortions, bogus studies and anecdotal “proof” are all you are going to get. Al Gore was merely a profiteer, but more than this, he was the “tent revival” preacher who sought to cash in on the scam. He will go down in history as a liar.

  • “Failure to deal sternly and coldly with those who made these errors will leave the same incompetents in charge for the next stage of the movement.”

    “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray….”

  • Hardy

    The mainstream media must share the blame.

  • cbinflux

    Not to mention the The Ovewhelming Fraud.

  • Ken Smith

    I’m a bit dismayed. I’ve just read through the comments in response to Walter’s essay (as I have read through comments on scores of essays on AGW in the past few months. I think I’m probably as disgusted by the fallacies perpetrated in the name of climate change as anyone posting here. But I’m also getting tired of the endless rounds of name calling. Frankly, they are as bad when they come from the skeptic side as from the true believer side.

    I’ll admit to sometimes using careless and needlessly insulting language when talking about this issue. It’s understandable, given the nature of the issues, but it’s a weakness from which I’m trying to recover. My wish would be that folks who disagree with global warming alarmism would spend more time thinking and developing a more philosophical approach that seriously considers basic epistemological issues and where, as Francis Bacon worked to point out, we tend to go wrong in our ideas about the natural world.

    For my own part, I’m now undertaking a serious study of Bacon’s _Advancement of Learning_, which is, in large part, a sustained critique of the degenerate Aristotelian epistemology that was hampering the progress of knowledge in the early 17th century. I’m seeing dramatic parallels between the type of faulty thinking that hindered the advance of science then and the thinking that drives alarmist climate science today. I’m also noticing that anti-alarmists like myself are by no means immune to these same errors.

    If anything good comes out of this era’s great scientific debacle, it should be a renewed recognition of the numerous ways human knowledge can go astray when it isn’t tied to a careful empiricism that isn’t afraid to question its own assumptions and conclusions.

  • Mark Allen

    AGW was never about “saving the earth.” It was about a bunch of rent seekers permanently attaching themselves to the government teat and smug moral self-righteousness, not necessarily in that order.

  • RE: Gore? Three things explain his actions.

    Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money.

    As for the AGW movement generally – let them come up with a transparent process, falsifiable hypotheses, and testing against the real world, not models.

    Only then should we listen to any of them. And no more government funding (see Gore? above.)

  • Wellington

    Dr. Mead, this is must be the strangest proposition I’ve ever heard.

    In your analysis, the members of the climate change movement are immature, unrealistic, naïve, dodo-brained, ignorant, self-righteous, hare-brained and incompetent, in short a bunch of morons, yet somehow they are still right *).


    The above is theoretically possible, of course, but also highly unlikely. Why do you refuse to apply the Occam Razor and be done with it?

    What do I not understand?

    *) I know you have a little disclaimer there about the believers potentially being wrong but you wouldn’t bother with the whole thing if it wasn’t just that, a little disclaimer, and if you did not actually think that they are right and onto something.

  • Stan

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain how shutting down the clean factories here and moving production to much more polluting factories in China will reduce pollution.

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  • Jon Burack

    I am perplexed by this account. I agree totally with its main point, that the global warming crowd thoroughly misunderstood the political context and botched its political task.

    However, Mead’s analysis seems determined to step around the main reason for this, which is that the science itself is in its infancy and there is no conclusive support for the AGW theory at all. Take this question of the many Mead asks in a key paragraph:

    “What hare-brained funders failed to provide Phil Jones and the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia with enough clerical help to comply with the freedom of information act?”

    Perhaps this is worded to be a bit tongue in check. In any case, the notion that Jones and the CRU failed to comply with the FOIA inadvertantly is utterly implausible. Their emails reveal a concerted effort to figure out how to avoid FOIA requests. That concerted effort in the end gets back to THEIR OWN recognition of the shakiness of the data and the conclusions based on it. In fact the data and the conclusions are all dubious, ambiguous and unclear. And they no doubt will be for a long time to come. The science is not settled and never was. THAT is what explains the political failure, not the other way round.

  • Fen

    “The author of this article and most of his commenters enjoy bashing the people who want to actually do something about global warming”

    No. The Lefties dont want to actually do something about global warming, they just want to feel good about themselves. Its the same pattern over and over.

    And, if you really cared about the problem, you would be livid that those hacks just set your movement back a decade with their fraudulent science.

    But then, you don’t really care about AGW either. Its a mere Indulgence for you, to permit all kinds of other “sins” because you Believe! in saving the planet.

  • pat

    A hypothesis the devolved into a hoax. To keep the money coming in. Just as bad as AIG.

  • Pat Moffitt

    A bit of historical context is required to understand the climate change . EPA was captured by the remnants of the 60s anti war movement (Sen Nelson the organizer of the first Earth Day said he wanted to infuse its energy into the push for pollution controls). What was infused was Barry Commoner’s vision– that pollution was the result of the excesses of capitalism. That a healthy environment required stopping destructive production at the source. The old conservation ideas of restoring habitat and improving the environment were discarded. EPA was to take a very Commoner view of environmental priorities—-health and workplace safety.
    The early greens were in conflict with the civil rights movement which claimed the war on poverty must be won before the war on pollutions. Tension remained until 1991 and rise of the Environmental Justice (EJ) Movement-whose main tenet was that minorities suffered most of pollutions burden wand were owed compensation. It became the grand unifying environmental ideology. AL Gore sponsored the EJ legislation in Congress and the then EPA chief Carole Browner (now energy czar) made it a driving force within EPA
    The US EJ found common cause with the International UN driven equivalent at the first Rio Conference which brought the two UN “special status” NGOs into play -WWF and IUCN.
    Global warming damages was to set the dollar amount of the award owed to the world’s oppressed, Cap and Trade was to collect the money and it was to be distributed by a new financial order called green economics (much different than what people think it is. ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE IS THE MOVEMENT -CLIMATE CHANGE IS ONLY A TOOL . The people surrounding Obama are all EJ people -Browner- enery czar -NOAA’s Lubchenco (IUCN), Science Adviser Holdren- Van Jones, Mark LLoyd etc etc etc

    Interesting note- EJ was both conceived and orchestrated the take over of the Green NGOs under the guidance of Rev. Wright at the United Church Of Christ.

    Climate change kicked off after the acid rain victory and used the same strategy-attack energy production, use a model that could not be tested for decades, avoid any empirical evidence and use the media to smear any scientist that questioned the paradigm. Despite this the NAPAP report came back saying acid rain was over hyped. EPA refused to release the report until after Congress passed the legislation and then ruined the career of the reports lead scientist Ed Krug.
    They were able to pass the acid rain bill that was shown contrary to the report findings , congress did not even care to read the report and the media covered it with it usual glowing praise. They were very confident and climate change was EJs Holy Grail

    Climate change encountered an opposing force that no other EPA/NGO campaign yet seen- they had underestimate the organizing power of the internet

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  • Pkpost

    “This phase of the climate change movement was immature, unrealistic and naive. It was poorly organized and foolishly led. It adopted an unrealistic and unreachable political goal, and sought to stampede world opinion through misleading and exaggerated statements. ”

    Oh come off of it and be honest – THEY LIED. They crafted a scheme that was devised to one single thing: Separate hardworking people from their money to feed their ever-growing trough.

  • Lady in Red

    The “greenies” and the scientists were mere pawns of Al Gore, Goldman-Sachs and the Wall Street crowd wanting to create and make money off a “new commodity.”

    Michael Mann, Phil Jones et al would have followed their noses for funding grant money and produced an upside down hocked stick, if that is what “the man” wanted.

    They are whores, and the greenies are simple and naive. This never had anythng to do with science, saving the world. That was the smokescreen.

    It was about trading carbon chits and making billions and billions of dollars. …Lady in Red

    PS: Have you seen photos of the golf course on the grounds on Pachauri’s “climate institute?” Has Al Gore’s investment company finally passed the one billion dollar mark? What, it’s five years old, now…?

  • No matter how much they steamrolled the rest of us, the Greens never dealt with that nagging feeling that all of us had that we have seen this all before and from the same gang of Chicken Littles.

    In fact, a big part of their problem can be summed up in the 2-word cure for Global Warming here:

    Global Warming: Why we are skeptical

  • JC Fremont

    Did you expect anything else from a someone who’s a combination of teacher’s pet, schoolyard bully, and locker-room snitch?

  • Mike Zarowitz

    The incovenient consequences of “An Inconvenient Truth” is that it exposed a lot of smart people (scientists and non-scientists) to the theory of AGW. Many things in the movie piqued people’s interest. However, when the wall of “the debate is over” and “it’s settled science” was slammed down on any honest inquiry, combined with the aspersions thrown at anyone who just wanted to do the normal science thing and see the data, people became suspicious.

    In the end, we are where we were a dozen years ago in terms of knowing what really is real about AGW, and the whole debate has devolved to the “Luddites” versus the “Lysenkoites”.

    Unintended consequences.

  • The problems that are caused by this massive duping and manipulating of America and the rest of the world with these lies goes all the way to the ground.
    Our rural California County’s new General Plan is full of fees, fines and mandates that are all predicated on the global warming, climate change (without capitals to give it respect) boondoggle
    As a landowner, the costs that will be incurred with any, and I mean ANY improvements to my property are just about prohibitive. These environmentalists want a complete lockdown on development…with no compensation for taking away those basic private property rights.
    climate change/global warming is damaging to the bone. It needs to be “clawed back”, not put in the cuisinart and re-presented. It needs to be discarded and buried.

  • You skimmed over the real reason for the collapse. Man made CC or global warming IS NOT TRUE. Onto the ash heap of over past global crisis’ such as overpopulation, global wide hunger, coming ice age, denigrated gene pool of the human race(1920’s-1930’s)…Good riddens. God is sovereign…

  • EJM

    You are right, Mr. Mead. This one is going to be tough one for the international “rein in the capitalists” crowd to swallow. It took them almost two decades after the collapse of communism and the end of the cold war “nuclear freeze” mania to build up the global warming frenzy.

    What now? The seas being drained by oil drilling? Plagues of genetically altered locusts secretly being bred by multinational corporations? Black holes that threaten to engulf all of existence?

    One can hardly wait the next science fiction thriller.

  • ill wind

    Does it get any better than this ? George Will suggested that Gore was unconstitutionally trying to have the government impose a the new religion; ” AGW.”

    Mankind is a poluter. Overpopulation strains ecosystems. But the AGW crowd took penance war too far , way too fast.

  • Craig Goodrich

    As to “wrecking planet Earth” — the quest for “renewable” energy, naive and heedless to the point of insanity, is devastating wilderness, countryside, and wildlife habitat all over the globe, from Europe through North America to Australia. Hideous phalanxes of wind turbines, useless for generating anything but subsidies and tax breaks, disfigure landscapes throughout Germany, Spain, and the UK, devastate mountain ridges in New England and lakeshores in Ontario, and overstress dairy herds in Wisconsin.

    “Biomass” power plants in the Pacific Northwest eat up forests at a lunatic rate. “Geothermal” plants require heavy, deep drilling into geologically unstable and volcanically active areas.

    These supposed “cures” are infinitely worse than any conceivable disease. It’s time to start saving the environment from, for Heaven’s sake, the environmentalists.

  • jothi

    i agree with the author, mostly. one thing i may point out that, Gore may have started in the direction of trying to explain the politics. He had to have. after all the senate rejected Kyoto 95-0. you don’t get much worse than that.

    But, knowing the kind of people that populate the field, I don’t think ANYONE had a prayer of getting through.. and even today, there is no way to get through to them

  • JohnR22

    Gore is John Edwards (without the hair and the mistress); a thoroughly corrupt pol greedy for power and a legacy. As a Senator in the 1980s, Gore touted environmentalism among other issues. It was his “schtick”. After 2000 when it appears Gore was destined for political oblivion, he stumbled onto AGW and saw a perfect opportunity for himself to remain a standard bearer among so-called progressives, to reap a huge fortune, and perhaps (hope against hope) to run for national office again. The award of a Nobel Prize convinced him he was on the right track. I don’t for a minute think Gore actually believed half of the nonsense coming out of the Alarmist community. He’s just a corrupt pol looking for power.

  • Ben Cook

    [comment edited]. Gore [suffers from] extremes of mood and behavior. And the rather odd revolutionary turn of his career into an area outside his historical experience. A grandiose need for adulation not uncommon in politics and entertainment industry.

  • R Nelson

    This author appears genuinely surprised by the fact that AlGer is arrogant, dumb, and mostly, dishonest. Wake up pal. Your article reads like a shocking expose on the news that cigarettes are bad for you.

  • Mike

    “Communism killed millions, and the Greens were looking to be the new Reds.”


    The Green movement is Green on the outside but they’re Reds thru-and-thru…. Watermelons.

  • AZsmitty, Arizona

    ALGORE! a foot note in history……alarmist, bully, liar. When he lost to Bush he went to court…..lost there too…but continued to bray like the Donkey his party intones as its mascot. His family inriched itself on tabacco, oil and now to this he can add deceit.

  • Savino

    This could have been an interesting article if more time had been spent analyzing really why such a global treaty isn’t feasible in greater in detail instead of relying on the tried and true Al Gore is an dumbass, elitist green profiteer narrative.

    Also, because the global treaty movement is dead, it does not mean that climate change is not a real phenomenon. There are two different issues

  • John A

    I think the following quote from the former VP says it all:
    Q: “There’s a lot of debate right now over the best way to communicate about global warming and get people motivated. Do you scare people or give them hope? What’s the right mix?”

    Al Gore
    A: “I think the answer to that depends on where your audience’s head is. In the United States of America, unfortunately we still live in a bubble of unreality. And the Category 5 denial is an enormous obstacle to any discussion of solutions. Nobody is interested in solutions if they don’t think there’s a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.”

  • jlori

    Why is it that the experts and politicians are always the last to know? The warmist cult has been going full tilt since about 1980, dragging many of the world’s socialist government leaders, including the obama, down their black hole, and wasting billions of dollars. Dollars, by the way, that could have been spent on truly serious environmental problems, reducing deficits, you name it. Now even the most ardent among them have finally had to admit that there has been no statistically significant warming since 1995. This is remarkable. For half of the last 30 years, there has been no warming. Nor have any of the alarmist’s dire predictions come true. I would not be surprised if before long, the experts also admit that we are now in a period of global cooling. How long would you speculate it will take before our leftist leaders finally accept that the latest excuse they have used to expand government, reduce our freedoms, redistribute our wealth and socialize our economy is just the shadow hiding hypocrisy the rest have always known it was?

  • Doug

    The reason algore didn’t do any of the things you suggested is because he is a moron. And anyone who followed or believed him, was also a moron.

    pretty simple huh?

  • When my son entered a reputable merchant marine academy 3 years ago one of the books he had to buy was “an inconvenient truth”. I’m a non believer in AGW but not opposed to a good discussion on the topic . Two things disturbed me about being forced (with the threat of failing the class) to purchase the book.
    1) It forced me to support a snake oil salesman that I completely despised and disagreed with.
    2) The school (or at least this professor) was ill informed enough to try to pass AGW off as having substance. Thats alarming. I’ve learned over the past 3 years that higher education institutions are riddled with vindictive, agenda driven leftist that cannot tolerate debate and will/can use their positions of power over students to promote their beliefs….so i’ve been silent. But after my son graduates i’m going to take “an inconvenient truth’ to that professor, throw it on her desk and demand my money back. Where the discussion will go from there…I have no idea.

  • BFJ Cricklewood

    Did Gore really screw up though – hasn’t he made his fortune from it ?

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  • Jonathan Huddleston

    I think the reason this failed is that it was always about moral superiority. Obscuring the deep impractibility of Kyoto, and never admitting that 95 out of 100 US Senators voted against it, allowed the Democrats to score hundreds of articles excoriating Bush for opposing Kyoto. Setting unrealistic goals allowed greener-than-thou environmentalists to make every business, and ultimately every American, into a “sinner” awaiting apocalyptic judgment. Various figures, from Gore to Obama himself (“today is the day the ocean levels begin to fall”) could then become redeemer-Messiahs. This was never about political realism.

  • LaneyB

    So what is this column about? That all that was needed to further the environmentalist/ climate change wackos was better organization?

    How about the fact that the science was not there. There is no such thing as global cooling as was proclaimed in the seventies or warming that has become a religion for the perpetually in need of a cause, any cause.

    No amount of political savvy can perpetually triumph over junk science as the truth is always out there. Environmental causes are always about the money, and the platitudes their sycophants scream are unrealistic and soak up valuable capital.

  • Mark Needham

    It’s Mission Accomplished for AlGore.

    He got filthy rich and he’s keeping it all. He wasn’t so stupid after all. He knew that there really is a sucker born every second.

    This is why liberals should never be allowed to govern. They are inherently dishonest.

  • R. L. Hails Sr. P. E.

    It is too much to charge Al Gore with wrecking planet earth. There are billions of people who simply ignore him. However, history may well record that he, more than any other human being, destroyed the United States of America. At this time, the EPA has been given, by the Supreme Court, over a hundred fold increase in jurisdiction to regulate virtually all commercial activity, due to our ubiquitous use of combustion. Since this agency was created most of heavy industry has left our nation, but the economic pressures are nothing to what is coming. Our standard of living must revert to the late 19th century to meet present law: no indoor plumbing, electricity, central heat, or cars. Our advanced military technology can not be sustained on this basis.
    Al Gore makes an axiomatic mistake. He assumes that any regulatory costs can be sustained by the American economy. We bought our fuel from off shore, bought our manufactured products from off shore, and borrowed to pay for it. Our grandchildren will pay for our green decisions. It is not sustainable.

  • dweeb

    I agree that the AGW movement, depending on whom within it we speak, lied, exaggerated, or showed naive credulity; and that the hyper-alarmist version of AGW has been seriously discredited, I don’t think we have enough reason to say that the clearly non-imaginary rise in CO2 levels is without serious consequences that we should pay attention to. The temperatures which are no longer rising have leveled off at a point higher than they had been in the past. Just because the people we think are bad guys have egg on their faces doesn’t mean that we should go and commit the same error of judging all the science on the basis of whose team we’re on. As we look at long term energy and economic policies, I still think that the as-yet-poorly-known causes and consequences of the secular increase in temperatures deserves careful and sober analysis, something Mr. Mead seems to want to be interested in but many of the commenters have no time for. Don’t make yourselves into mirror images of the idiots on the other side!

  • We need to be sending articles like this to the PBS Ombudsman, asking why the PBS NewsHour has been complicit in this scandal.

  • Newby351

    Nice article, but you miss the point. The Green Movement was never really about the environment. With people like Van Jones involved it was always about control and redistribution of wealth and assets. Call it what it is…socialism and the control of world economies. Thank God someone hacked in and stopped this nonsense.

  • Bob

    WAKE UP. Gore is not naive or stupid. He is smart, cunning, and mean. He is a total fraud bent on taking all he can get and wanting control of as much as he can get. Gore’s revenge. ”Humiliate me in an election! I’ll get even. I ‘ll fix it so you will be broke and under my thumb!” All he had to do was make it quick before anyone wised up. Think about it. He helped negotiate the Kyoto treaty. He knows where all the skeletons are. This was a chance to make a killing, billions of dollars. Get a treaty, make some laws to mandate and regulating consumption of certain power sources. Governments get hundreds of hundreds of billions and force business into compliance. No more free markets just crony capitalism. Gore knew what the score was. True believers don’t make carbon footprints like his. True believers are ascetics, wear hair shirts and abstain from conspicuous consumption. Thieves live high like Al Gore.

  • Brandon

    Move over Bernie Madoff, a larger scheme has bilked more money from unsuspecting tax payers by force than your victims willingly turned over. Any room available in prison?

  • Paul

    Vive la CO2, long live CO2. Its not a pollutant it is a necessary part of life.

  • richard szczepanski

    Global warming is not even a theory. In science, a theory has to be testable so that it’s tenets can be evaluated.
    No one in the Global warming business has advocated any scheme to test their hypothesis. Ergo, not a theory (yet).
    As Wolfgang Pauli may have said of global warming, “it’s not even wrong”.

  • Art Ramos

    The problem is that the scientists themselves tried to go for the Grand Unifying Treaty, with built-in schemes such as Carbon Credits, rather than submitting and supporting a bunch of smaller, more focused bills that truly tackle individual issues.

    They also fudged the data and tried to ignore signs that a lot of the warming was not man-made. If they didn’t try to make the data alarmist and had taken into account the other causes, their argument may have been actually stronger. Instead, they played the “Don’t look at the man behind the curtain” game and failed miserably.

    I would support bills that do clean-up the pollution we are generating from a health standpoint. I am a Republican, but I congratulate President Obama for allowing new nuclear power plants to be built. They are safer and cleaner than coal or oil burning plants. That is the type of small steps we need to take.

  • Mike-USN-ret

    The “climate change” industry has two totally different proponants. The first is the Al Gores of the world who see this as a tool for self agrandizement and also a means of gettin filthy rich. The second is the much more dangerous group. The ones who see it as a vehicle for the subjugation of America.Most of these people are in our own government in what I consider the most dangerous department ever concieved. The EPA. These people acutlly answer to no one. They can declare anything they desire to a “polutant” and as such exert total control over anyone or anything that produces it. They intend to do this with CO2 which is not only a totally harmless trace gas in our atmosphere but is in fact not a “polutant” but an absolute necessity for life on the surface of the planet. The idea of “climate change” itself is absolutly ludricrous. Of course the climate changes, it always has and in only the last few thousnd yrs its has shifted from warm to cold and back to warm with no input from humans having anything to do with it. Governement and science cannot to any degree change the course or intensity of a simple local thunderstorm so why would any sane person think that they can do anything to effect the climate of the entire planet?

  • trafamadore

    I will wait until the GW deniers come up with a theoretical framework that is as good as that of the evil scientists, and that the deniers show that it explains the global warming, and they publish it is real journal.

    Until then, the GW denier talking heads and their mindless cheering crews can be considered full of hot air.

  • Kate

    The Associated Press, particularly Seth Borenstein, issued a disaster-a-day (with photos) for years.

    Reuters followed suit.

  • Bill V

    And where is Al Gore?

    He has been noticeably absent these past couple of months.

    Now that the scam has collapsed, he’s probably busy transferring his ill gained millions to various offshore accounts.

  • Methow Ken

    The cat on the AGW scam is out of the bag. Many good objective science websites on which to follow this subject, but if you have to pick one:

  • WBC

    This article omits one very important detail: The anthropogenic global warming hypothesis is entirely without empirical support. It is garbage. It is stupidity. It is puerile nonsense dreamed up by morons. I don’t “blame” Algore for blowing the political program to “save the earth”. I am grateful that people stupid enough to believe in AGW are also stupid enough not to know how to make politics work for them over the long term. The only thing worse than an econazi is an effective econazi.

  • shaun

    Al Gore, the secular world’s William Jennings Bryan.

  • Bob Acker

    I don’t blame Gore, tempting though it is to take a whack at his unappealing combination of self-righteousness and opportunism. But the fact is, what he did or didn’t do is not the main point.

    As you say, if carbon dioxide production doesn’t radically alter the climate, then Gore doesn’t matter for that reason. But let’s assume for the sake of argument that increasing levels of carbon dioxide are a serious danger. Carbon output is increasing fastest in the world’s fastest-growing economies, India and China, which are also lifting their peoples out of poverty. There was never the slightest chance either would agree to slow down their economies for the sake of global warming whatever Al Gore could have said or done.

    The entire Kyoto effort was doomed, as any observer could have predicted (many did predict it, including me). Gore is blameworthy for not recognizing these points, all of them obvious, but he played no important causal role.

    Since Kyoto is a dead end, what should be done? The way to cut carbon is to develop energy sources that cost less than carbon, sans politically impossible taxes or permits. The main effort should be devoted to developing these sources.

  • Gore didn’t kill anything, the truth did.

  • Salamandyr


    THEORY is a scientific proposal that has stood up to scientific rigor. Labeling something as a theory in science is not an indication of lack of confidence in its accuracy. A theory is a tested conclusion, ideal for making policy decisions upon.

    The word you are thinking of is hypothesis-a tentative explanation for a phenomenon as yet untested by scientific rigor.

    Global Warming’s status as a theory is becoming less and less valid each day.

  • Al Gore’s stupidity does not preclude his greed. He easily could believe in “global warming”, and also that he could make lots of money from it. Gore strikes me as a rich kid, a little above average in both looks and brains rich, wanting to hang around with the “cool kids”.

    All life long he has wanted to make his mark. He was the great white conservative Democrat hope in the 80s, and failed. He lucked into the Vice Presidency, and spent 8 long years preparing for his destiny. He saw that destiny cruelly snatched away, while amassing the largest vote margin for a losing candidate over the winning candidate ever, when his own state rejected him!

    Meanwhile, the “cool kids” used him, as they always do. As “cool” environmentalism assumed the trappings of a new secular religion, Gore naturally saw his priestly role as divinely inspired. High priests do not raise doubts about their own faith!

  • Jim

    “Regroup” that’s funny. “….mostly its own fault.” that’s downright absurd. The simple fact of the matter is: there was never any legitimate science to support GW.

    The “lost data” remark (as if this was some kind of simple clerical error) is hilarious. Again there was never any real science. The data, at the very least was massaged, and quite possibly deliberately altered/ommitted/deleted to support the GW premise.

    GW has more in common with religious fervor than science.

  • bill S

    ScienceReality 1. EnvironmentalTheology 0.

    There’s a lot of grief and disbelief in the church of climatology these days. Some didn’t pay attention to the news and are surprised how quickly things unravelled.

    Next. EPA and CO2. So we can stop waiting to exhale.

  • JimBeam

    Probably due to a wistful yearning of what might have been in 2000, people forget that Al Gore isn’t the brightest bulb on the string.

    This is a guy who somehow managed to lose debates to Dan Quayle and George W. Bush.

    I think the previous poster is right about Gore’s schick. In the 1980s his thing was dirty lyrics in pop music. He was the darling of the social conservative Southern Democrats in 1988. As more and more of these either died off or became Republicans, he needed a new schtick. So he doubled down on his environmentalism.

  • travismcgee

    The cracks in the edifice of the foundation of GW were first seen when the lexicon changed from Global Warming to Climate Change. It was clear that the phrase Global Warming was losing it’s appeal and a more nuanced meme was required.

    The green movement’s efforts to guilt us non-believers into blowing up our SUVs, recycling our potato skins, and wiping our arse with a single sheet were becoming less persuasive and more comical. Thus a change in how the “catastrophe” was to be couched was needed.

    Unfortunately for the greens, this change also left the door open for more questions and exposed the hysteria for what it was. By toning down the definition of the climate debate it also diminished its perceived urgency to throw away all of our possesions and alter our lifestyles to a ridiculous level mirroring 17th century living conditions.

    Al Gore’s torchbearing for the green sheeple was a miscalculation that us pragmatists will be forever grateful. As others have pointed out having a dunce as the face of your movement can only be a liability. The fact that no one in the GW camp recognized this is
    even more telling about the GW movement than the East Anglia emails.

  • JimBeam

    “I agree that the AGW movement, depending on whom within it we speak, lied, exaggerated, or showed naive credulity; and that the hyper-alarmist version of AGW has been seriously discredited, I don’t think we have enough reason to say that the clearly non-imaginary rise in CO2 levels is without serious consequences that we should pay attention to.”

    Agreed. However there are consequences of acting and there are consequences of not acting.

    We have a carbon based economy. Economic growth produces CO2. Let’s face it, breathing produces CO2. Reducing CO2 emissions will come at a significant economic cost.

    This cost must be balanced against the benefit that would be gained from limiting these emissions (or more specifically, the harm that would be prevented).

    Unfortunately, there has been very little serious discussion about the real costs and benefits of limiting CO2 emissions.

    I think the environmental movement is incapable of having this discussion. Environmentalism is in many ways the new religion for the post-Christian west. Allowing an acceptable level of pollution is like allowing an acceptable level of sin: There is no such thing to the true believer.

    This is also why there is such a high premium for “organic” whatever, meaning that producers can sell it for far more than the difference in production costs between organic and regular stuff. Consumers who demand organic food give it almost a religious significance. The most strident of them would no more eat non-organic food than a Muslim (or Orthodox Jew) would eat pork.

  • vadinho

    Anyone who watched the debate for the presidential election between Al Gore and George Bush should have easily seen that Gore is bs crazy.

  • sub

    Gore = Icarus. The sun isn’t any hotter or cooler than it was then. Gore is a massively arrogant poseur, undone by evidence. Or the lack thereof…..

  • LoachDriver

    Thank God we didn’t elect Al as president; what a disaster he’d been in the WH.

  • Lots of money both lost and wasted on this Alarmists project. What’s next? We can always count on these same people to bring about another liberal cause. To these people, fish, birds, plants, and polar bears are more important than people. Al should start sending checks back to the people until his wealth is down to what it was when he left office in 2001. that would be a nice redistribution of wealth for some anyway.

  • Carbonicus

    Modern-day version of lysenkoism, eugenics, resource scarcity (“Population Bomb”…”Club of Rome”, etc.), that’s all AGW is.

    A thinly veiled attempt to spank capitalism, redistribute wealth from west to east and north to south (that’s what all UN programs are about), and engender a “one-world government” under the supposedly teflon auspices of “saving the planet” and/or “saving humanity”.

    And AGW will never be anything more than that.

    Mr. Mead – this is the second such article of yours I’ve caught on the subject, and I wish to commend you for your excellent work.

  • Dennis

    My stream of consciousness:

    1. Al Gore stood to make a LOT of money, so of course he pushed global warming.

    2. How long does the earth have to cool before they stop telling us it’s warming?

    3. Weather is climate when it is warmer than usual, but weather is not climate when it is cooler than normal. (see his serene highness’s comments in Las Vegas re: DC snow, and Vancouver lack of snow).

    4. If global warming science is real science, then the climate scientists (the real ones, not those stupid greedy deniers) should be able to posit at least one experimental result which would disprove the global warming theory. (Galileo seeing moons revolving around Jupiter disproved the geocentric universe; Michaelson-Morley not finding an ether wind disproved the ether theory). If there is no such result, then global warming science is NOT science, but a belief system. If they can posit such a result, then it is science. Publish what that result would be and let the experiments begin!

    5. Our last great climatic epoch was a ice age. Of course the earth is warming after it. However, I was taught that ice ages occurred about every 12,000 years and it’s been about 12,000 years since the last one. Hmmmmmmm

    6. I don’t believe I’ve seen anywhere an analysis of how life would be 1 degree warmer. Maybe it would be better, not worse. The lands which would become too hot to grow crops are already not very fertile, but the lands which would become warm enough to grow crops (think northern west-central Canada and the steppes of central asia) are very fertile. Maybe food would become more plentiful and, thus, cheaper.

    Sorry, this is already longer than I thought it would be.


  • dave72

    Most “climate scientists” couldn’t teach junior high Chemistry 1. They rank just behind phrenologists and astrologers, and could never hold a real technical position in industry, hence, the move to government agencies where it is easy to lie to keep the grants coming.

  • Emerson

    Al Gore did it to get rich, and get rich he did.

  • Bugs

    The thing that really bothers me is that somewhere a search for the truth has totally gone out the window. It seems as though people on both sides of the argument are acting to affirm a set of assumptions rather than to determine if the Earth is, in fact warming, and what might be the cause.

    I see numerous articles about topics such as Why it’s horrible that there will be no climate change legislation this year, political mistakes made by the movement, or the six reasons why actual climate data doesn’t match model predictions very well (but never any mention about the underlying assumptions or the model being flawed).

    If the environmental movement is truly concerned about the good of humanity then they should be aghast at some of the sleazy science done and open to re evaluate based on a clean data set and rigorous analysis and review by truly independent people.

  • klem

    “If Al Gore was one bit serious about GW, he would have lived by the standards he demanded for the rest of the world. Leaders set the example. Al Gore was a carbon using whore, and still is today. ”

    What are you talking about? He offset all of his carbon emissions by trading carbon credits with green companies (which he is partial owner) on the Chicago Carbon Exchange (of which he is also a partial owner). His net carbon footprint is less than zero. He’s no carbon whore. That’s the joke about Cap&Trade, it does not reduce your carbon consumption at all. You can still drive that fat SUV. You simply buy enough carbon credits to offset your emissions to zero. It only hurts low income people, not the rich at all. But you knew that already. After all of this blood and sweat, you had better have known.

  • I take offense at the assertion that the watermelons are getting smashed because of “the movement’s politically sophisticated and very rich opponents” which links to the egotistically named “Union of Concerned Scientists” citing ExxonMobil’s paltry 16M$ over a decade . The eco-leninists spent 100M$ just partying in Copenhagen alone .

    I take offense because my general sense of basic physics rebelled at the absurdities being used to justify 1984 like permanent privation . Given that I actually can understand , and in fact implement , mathematical relationships , I was driven at great personal expense , to gain an understanding of the classical physics which constrains planetary temperature . I found , and find , the level of this understanding on both sides of the debate to be pathetic . Many of the most rational and effective voices debunking this lysenkoism have also worked on their own nickle , and endured torrents of personal invective , motivated by fear of a world strangled by political FORCE justified by anti-science .

    We will not allow any regrouping because this mendacious anti-freedom , anti-life attack on the molecule upon which , combined with H2O by sunlight , each of us , indeed all life is built .

  • RayG

    Here is some truth regarding the funding of the HadleyCRU taken from its web site, URL included:

    “CRU Funding Sources

    From the Climate Research Units own web site you will find a partial list of companies that fund the CRU.
    It includes:
    British Petroleum, ‘Oil, LNG’
    Broom’s Barn Sugar Beet Research Centre, ‘Food to Ethanol’
    The United States Department of Energy, ‘Nuclear’
    UK Nirex Ltd. ‘Nuclear’
    Sultanate of Oman, ‘LNG’
    Shell Oil, ‘Oil, LNG’
    Tate and Lyle. ‘Food to Ethanol’
    Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, ‘Nuclear’
    KFA Germany, ‘Nuclear’
    World Wildlife Fund, ‘Political Advocates’
    Greenpeace International, ‘Political Advocates’”

    It is heartening to learn that the Apostles of CAGW at CRU would never, ever, well, hardly ever, take money from that evil source Big Oil or Big Anything Else such as the Big Green Machine.

  • Hawkeye52

    Never Trust a Rich Socialist.
    Never Trust an Environmentalist who has never been in the wild.
    Never Trust an Academic who has never been off campus.
    And Never, Ever, Ever Trust activist who need causes to fulfill their life’s ambition.
    Real People have Real Values and live Real Lives…

  • Brad

    To assume the the elite impulse to control humanity collapsed with the wreckage of communism, fascism and Nazism and the failures of socialists and progressives underestimates the appeal of such power and control. The global environmental fraud is just the latest manifestation.

  • LarryT

    I have lived my entire life in rural areas and for more than 40 years we have been hounded by environmentalist for one thing or another. Our small communities have been decimated because of lost jobs. Logging, farming, and ranching have been the main targets. Lives have been ruined. Now, funding has been cut, and these die hard greens in our area are turning on one another. What a joke! Just for the money.

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  • Jack Sheet

    The article is correct insofar as the Greens had some process issues with the way they handled their business/political efforts.

    What the article ignores is the fact that the SCIENCE is still in question. AGW is still a THEORY yet we are supposed to proceed as if it is a proven, urgent issue.

    If the science can be addressed the politics would follow.

  • John

    Maybe the warmists could have listened to the sceptics. Maybe they could have allowed the scientific process to work as it should. Maybe they shouldn’t have lied, exagerrated, insulted (deniers) and said the debate was over and the science settled. Maybe they should have laid off the doom and gloom and end of the world predictions. Maybe they should just clean up the air and the water. Maybe they shouldn’t have pushed this ridiculous idea in the first place, because as we all know now… it is the biggest scam ever perpetrated.

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  • Freedom Fan

    Wikipedia is a primary player in the ClimateGate scam, led by William Connoley, cofounder of Mikey Mann’s

    One person in the nine-member team “U.K. scientist and Green Party activist William Connolley” would take on particularly crucial duties.

    Connolley took control of all things climate in the most used information source the world has ever known ” Wikipedia. Starting in February 2003 … he rewrote Wikipedia?s articles on global warming, on the greenhouse effect, on the instrumental temperature record, on the urban heat island, on climate models, on global cooling. On Feb. 14, he began to erase the Little Ice Age; on Aug.11, the Medieval Warm Period. In October, he turned his attention to the hockey stick graph. He rewrote articles on the politics of global warming and on the scientists who were skeptical of the band. Richard Lindzen and Fred Singer, two of the world?s most distinguished climate scientists, were among his early targets, followed by others that the band especially hated, such as Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, authorities on the Medieval Warm Period.

    All told, Connolley created or rewrote 5,428 unique Wikipedia articles. His control over Wikipedia was greater still, however, through the role he obtained at Wikipedia as a website administrator, which allowed him to act with virtual impunity. When Connolley didn?t like the subject of a certain article, he removed it ” more than 500 articles of various descriptions disappeared at his hand. When he disapproved of the arguments that others were making, he often had them barred ” over 2,000 Wikipedia contributors who ran afoul of him found themselves blocked from making further contributions…

    The Medieval Warm Period disappeared, as did criticism of the global warming orthodoxy.

    Connolley’s disturbing propaganda crusade was enthusiastically supported by Wikipedia management:

    “Connolley has done such amazing work and has had to deal with a fair amount of nonsense.”
    -Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder

    Al Gore’s Mann-made Global Warming alarmism is a dangerous scam on a scale which dwarfs the Bernie Madoff scandal.

    Global warming has taken the place of Communism as an absurdity that liberals will defend to the death regardless of the evidence showing its folly. Evidence never has mattered to real Leftists.

  • wl

    So, you are disappointed that the evil Gore failed in his attempt to perpetuate the fraudulent scam AGW, aka “The Farce”. “If the skeptics are right and the world isn’t warming — or if natural causes are responsible for climate change – it doesn’t matter much.” Okay, so the science doesn’t matter to you right, is that it? This is a disgusting concept that you are apparently suggesting: That the AGW movement failed simply because the political strategy, including all of the scientific fraud and lies, were not properly covered up and/or not successfully orchestrated and the real truth “doesn’t matter”. Perhaps if only they could have done a better job they could have pulled off the greatest scam of all time, huh? …… sickening that I have to read this garbage.

  • Roy

    Hopefully the American electorate will expel from office every single charlatan politician who has promoted this fraud.

    In Connecticut, our attorney general, Blumenthal, now a candidate for senate, has wasted taxpayer money in a suit against utilities on the ludicrous premise they are causing climate change. The object of the suit being to raise rates and damage our economy. Connecticut, wake up!

  • Big E

    If AGW was/is real the worst thing Al Gore did was making the policy aims so far reaching that the eco movement had to hire the least talented and mostly ethical challenged scientists they could find (Jones, Mann etc) so that a scientific basis for their policy aims could be created.

    The fact is though that the eco movement’s policy aims preceeded the global cooling…no, no I’m sorry global warming…. no, no I’m sorry climate change phenomon. Climate change (or most recently “global weirding”, via someone from the NYTimes I think) was and is simply the most recent vehicle by which the selfstyled international, intellectual elite was going to grab the power they need to impose their childish utupian vision on the world. Thankfully, although many of the Gore’s and Mann’s of the world (not to mention the myriad green charities) were able to once again part the soft headed leftists that make up their audience with large sums of their money (along with a good chunk of the rest of ours as well), the overall damage has been small unlike prior eco-debacles (DDT banning, attacking bioengineered foods etc). although many of the worlds poor remain without basic necessities due to misinformation put out by the AGW High Priests, Al Gore included.

  • John DeFayette

    Dear Pat Moffitt,

    Your brief sketch is an interesting take on a movement that seems to be growing stronger by the year in the political sphere. It’s something I seem to have grown up with, and your timeline fits mine perfectly.

    Such a movement also would explain why I just can’t sleep worrying about ocean acidification (OA). This new problem is lurking as big as a whale just around the corner; your EJ friends are carefully feeding it and training it for the spotlight. It’s only a question of weeks before OA pushes AGW aside as the next great crisis to be resolved through radical undevelopment.

    Forget AGW; we all know it’s dead. Be on the lookout for OA. Perhaps we can kill it before it gets loose?

  • Craig Allen

    You forget that Gore was Vice President, which means politically speaking he was little more than an errand boy. His political skills are lacking at best, and his track record, non-existent. You give him far too much credit.

  • Kate

    Victoria – “As a landowner, the costs that will be incurred with any, and I mean ANY improvements to my property are just about prohibitive…….”

    Your remarks upset and sadden me. I love California. How did this happen?

    If there is a revolt, if someone decides to build a fight to this, please post the link here. I will contribute.

  • NeverEverPC

    It is estimated that Al Gore made at least $100 million from his global warming crusade. That sounds to me like “mission accomplished” for the Gore family.

  • Raymund

    One point that has not been emphasized sufficiently throughout the recent collapse of the GW movement is the extent to which (generally) well-meaning environmental activists intentionally chose to encourage and use the hysteria for reasons other than preventing GW catastrophe. For example, as a means of preserving forests and biodiversity. As a result, a great deal of general goodwill for conservation on the part of the average person will have been lost due to the revelation that the GW hysteria has largely been fabrictaed. Thus, even if human-caused global warming is an entirely false theory, great damage will have been done.

  • Oakley

    Follow the lust for money and for power, pure and simple:

    Gore wanted it, the politicians salivated for it, the greens wanted to punish the users and aggrandize themselves , the progressives couldn’t wait to manipulate the crisis, the UN could regulate and punish nations, and all wanted the pure self-righteousness for a crown on their heads…

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  • Bill Carson

    Don’t be too quick to write this religion off. Even now, Obama is pushing the EPA to declare carbon some kind of poison. The EPA now has the power to destroy our lives. The point is, there are more bullets coming at us!

  • Mr Mead should check the evidence to find the cause of the collapse. Micheal Mann’s “trick” in Nature was to eliminate the Briffa data that proved their theory wrong. Algore reversed graph that showed temperature warmed before CO2 rose every single time in history. The Martian ice caps were melting. Polar Bear population has risen from 5K to 28K.
    Human Induced Climate Change is a hoax. A lie. A way to steal from others.
    !934 was the warmest year in U. S. followed by1938,1931 and 1926. A hoax. A fake.

  • Kate: The “revolt” has to start at the ballot box. My state has the same problems as california in that a large majority of our politicians are radically left and have no respect for personnel sovereignty, which is the basis of our Republic.
    Our newly elected (last election) representative, chillie pingree’s first move when arriving in Washington was to join the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a spin off from the socialist/marxist movements of the 60’s. The CPR’s charter has uncomfortable overlaps with the present day American Communist Part charter. Our local progressive politicians are in lock step with the CPR. Its scary and amazing to watch normal everyday people ignore what they see these people scam on a daily basis. The ballot box is a start but if that does not work at what point does self preservation and love of country become the motivator? I think this question is being asked more and more every day.

  • It’s amazing to me how Mead speaks around the fraud involved that’s beyond inextricably intertwined with the root; it is the root.
    But none of this registers on Mead’s radar.
    It’s all about legality and politics. That it was built and based on a mountain of fraud matters not one iota.
    This line of “thinking” actually sets up the next political sales fraud to be crammed down our throats provided the seller can do a better job at salesmenship.
    That’s what’s wrong with this oily column.
    Rather than blow a hole in the fraud and kill it, Mead leaves the door wide open almost as if he’s trying to breathe political life into a dead fraud.

  • Harley2002

    Puleeeeeze. Gore does not believe in Global Warming anymore them I do. If he did he would not live in some giant mansion. He used this lie to fill his bank account with money from selling bogus carbon credits. In the aftermath of his losing the Presidential election and his slip into insanity he then reasoned in his sick mind he deserved the money he has stolen from this lie. He was cheated in the election so he deserved a payoff. He is a sick man.

  • trax


    Al Gore can’t prove, or explain, how he knows what he knows(AGW)…because ‘remote viewing’ isn’t going to help shore up his credibility! Too bad he didn’t/doesn’t understand ‘remote viewing’ either!

    Gore is super cereal.. he’s just not sure what he’s super cereal about. ; )

  • Dennis

    Re: Al Gore being carbon neutral.

    He bought indulgences from companies he owns. There is a great line in Casablanca. Rick just sold Rick’s Cafe Americain to Ferrari. Ferrari owes Ricks some cigarettes. “I shall pay them back … to myself,” Ferrari says. (I do have to say, though, there’s something satisfying about the ability to use as much energy as you want, without being demonized for it, because you’re rich and can buy indulgences. The rich SHOULD have prerogatives. That is why poor people will work hard to become rich people. This is as it should be.)

    I would like to start my own indulgences: If you are really angry with someone and want to beat them to a pulp, but don’t want to go to jail, send me a LOT of money, which I will donate to victim right’s organizations, and you will be allowed to beat that person up without being punished for it. Come on! It will work. My phone number is: BR-549.


  • Sir Toby Belch

    Al Gore lost the presidency in 2000. If he
    were perceived as a decent sort…..he’d
    have been “in, like Clinton(Flynn)”. The
    unlikeable buffoon blew it with his demago-
    guery and sense of entitlement. It was
    close…….Since then, he has lain low,
    then latched onto his star, Global Warming,
    which made him a multi-multi-millionaire.
    But the country now realizes he is, at
    heart, a phony conman and basic puke.
    I’m glad that SCOTUS saved us from
    a presidential term for this slug. Aren’t you?

  • Dean

    No warming since 19995 = no hockey stick which means the model is dead which means the theory is dead. The “science” was slipshod and the money, the grants, the travel, prizes, publication of articles etc. was too intoxicating for the climateologists to handle. As for the tag along useful idiots, the lefty teachers unions, the Inconvenient truth pushers and the apocalyptic swooners in the media – well you sent children to do the work of adults – too bad for you. The carried on like eco-divas so how on earth was any rational person going to take the issue seriously.

    I REALLY hope the article is right and that we get to see plenty of circular firing squads and back-pedalers, scorn and contempt is in order but too much to hope for from the media so I will settle for the whole issue being dropped until the next pseudo-crisis quickens the moonbats again. At least the next time it happens (global cooling part II?) we will at least have all the symptoms documented so we can spot the mania before it sweeps the planet again.

  • Stas Peterson

    Albert Gore Jr is the worst public figure to strut across theUS poliitcal stage in my lifetime. He believed he was graced like the Kennedy sons to be President.

    He served the obligatory tour in Vietnam to be a war hero; making sure he was a journalist assigned to Westmorland’s staff in Saigon, safe from the gun fire.

    He ran for President and was defeated. Bu then chose to game the system, and tried to steal the election of Florida by recounitng soem votes and discarding others. And thus win the US Presidency.

    Richard Nixon, a loathsome politician, in similar circumstances conceded the election to Kennedy on the basis of rigged votes in Chicago. But he was a democrat with a small d and beleived the country did nit need a terrible wrenching and tearing of the nation’s political cloth.

    Gore had no such concern for the good of the country. Gore chose to destroy and de-ligitimize his opponent and his next Administration. That in turn begot the absolute hatred that has broken out in Obama’s first year in Office.

    Then Mr. Gore saw an opportunity to make a buck peddling CAGW doom. It was right down his alley as a trained Fire and Brimstone Southern Baptist televangelist. It converted his personal fortune froma paltry few millions,more thanhe would ever need, to half a billion dollars at he cost of the possible collapse of Western civilization from internal disbelief in itself. Millions of the world’s poor died of starvation, while the stupid crusade raged, and millions more would have, if it had succeeded.

    Albert Gore Jr didn’t care. He revealed that he didn’t actually believe the nonsense he was peddling about sea level rise of twenty feet, when he spent 4 million of his own money on a seafront condominium that would have been underwater if his predictions were true.

    What an cynical monster!

  • Adela Kostea

    Open letter to Al Gore.

    Dear Sir,

    You should be ashamed of yourself for propagating an alarmist theory which has no base in reality whatsoever.
    Because of irresponsible people like you, some children don`t want to do their home work or even go to school, because “what is the point, we are all going to die soon from global warming”!
    Millions of children allover the world from kindergarden to highschools and universities have been brain washed by your shameless propaganda,to the point that they feel their very lives are putting the planet in danger.
    But people have already waken up and see this whole thing for what it is, meaning a total fraud, an international effort of power and money grabbing based on the marxist concept of “wealth redistribution”.
    On April 28 1975 Time magazine had on its front cover the title GLOBAL COOLING!!, with an article, signed by climate scientists, concluding that the Earth is cooling to the point it will all be covered in ice and all living creatures will die of freezing.
    After a few years, when it obviously turned out that such a theory was nonsense, the so called climate scientists, in their quest for government grants, have invented a new fantasy, that of global warming……the world is warming due to us, human beings and we are all going to die unless we give up all of our liberties to one big world government which is going to regulate every single aspect of our lives, how many times to flush our toilets, what kind of cars to drive, where, for what reason and how far, how many children to have , what kind of food to eat, etc.
    In 1992 Al Gore said that “the time for a debate is over, the science is settled”…..
    This obviously is a lie for the time for a debate is never over and the science is far from being settled.
    Science my dear sir, does not work as a democracy , meaning that in science, the majority does not rule as it does in a democracy.
    If 1000 scientists have a debate and 999 of them agree on the subject, but only one of them disagree, it may very well turn out , as it has so many times in history, that the lone scientist is the only one that is right.
    I could give you many examples, such as that of Charles Darwin.
    When he first presented his theory of the evolution of species, all the scientists laughed at him and ridiculed him…in the end he was right and they were wrong.
    When Galileo said the Earth is spinning, the rest of the scientists accused him of heresy…but it turned out he was right and they were all wrong.
    After 15 years of advancing a false theory based on fraudulent data, the “scientists” noticed that the planet is not warming, but is actually cooling, so they changed the name of their theory yet again from global warming to “Climate Change”, just in case, to have all possibilities covered.
    Soon, my dear sir the whole thing will be unequivocally exposed for a premeditated fraud.
    People like yourself will then be held responsible for the enormous psychological, social and financial damage that your actions have caused.
    Just like when a doctor who gives out the wrong diagnosis and causes harm to the patient as a result, just like in such a case the doctor has the license suspended and has to pay damages or even go to prison, people like you will soon face the consequences of the lies you have imposed on the world for so many years.
    There must be parents out there whose children have suffered mental trauma because of this great scam.
    All these parents should somehow get together and get a pit bull of a lawyer to file a class action law suit in a civil court and take the global warming crooks to the cleaners.

  • Robert

    Global Climate Change does not exist! It is not man Made and we have almost NO factual Scientific Data to Prove it that is why the Movement died.

    The Planet changes all the time and MAN is Arrogant to think he cause the changes!

    Gore has a Zinc Mine which makes him $$( Zinc mines are one of the dirtiest in the world). This whole movement was a shame. Spend the money on DDT for the 3rd world to kill malaria a 1Tbls of DDT will protect and African Family for 30 Days.
    Work on getting Clean water, research renewable fuels But do not think that my Fusion is Killing the world 97% of what comes out the tailpipe is Water Vapor and Inert compounds Grow up and be realistic in your demands

    Tree huggers are MORONS

  • FEDup

    Al Gore is going to lose MILLIONS of dollars, and those who bought into his fraud and lies stand to lose more. I like it. That freakin windbag almost got away with it too, but for the fact that a person with a conscience chose to “out” these peckers before untold pain and suffering caused by their scheme could take place.

    He could give a rat’s ass about the planet. He was in it for the huge profits he could make, as were the feckless Corporations who saw a great opportunity to swindle people legally.

    I am glad it’s almost over, and I cant wait until the next “crisis” comes thundering along…first it was Global Cooling, then Warming, then “climate change”? so the next logical step is them screeching about a “boring” climate.

    Screw them all…I have tons of light bulbs stashed away until that foolish “law” is rescinded, as it will be, and now, I am going out in the back yard to burn some tires using sealskins to keep it going…

    My opinion is free! (you just pay separate shipping and handling)……

  • Orion

    Whenever the subject of “global warming” or “man-made climate change” comes up I’m reminded of that great scene in “The Music Man” where Harold Hill warns the good towns people that, “We’ve got Trouble Right Here in River City!” because there’s a pool hall corrupting the town’s youth. ANY time someone makes exaggerated, fabilistic claims we should all pull up that scene on Youtube and watch it.

    Now paint Al Gore’s face over Harold Hill’s and marvel at the similarities.


    India Derangement Syndrome (IDS) on this and various other subjects is unfortunate and unfounded, i.e. rarely passes the facts test.
    India is one of the lowest per-capita emissions (about 25% of China’s per-capita!) countries in the world, as the latest available 2008 data makes clear:
    Table: Per Capita Carbon Dioxide Emissions from the Consumption of Energy (Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide per Person)

    World 4.54023
    Asia & Oceania 3.26694
    North America 15.31721

    China 4.91228

    United States 19.18313

    Europe 7.80527
    Eurasia 9.34817
    Russia 12.29109
    Middle East 8.43437

    India 1.31065

    Central & South America 2.66434
    Japan 9.53888
    Africa 1.14518
    Germany 10.06143
    Canada 17.26751
    United Kingdom 9.38246
    Korea, South 11.20506
    Iran 7.75893
    Saudi Arabia 16.55786
    Italy 7.81866
    South Africa 9.24758
    Mexico 4.04314
    Australia 20.82329
    Indonesia 1.82782
    Brazil 2.18071
    France 6.47937
    Spain 8.85966
    Ukraine 7.60652
    Taiwan 13.29679
    Poland 7.75776
    Turkey 3.58242
    Netherlands 15.86098
    Thailand 3.87669
    United Arab Emirates 43.10486

    Source: EIA,

  • Meryl

    I’ve never noticed anything in Al Gore’s public career that suggests that speaking truthfully about conclusions honestly arrived at via careful and honest consideration has ever been important to him.

    Don’t worry about underestimating his “efforts”. Assume you’re over-estimating them no matter how little you’re willing to grant him in the silence emanating from his corner (at last! Silence from the Goracle! Sweet.)

  • Gary

    “Al Gore lied!! Polar bears didn’t die!!!

  • Algore

    OK, so what if I am to blame. You all are just jealous at how rich I got conducting this huge hoax on you! Bwahahahaha!

  • Well, I finally found it, moronville. It is probably the same folks that do not believe the world population is at six billion and will double in forty years. The general welfare of the world’s population and the planet comes down to debating experts. All arguments supported by convenient data, much like politics and religion. It is, as if, give me my iPhone, my Lexus and my portfolio, and the rest of mankind, be damned. No concern for our actions. Just gain a consensus and, collectively, whine and bitch, until all that is left, is chaos. No brave new world. Only those who cannot see it, trying to maintain the same old world status quo. The Catholic church and the power elite could not be happier. No responsibility, just alibis and lies.

  • BobFL

    I’m surprised that in your criticism, you neglect the biggest problem the Alarmists had: first, Get The Science Right.

    The Climategate scandal(s) show not that CRU needed better clerical help — they needed better scientists: ones unwilling to cherry pick specific trees that comported with their hypothesis, and unwilling to “adjust” temperature readings in wildly unsupported ways.

  • Jerry

    Gore is stump dumb and greedy for prestige and money. Flunking out of divinty school is not a very favorable reference for scientific punditry.

  • Let’s be careful not to fault environmentalism for the global warming debacle. Environmental issues are still real regardless of Al Gore/mainstream green movements.

  • Monty Melrose

    Arrogant pseudoscientists were able to convince much of the world of the “truth” of Darwinian evolution so they thought they could get away with this snow job as well.
    But the internet is against them.
    Had there been an internet in Darwin’s day, such a blatant lie based on zero evidence could never have become the accepted “scientific” basis for everything taught in academia.

  • Marty

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    C. S. Lewis

  • Neo

    Let the bloodletting begin

  • ODIrony

    C’mon let’s be real: Al Gore invented the internet; with that kind of credential how could anyone have ever doubted him.

    Meanwhile, to give the left-wing nutjobs something to investigate in common with their right-wing nutjob counterparts, consider this reveleation from the Washington Post as reported on MSNBC, “Earthquakes might be viewed as acts of God, but their lethality is often a function of masonry.”

    That’s right! It’s those Masons who are behind all the global warming and the attempts to convince us otherwise via distractions such as earthquakes!

    Run for your lives!

  • Daniel Vona

    Nobody likes a chicken little…… The real problem is that this movement trying to initiate a massive back-door tax increase on the american middle class though a carbon tax and trade system….. and allowing the third world, where most of the pollution actually happens to get off scott free…. This really was a wall street scam where bankers and traders would make money like Enron trading smoke and mirrors carbon credits that couldn’t get off the ground because it was based on spotty science, and “I am against things that cost me money is a perfectly valid political position”….. corporate america takes this position everyday.

  • donabernathy

    Seems to me. For a movement that is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The ultimate Hoax! They did a mighty fine job. And poor Al made a truck load of cash. Maybe when they return, and don’t kid yourself into believing they won’t. Someone in America, at least, will point out that our constitution prohibits our government from establishing a religion.

  • Ray Bendarcik

    What is needed is a criminal investigation for fraud. Maniplation and false data. Extroting money from businesses and people using false data. I cannot believe this is any different than a snake oil salesman selling his bottle of exlixer to the unsuspecting public or a stock broker selling worthless stock using made up financial data… Where are the lawyer’s? People, businesses and governments have been harmed. People need to be in jail. This was not a routine mistake of science

  • erogla

    “What hare-brained funders failed to provide Phil Jones and the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia with enough clerical help to comply with the freedom of information act? ”

    No. Even with 100 clerks he would not have shared the data. It wasn’t a question of ability, it was a question of will. He happily shared it with a few like-minded alarmists. It was only refused to those that actually questioned his faulty work. Jones does not deserve a pass.

  • foolmeonce

    Of course AGW is nothing but a lie and a hoax. Its roots go all the way back to Cecil Rhodes and his germination of the plan for world government. Maurice Strong and Rothschild meeting in Colorado in 1977 and the vision of a World Bank. The Bilderbergers and Trilateralists have envisioned the power of global governance in securing their place of power and control. Copenhagen was a plan to send payments to the WTO. More bureaucrats, less elected accountability – another European Union on steroids. Gore and the environmentalists are just the pawns in this power gathering game.

  • tharmon

    Add AGW to the great advances in science such as that made by the phlogistin and phrenology proponents.

    As an aside, allow me to correct a mistake I’ve noticed in several postings: the possessive form of the pronoun “it” is “its”; “it’s” is a contraction for “it is.”

  • Kate

    World’s biggest coal company brings U.S. government to court in climate fraud

    I sent them a thankyou
    [email protected]

  • Geophysical

    All you people are too stupid to live. The argument about the truth of climate change and global warming is over, the data is in place and all your whiny, sniveling anti-Gore hypocrisy and poor attempts at logic fall only on the ears of people as stupid as yourselves. 30 billion tons of carbon puked into the atmosphere every year is real. And you will have to change. What will you tell your great grandchildren when they remember all of you and say “all the scientists told them this would happen and they believed the talk radio hosts instead!”?

  • Stavros

    Of course politicians and big oil embraced AGW theory. Now they can only charge and tax the energy that goes in to your car or house. But when they can tax what comes out also, they’ve doubled their money.

  • Pat

    Fortunately the research department compromised wasn’t in the US. Federal authorities here would’ve clamped down on the “hackers” with every available resource, and probably still would if they could figure out an angle to use as an excuse.

    There was a lot of corporate money involved here, that makes it a US national security issue.

  • SSamualson

    Al Gore cried wolf… I never did believe him.

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  • Stan

    Ummm, I guess I have to try to balance out some of the negative comments, for those who are reading this and trying to make up their mind. I have a Ph. D. in physics and I’ve seen the global warming data and some of the computer models, and I know people who work in the field. Global warming is real, CO2 emissions are a contributing factor, and Al Gore is just a guy trying to make a difference. But it’s really hard, technically and politically. Yes, there was a climate researcher who evidently fabricated information about Himalayan glaciers. Very embarrassing. I hope he gets what he deserves. Hey, I should also mention that “global warming” is a poorly chosen name. What is more noticeable than the temperature rise is the increased energy in the atmosphere — stronger winds, bigger storms.

  • Brian H

    From the 1st comment, way back top:
    “the Green movement is motivated by a mix of bad science, socialism, and paternalistic authoritarianism. That’s not a winning combination for the US electoral process.”

    Seems to be just the ticket in the EU, tho’!

    But Asia and America declined to sign on (notwithstanding Obama’s assurances they would.)

    The suicide pact has been dissolved.

  • RYAN

    “If the skeptics are right and the world isn’t warming — or if natural causes are responsible for climate change – it doesn’t matter much.”



  • claude

    In so far as Al Gore is concerned he profited astronomically from the panisc and fears that swept the green movement by his preposal to buy carbon credits. Many are unsure of where exactly all the funds went and I for one know a friend who found out his supposed valued carbon credits where in actuality quite worthless indeed. Hmmm do you ever wonder where brother Al got the money for his carbon emitting corporate jet or the funds to use it? The only thing that has happened over the years is that Gorby has gotten richer and the planet has begun to cool not get woarmer. Hows all that globalwarming doo doo doing you know?

  • Joseph Toomey

    All the reasons that the Post cites for the collapse in the prospects for a binding global climate change treaty, while incontestably true, do not account for the real reasons why the movement is dead. The real reasons are because:

    • Organized climate science, by revelation of the Climategate email treasure trove, has been exposed as a mafia that abused its position to advance an agenda masquerading as a scientific “consensus” that was weakly supported by basic science and, with its contention regarding human causation of climate change, is essentially unproveable
    • The UN IPCC has been exposed as a fraud through its numerous distortions, lies, misrepresentations, shoddy research, conflicts of interest and falsifications that have been revealed to be transparent attempts to advance an agenda
    • The contention that the Earth is overheating is ridiculous on its face, has no basis in scientific fact and nearly all the research data and findings that underlie the “warmist” case are flawed, highly ambiguous, contradictory, have been massaged beyond recognition by proponents of man-made global warming or have been undercut by contradictory data and findings that are equally or far more compelling
    • The so-called “solution” to the problem that the public no longer believes even exists, collectivist, centralized, transnational control involving massive wealth transfers administered by an irredeemably corrupt UN bureaucracy along with and economy-killing regime of carbon regulation, is a complete non-starter
    • The leading proponents of the agenda, while strutting the world stage with Nobel Peace Prizes and Academy Awards, have built their advocacy on mountains of false, misleading and easily debunked claims that are now the butt of jokes
    • The leading organs of mainstream media have sacrificed their hard-earned integrity by acting not as traditionally skeptical journalistic institutions and fact-finding reporters but as one-sided cheerleading advocates for a political position, and the public now knows it
    • And most impressively, the science demonstrating natural causation for global climate change is far stronger and more compelling than the flawed climate models that purport to show human causation

    While most people probably can’t count high enough to catalogue all the errors in this piece, there is one that Walter Russell Mead and his ilk have become accustomed to making with regularity that bears mentioning. That is by misrepresenting the contentions of those with whom they are in fundamental disagreement they can easily refute their supposed beliefs. Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptics, for the most part, are skeptical not about climate change. Every sentient human recognizes that the Earth has undergone countless changes in its climate. Skeptics, for the most part, reject that humans are the primary culprits for climate change and believe that the science supporting natural climate change is far stronger than AGW, which has become a religion among its proponents. But count on Walter Russell Mead not to acknowledge this fundamental truth. It would be inconvenient to do so.

  • Ohnooonetwogo

    look ya’ll should know this…….The reason Gore has been on the global warming wagon and always on EXXON’s azz is because Gore is Occidental Oil..His family were Occidental Oil…….and he is trying to get his pound of flesh because Exxon beat out Occidental on some oil leases……..That Occidental thought they had bribed the right person for…….simple..any time an Oil Man complains about Oil, it’s got something to do with money..

  • the whole thing is a scam. When you want to know the TRUTH, follow the MONEY. Opportunist have existed in every so-called movement. Back in the 70’s it was the NATURAL movement and it wasn’t long before the word was stamped on everything from sugar-filled cereals to candy bars! Now, it is ORGANIC! Stuff that you wouldn’t ever guess could be organic is! And WHY? For MONEY!!! First you fool the people with some partial truths, then twist it to make it seem like a DO IT OR DIE scenario(for your health) then your planets health(current movement)..then before you know it Manufacturers and Madison Ave see the PROFIT in using these labels(but only AFTER the Public has been duped will they jump in). Then comes the celebrity endorsements(they want to make money too!) and all the while no one bothers to check the INGREDIENTS and see how much of this crap is really Natural or Organic! The government doesn’t check and the standards they set are almost non-existent! For example: a Free-Range Egg..the chicken only is required to see 5 minutes of daylight per day to get that label..and you thought the chicken was running around the farm all day getting sunshine and eating natural grains? Not!)
    When the Truth and people finally get smart enough to realize they have been DUPED and that the LIARS(like Al Gore) do everything they can to Suppress the REAL TRUTH or people suddenly SEE IT FOR THEMSELVES(as in freezing temps in FLORIDA) the Movement collapses..hopefully! Hey, I am all for eating healthier, driving less polluting cars for cleaner air, using energy saving bulbs) but let it be MY CHOICE! And don’t expect me to believe Charlatans peddling their LIES for Monetary Gains! Two things I learned a long time ago..1) Follow the Money 2) Believe Half of what you see and NONE of what you hear!

  • Dennis

    Oh, thank you Geophysical for setting me straight. Until I read your post I was sure that we were getting colder and Al Gore was getting richer.

    30 billion tons of carbon (fact!) into the air every year and still temperatures go down (fact!). CO2 rocketing up (fact!) and still temperatures go down (inconvenient fact acknowledged by Phil Jones!).

    You have convinced me that all this points to catastrophic global warming. I apologize and ask you what I can do to prevent this great apocalypse from happening?


  • NJ

    What about those melting icecaps?

  • Leslie

    Global Warming had never been a reality unless a person is that passive. But me personally appeal to the Ultimate Final Authority found in the Holy Bible and his name is God , which declared in Gen. 8:22 (KJV)

    ‘While the earth remaineth seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, SUMMER and WINTER (emp. mine), day and and night, shall not cease. I actully saw this ‘day and night’ clause I looked outside at 10 PM last night and golly bob!!! it was actually nighttime it was incredable ,and gosh it did’nt stop there I looked outside when I got up this morning and great scott!!! it was daylight. gosh!!!! this is something.

  • Leslie

    Any Atheist or anyone come on over to my house and we can talk about the fundementals of ‘Summer and Winter’ this one is my favorites (well got no favorites really, since I like them all) ,but gee whiz you got to see this weather,I mean not only the record snow accumulations but this weather made history, this only occurs in( here is the ‘SUMMER and WINTER (emp. mine) clause of Gen.8:22 KJV) in the Winter, can you believe it? (opps I forgot you don’t believe in God or SUMMER and WINTER (emp. mine) ).

  • Bro. Don R. White

    KOOKs, CROOKs, & DUPES = Politicized, sans science, facades of billion dollar bilking buffoonery. Posted by: Bro. Don R. White, Tucson, USA

  • Mark

    Maybe my view is a bit too simplistic, but it always seemed to me that the GW issue came about like this: After 9/11 any thinking American understood the need for the “global war on terror” in order to protect Americans from another attack on the homeland. And since the Republicans were strong on defense, and after a few months of bipartisanship the Democrats quickly went back to their position of being soft on defense, the Democrats had to find an issue that they hoped could eclipse the “global war on terror”. What they came up with was to presume to protect the entire “globe” itself…ie: to “save the world” as it were. I thought this whole tactic was very transparent from the word go. And after Al Gore took the issue and ran with it, he realized the financial potential for himself and also saw a way to establish a legacy for himself that he was unable to attain until that point in time. Its just that the legacy he achieved was that of a “paper tiger” of biblical proportions. And I don’t think this issue is any more complicated than that.

  • Vani

    It is a sad by-product of your society that any hero is likely to enrich himself. He is then eviscerated for same. This matter at hand was a project of many, not of one. Americans, the throw-it-away, quick-mix society, lacks the powerful and compelling moral strength that the Germans, French and Japanese possess. In addition the Japanese wield an invincible hope, courage and grit that none of the above have ever known. Thus, these nations have protected and advanced green interests in their nations (sometimes against terrible odds and opponents). Here, it has limply withered away. Americans despicably blame the one courageous, battle-scarred and weary messenger through an obviously terrible battle with his peer, and a redefinition of his very raison-d’etre, brought them the word, and sought to serve their best interests. Americans, impotent to bring change to your nation, for lack of moral virility and stamina – you blame Gore for not having brought you the satisfaction which could only come with a motivated, collaborative effort from a driven, strong and powerful public. Which you are not; rather greedy, selfish and effete, waiting to be served your breakfast in bed.

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  • Bernie

    Ah Vani, how we love to be scared. Bogeymen, horror films, etc. Who better to capitalize on our fascination with monsters under the bed than a greedy, charismatic and hypocritical demagogue. Our appetite for drama seems to breed more of such rogues. Like ticks, they only survive by drawing our blood (taxes). And they claim our survival depends on them. Truly perverse.

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  • Steve Meikle

    Why didnt Gore see to it that the IPCC science was spotless?

    Chiefly as it is not. It is slop,. AGW is a myth. I dont know whether it is a fad or a fraud. But it certainly is false.

    And no, before the name calling starts, I am NO fan of big undustry, and before the Greens made utter fools of themselves with this issue I was moderately supportive of them. Not any longer. I am still leftwinger to boot, who happens to have a strange afliction. I think in terms of reason and evidence, and know some history. The medieval warm period will NOT go away just because Gore and co want it to.

    And with it the plain inference is that climate changes is mere natural cycles. And the scientific observations confirm this also

  • toyotawhizguy

    @alvord – February 20, 2010 @ 10:50 am

    “Talk about group think. The author of this article and most of his commenters enjoy bashing the people who want to actually do something about global warming more than they want to propose solutions that will address the enormity, and time critical nature, of the problem.”

    – – – – – – –

    Most all AGW skeptics were previously believers in the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis, (as was I, but at that point was accepting it at face value, and had done no study into it), and through independent thinking and investigation began to doubt the beliefs, and slowly changed their minds. My scientific inquiry lead to my learning that there is only 1 CO2 molecule for every 2,632 air molecules by volume in the atmosphere. Then I learned that most of the IR absorption bands for CO2 partially overlap with the IR absorption bands for water vapor, which taught me that if water vapor (the major greenhouse gas) is already present, and CO2 is added, there isn’t much effect, since the water vapor is already absorbing most of the heat energy that gets trapped producing the greenhouse effect. A good analogy would be shining a light source through a piece of dark red colored glass plate (water vapor), then sliding a light pink colored glass plate (CO2) in front of the first, and seeing that the light that shines through has changed very little. Knowing these and other scientific facts, I knew the warmists were exaggerating the warming effect of CO2 by at least a factor of 5. I won’t list all of the reasons I believe that AGW is a hoax, there are literally dozens of them. I’m currently writing a brief “100 Reasons we can be confident that AGW is a hoax”. I’m also writing “10 simple experiments that kids and adults can do to show that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a myth”. As for promoting renewable energy (“solutions”), we need to let the marketplace decide, and let people jump on board through their own free will, rather than cramming it down our throats though carbon taxes, which by the way will increase the cost of everything we buy, even food..

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  • sris

    I once told this to a green activist grp: Never seen Al Gore on the caltrain in the past many years we have been commuting in the bay area…

    full disclosure:
    I gave up my car & intl travel for a full decade as an experiment. Yes, I saved some gallons of ga$, reduced footprint by a lot, gained reading time. etc. But I’d not recommend it to anyone: It’s a pure waste of personal freedom.

    While I saw the rise of ridership in public transit in recent years (more so after the gas prices went up along with the hype) Here in the hypocritical “green” city of SF there are no good alternative transits; it must be worse in most other parts of US.

    & also, I never watched “An Inconvenient Truth”.

    I think there is more to this scene than just blaming leadership or lack thereof… (a parallel to blaming Bush for all the evils of past decade)

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  • Greg, Spokane WA

    “…all the more egregious given the movement’s politically sophisticated and very rich opponents.”

    It’s even more egregious given the fact that the pro-green crowd outspent those “very rich opponents” by well over 1,000 to 1. They had the funding, the media, powerful people in government, and they still can’t quite pull off their totalitarian plans.

    “The greens claim to understand the dynamics of complex ecosystems better than the rest of humanity…”

    Proof positive that they are idiots. There are plenty of real causes these people could get behind, but they saw warming as “the one thing” that would bring everything together. It brought a few other things together, too. This is why these people are often referred to as “watermelons.”

    I have no faith that the “enviro movement” will come back to sanity. I think another movement of some sort will have to replace it.

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