The Great IPCC Meltdown Continues
Published on: February 7, 2010
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  • OC

    In the end a lot of the critique directed at the IPCC and climate science seems to be another media hype. And if that’s a hype than it’s probably a dangerous one. This is a must-read and even if its from Greenpeace they seem to have a point:

  • michael schrage

    mr. mead is correct…

    ….my own ‘comment’ on the cultural pathologies revealed by ‘climategate’ found a publisher in the UK – the financial times – faster than one in the US….

    ….the so-called ‘elite media’ in the US have not done a very good job covering the nobel-prize winnoing ipcc…
    then again, poor-to-mediocre coverage of important issues has become ‘the new normal’ for the msm…

    ….the web’s globalization of access to news, analysis, interpretation and opinion is a good thing – and, alas, apparently not a spur to improved coverage by the msm

  • Fatty Bolger

    I think that the articles aren’t showing up in the US for two main reasons:

    One, revealing the global warming fraud hurts the Democratic party, so there is a real resistance to cover it. Outside of a handful of outlets like Fox, the mainstream media here is practically the propaganda arm of the DLC.

    Two, for whatever reason the US press has always been highly reluctant to admit to mistakes. Corrections are hard to come by, and are buried and obfuscated as much as possible. There is a tendency to keep on fighting and go down with the ship, which we’ve seen many times before. This reluctance is much, much higher where pet ideologies are concerned.

    I expect this to be ignored for as long as possible, and then when they are finally forced to cover it, pretend that the previous era of unquestioning press allegiance to global warming dogma never happened.

  • 2008 may be know as the year of the media meltdown. The US MSM is directly complicit in perpetrating the global warming fraud. Its amazing that apparently not one MSM reporter in the US has even done a simple reference check on the 2007 IPCC report. Or if they did their story got spiked by their editors. American MSM has lost what little credibilty they had refaining with their coverup of the this fraud.

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  • Fen

    “The former head of IPCC has publicly said the IPCC risks losing all credibility if it can’t clean up its act.”

    Too late. We no longer trust ANY information coming out of the IPCC.

    Worse, all of the data re AGW [man-made global warming] has been tainted – there is NO evidence of AGW. Start over, from scratch, with REAL science. We’ll get back to you in a decade.

    The perps who ran this con should be banished from all scientific circles forever.

  • bflat879

    How much of what’s happened, in the past year, has failed because of the need for trust. When you talk about our press not covering the climate change issue, you’re wrong, they are covering it (up). I don’t know if they actually believe the country is totally ignorant of what’s happening, doesn’t have access to the UK press, and can’t figure all of this out, but they’re acting as if nothing happened last October and November. To me, most of them have lost any credibility they might have had, after the 2008 election, and they’re close to becoming nothing more than a joke.

    If anyone actually took the time, to piece together the actions of the liberal press and the Democrats, as concerns AGW, you’d be amazed at the ignorance and the collusion that had to take place for the public to be so hoodwinked by such a farce.

  • Perhaps it is better that the American media ignores these stories. Such journalistic malpractise hastens the day that virtually all Americans will ignore American media and seek out material that does not originate with thoroughly indocrinated J-School graduates of PC brain binding.

    When Americans outgrow the PC infestation, they may begin to elect officials with enough real-life experience and competence to shrink government and grow the private sector, rather than the reverse.

  • There is NOTHING in this world that cannot be influenced by money. Government redistributing our money just meanst that there is no real consideration given to how efficient the redistribution is going to be. This is a perfect example of why ANY tax dollars to individuals should be reported via IRS Form 1099-GOV and any grants, loans, etc to legal entitieis MUST fall under the Freedom of Information Act with criminal penalties for failing to disclose what is done with Federal tax dollars. Simple. Clear. And finally, the abiltiy to track our redistributed income!

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  • Blame Crash

    Science doesn’t lie.
    People do.


    WRM writes: “I just wish all these stories were a little easier to find in the US press.”

    Amen to that… Just further proof that AGW is not simply a scientific scandal but also a journalistic one. Ask yourself: Why are these ridiculous errors JUST NOW getting attention (it’s a 2007 report, for crying out loud!)

    There should be jail time for several players in this mess; anything short will utterly destroy the public’s faith in the scientific (and journalistic) method.

  • SC Mike

    The UK press is finally doing a credible job, but they were slow on the uptake as Matt Ridley writes in the current issue of the Brit Spectator.
    As he points out, the substantive critiques of the IPCC and the climate researchers started off with independent businessmen doing their own analyses and finding each other on the Internet. They checked each other’s work while focusing on their own areas of expertise, all at their own expense and on their own time, and Ridley gives them the credit they deserve.

    Ridley also describes how the UK newspapers gradually started devoting their considerable resource to investigating what we now refer to as Climategate. As a long-time science write, Ridley knows quite well the tendency to act as cheerleader rather than unbiased reporter and recounts his own role in hyping acid rain.

    Ridley calls for the BBC to stop ignoring the issue, and as the following blog post shows, it has dipped its pinky in at last:

    It’s past time for the media biggies in the US to start expending some shoe letter in reporting on the IPCC reports, climate researchers, and the shaky state of climate science.

  • ic

    Funny thing, it’s that global warming denying moron Bush who was politicizing science for not doing what IPCC wanted him to do.

  • I suspect that the reason that the story is bigger in the UK than in the US is that most Americans don’t really give a hoot about global warming, and the media know it.

  • Choey

    By the time the IPCC gets through retracting all of its phony papers they will be left with a one page report that says: “We really, really believe in man made global warming”.

  • Fen

    “Perhaps it is better that the American media ignores these stories”

    There’s an upside. All the AGW acolytes that turst American media as their information brokers are still spouting the same nonsense.

    Makes for many fun cocktail hours. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Except these are the ssame libtards who so righteously proclaimed “deniers” as idiots. So its even better.

  • william

    It’s about time! Many knew from the beginning that a so-called scientific endeavor that relies on marginalizing doubters and skeptics with the term “deniers” has something to hide. All one has to do is read about the history of science to see that scientists are as human as the rest of us. All the lies, inaccuracies, manipulations, and self-servitude, that’s being revealed, does not surprise me one bit. Our gods have fallen to earth. Brought down by the know-it-all arrogance of an elite who would like nothing better than to recreate the world in their own image.

  • jon

    What are these news “papers” you speak of?

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  • Amalia

    The IPCC’s institutionalized fraud is another example of how uncontrollable the UN has become. India the past week publicly stated it refuses to recognise any of the IPCC’s conclusions. China does not even feel the need to comment publicly.

    Taken with the ‘Oil for food’ program, the UN is facing a crisis of legitimacy that it refuses to acknowledge. Not with western countries, but India and China will wonder what exactly is the point of supporting this unaccountable, unauditable international organization that seems to exist only to perpetuate its own power and extend its influence.

    As former NAMs and staunch supporters of a very limited interpretation of the UN’s role in international affairs, they must be worried. They can’t cite Article 2(7) against the UN itself.

  • The US media would rather obsess over Sarah Palin being not so smart or sophisticated.

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    I dunno, I think it makes sense that the Brit press has this more front-and-center.. Outside of college towns and coastal bobo enclaves, Americans just don’t care nearly as much as your average European. There’s no real “Green” party to speak of, and the economy is a much larger concern than carbon emissions.

    Frankly, I’d rather American press ignore global warming, because it’s better ignored than promulgated.

  • Fen

    Dr Ken: Americans just don’t care nearly as much as your average European. There’s no real “Green” party to speak of”

    Wrong. Al Gore is worshipped in the US by the Left. And they’ve been using AGW as a political prop for quite some time.

    “Frankly, I’d rather American press ignore global warming, because it’s better ignored than promulgated”

    We’re talking about the American press ignoring the global warming FRAUD. You kinda ignored that last part yourself.

    So you sound like one of those CRU hacks trying to whitewash and misrepresent the truth…

  • Kate

    We cannot underestimate the voter anger being displayed in the comments sections when CRU-types make an appearance.

    “E-mail furor doesn’t alter evidence for climate change,” by Michael Mann. 18 Dec 2009.

    “Top scientists rally to the defence of the Met Office,” by Ben Webster. 10 Dec 2009.

    “I thought of killing myself, says climate scandal professor Phil Jones,” by Richard Girling. 7 Feb 2010.

  • You say global warming is dead. It never was alive, so to speak. It started as a front for extreme left-wing, wealth-redistributionist ideology, and now (thanks to Climategate) the world is finally beginning to see the real truth.

    Let’s protect the environment; lets conserve our finite resources and be good stewards of Mother Nature. But, please, don’t anyone try telling us that climate change, the likes of which our planet has gone through for billions of years — LONG BEFORE humans ever arrived — is “man-made” and that we must place ourselves back in the Stone Age to “survive”.

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  • You won’t find these stories in the US press because the US press is totally in the tank for the liberal agenda that the IPCC report promotes.

    Again you write an article about the activities of the Climategate criminals and make no mention of their acknowledged criminal activities. You note that the IPCC is RIDDLED with false “science” and obviously a rank piece of propaganda and you don’t even mention the massive amounts of money the principles involved are raking in due to the government grants that these hyped up lies have spawned.

    This is one of the biggest frauds, if not THE biggest fraud in the history of science. And you continue to nibble along the edges as if you are afraid to confront the obvious truth, which is that an entire branch of “science” has been totally corrupted and turned into a liberal propaganda tool to help promote the largest redistributionist power grab in the history of the world.

    When are you going to wake up?

  • SC Mike

    The Sunday issue of the Guardian / Observer also has an informative exchange between Observer science editor Robin McKie and Benny Peiser of Lord Lawson’s Global Warming Policy Foundation. It’s a mix of invective and information that nicely illustrates the emotion and facts intertwined in the climate debate.

  • SC Mike, that’s an excellent link which shows exactly how the AGW crowd thinks and works. Intimidation, straw man arguments, name-calling and the worst sort of Godwin-style Hitler invoking in the name of the purity of AGW dogma.

    Anyone who reads that sort of thing and doesn’t realize who the real “deniers” are is probably beyond help at this point.

  • Joe Geshel

    It has been obvious to me for some time, maybe 10 years, that the AGW is way overblown at its best or a complete fraud at its worst. I am now convinced that it is a complete fraud. The conclusions drawn from the “scientific research” always left me in doubt. But now, with the revelations in the last several months proves beyond cavil that it has all been a fraud. The internal emails admit as much. Actual doubt existed within the most ardent “supporters: of AGW. Now that they have been exposed as the phonies that they are, this shatters the whole premis of AGW. It’s gone. Real science must start over to study this topic. So far, not much credible science has been produced supporting AGW. More credible science has been produced that dispells and disputes the AGW alarmists. Now you know.

  • “Wake up, Polly!”

  • Heavens, it must really be climate baloney that is snowing down on Phila. today. And in DC, was that all from Obama’s speeches? It is time for the Pubs in toto, to denounce all this global warming, climate nonsense and have legislation banning the EPA and other enviro bureaucracies from ruining our own energy resources. Even if Obama vetoes legislation, it will show the public that this stuff is pure socialist baloney. When one sees India, China, Taiwan, Brazil all denounce this fraud, then one knows it is time for America to stand up for its own industrial salvation and energy resources which we can do safely because we have the tech to do so.

  • BMF

    You’re wrong about the scandals over climategate not being covered in America’s MSM. Why I read an article not long ago. Hmmm, Let’s see. That would be March 2009. Yes, it was last March. It supported Dr. Mann’s claim that climate skeptics were uneducated morons.

    Dr. Mann supported his claim with a shocking Hockey Stick chart showing that there was a dramatic increase in uneducated morons that exactly conincided with the settle science of global warming. While he theorized that the heat was making everyone crazy and it only get worse; he was unable to produce the original data because it dog ate them.

    I don’t know about the heat part, but climate gate is getting worse every day and it’s making me crazy with anger.

  • Rubicon

    Americans do care about this planet. They ignore those who use lies, distortions, half truths, & manipulation to push their agenda. And AGW is an agenda. Maurice Strong pushed for one world government. At Copenhagen the Un pushed for global governance funding. They are one in the same.
    The Un wants global government uder them. Some in America think that’s a good idea. Most in America want to remain free.
    The UN IPCC is a joke & many knew it for a long time. Now with facts being uncovered, even while many try to gloss over those failures, the impression the UN IPCC is a joke is confirmed.
    Caring about the planet does not mean one needs to give up freedom. Nor does it mean one must pay the UN through the nose for its scams & failures.
    The UN Is a joke & most of the world knows it. The IPCC is simply another effort by socialists to create a one world order, under their control. No thanks.
    They’ve lied so much that now to find the truth the only way to do so is to start all over again.

  • smitty

    You can’t find anything in the American Press because the “American Press” is dead. It has been brain-dead for a decade; but we turned off the life support after the ovomit-gush.

  • Kent Crawford

    Don’t overlook the corruption aspects of AGW. Governments have spent billions of tax-payer dollars on “scientists” to prove AGW exists. Now this corruption is becoming common knowledge. Maybe the lot of them can be charged with misappropriation of tax funds, conspiracy, and perjury/Contempt of Congress (a formal charge, not the normal attitude…).

  • EPerry

    Why the silence in the American media? Beside their obvious and painfully embarrassing loyalty to one political party, I think one should ‘follow the money’ to find the answer. Even beyond the government grants research scandal, much money has been invested in anticipation of cap and trade legislation being passed, as well as government backed green tech and green jobs initiatives. Powerful interests here and abroad are consternated by climategate.

    Of course, this kind of enormous, epochal story of fraud would present tempting plums for real reporters….

  • Prediction:

    The IPCC will disappear by 2035, possibly sooner.

  • Larry Franks

    ‘ They want to transform the global economy because of a hypothesis for which the evidence is mostly inaccessible to the layman. It is the biggest pre-emption in history, and it relies on collective trust in science.’

    I have absolute trust in science, but have a problem with some scientists. There are too many who become advocates for social causes based on ideologically biased interpretations of their data, or who select or manipulate data to make it support their ideology.

  • Video: Children -Make them fear. Pachauri mentions using children as effective propaganda, contrasted with the ‘bed time stories’ advert.

  • RonS

    Keep writing these articles please. This can of worms needs to be opened up and completely examined. The commercial tie-ins of Al Gore in benefits that will accrue to him should Obama get his “carbon tax” or equivalent approved should also be looked at and talked about. Gore was the biggest salesman going on promoting his solutions to Global Warming and it wasn’t just because he’s a nice guy. I note that Gore would never debate the issue with knowledgable critics. Follow the money and air out the dirty laundry.

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  • RichardC

    I think some folks are still missing an important point. Sure, we should be concerned about climate change. A bad turn in the climate could potentially mean mass starvation on a scale never seen before, wars, economic dislocation or unprecedented proportions, etc. But, the fact is that the climate is ALWAYS changing. We do not live in a steady-state world. Further, when you consider the assorted greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide is one of the least signficant. Water vapor is far and away the most important.

    The “science” that claims the increases in carbon dioxide we’ve seen are soon to turn catastrophic rely upon predictions that CO2 will be the ruin of us all, and I’ve yet to see any study that explains how a minor greenhouse gas is supposed to do that. The empirical evidence that has been collected shows that the hypothesis at the foundation of the more extreme climate models — that CO2 levels result in cloud formation patterns that trap heat — is false.

    The AGW crowd has been tilting at a windmill, and missing the point that we should be preparing to deal with ANY climate change, because we KNOW it will change, and can do nothing to stop it. Forget CO2, folks! It’s almost meaningless in the grand scheme of climate! Plan for change instead. Our species has survived bigger changes than that predicted by the flawed climate models, but now we’ve reached the point where we can plan for it, rather than just suffering from it.

  • patroitjim

    This guy is an Industrial Engineer. There is nothing more to add…he is disqualified as having any meaning to the so called global warming issue. Typical fox guarding the henhouse.

  • patroitjim

    Heres a twist….The EFFECT of climate change is indisputable. Earths climate has varied for billions of years and currently were warming up. Typical mindless yahoos spout on and on about CO2 and man being the CAUSE. Well maybe, and then only a tiny percentage of the whole. The CAUSE is extremely complicated. What about sunspots? Solar flares? Lunar tidal effects? Van Allen radiation belt? Earths magnetic field? Oceanic conveyor? Volcanic output? Vegetation percent? Earth axis wobble? Supernovae? The list goes on. It would be foolish arrogance to assume that humans can CONTROL it. In reality, and it will offend many, we are nowhere near possessing the knowledge and wisdom to offer an explanation much less a solution. Best bet is to not play this game.

  • trafamadore

    It’s not fair. The scientists just look at the mistake and correct it. This is not fair. I know that is the way that science works, but it’s not fair. If they make a mistake, then that means everything else is wrong too….right? I mean, any minute the Arctic ice will come back and the last ten years wont be the warmest decade ever?

    Or does it mean that the only thing that the global warming deniers can do is find trivial errors peoples honest work.

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  • snowball

    Remember Enron. Those people went to jail. Okay, a country club jail, but… How many of these in the IPCC and other Green Agencies do you think will pay the same price?

  • Ranjan Rawat

    Dr RK Pachauri’s Climategate is not the first time that organisations associated with him have produced superficial studies. TERI produced a book – The Decade and Beyond. Book review published (Social change, June 2003, 227-231) about the book showed that the book was probably not worth even the paper it was written on.
    Shame for TERI and Dr. Pachuari.

  • onz


    Regarding the
    Comment by OC – February 7, 2010 @ 11:12 am

    OC recommends the following Greenpeace commentary on Climategate, and other “gates, at:

    It is a remarkable commentary, and very much worth reading, though mainly for its highly professional level of SPIN – and its concluding slogan: “The science is clear, climate change is real”

  • John Dodds

    Why does everyone ignore the fact that the IPCC does bad science?
    The IPCC and climatologists claim (AR4 WG1 p116) that adding a GHG (CO2) to the air causes warming.
    BUT Arrhenius in his quantification of the GHE in 1896 said that you MUST add an energy photon to the GHG to get the warming. Without adding the energy you will only get excess CO2 in the air- no warming. (see Excess CO2 Scenario paper)
    The proof that the IPCC mis-applied the science is that when you add excess GHGs in the form of water vapor to the sir (ie when the humidity goes from 33% to 100% or rain, then you do NOT get a tripling of the 30C water vapor contibution to the GHE.
    The IPCC LIES. Their conclusions and the climatologists computer models are not valid.
    Fire them all. Can you sue a scientist for mal-practice?

  • Why aren’t these stories easier to find in the American press? Simple, no US governments, not even the Obama’s, have made “Global Warming” the cornerstone of their electoral strategy or domestic politics. But the governments of Britain and Australia have. Hence their very survival is predicated on this fraud. Woe to them for prostituting science–British and Australian newspapers have every right, duty even, to pounce. Ours tend to stay away from the issue: they don’t understand it for starters, and to most people in this country, it’s of little relevance. Besides, there is no visible climate change in the US. For most of the country, the high temperature records were all in the 1920s and 1950s. We can all see it on connecting to!

  • xylourgos

    Good post, Walter. I strongly agree with your last paragraph. Where is the American press on this subject. Why are the Brits at the leading edge of this story?

    The US press have become gutless – incapable of following any lead that might cast doubt on what is turning out to be the greatest scam in human history.

  • Greg Hapac

    The biggest question in this whole global warming scam is how did the politicians get the scientists to play along. I believe that the answer is simple. Follow the money. Large amounts of government grant money have gone to scientists all over the world, so much that if they proved that there wasn’t global warming this gravy train would end. So far the only direct correllation to climate change that is almost 100% is sunspot activity.

  • Peter Valdes

    Our Congress and House Rep. should be emailed this page. We all agree that taken care of the planet is a good thing, but falling into the radical claims of planet destruction only to enhances big business (green jobs) and lobbyist. The direction our government is taken us (cap and trade) along with the power it has given the EPA, will cause a longer recession by driven small businesses to close because of higher cost and Federal Regulations.

  • J T Mercier

    The IPCC reports and the whole hypothesis of irreversible global warming is junk science and has been from day one.

  • Kent Perry

    The Global [vulgar punning synonym for ‘warmists’ here — ed] have been busted, and like most of the idiots at the NAS who have ALWAYS ridiculed anyone dare challenges Darwinian Macro Evolution I see just about every single tactic used to address skeptics of the global warming agenda.

    I think the most obvious reason the American MSM doesn’t report much on this issue is because to them, it isn’t an issue at all. They see it for what it has always been or, something not deserving any publicity whatsoever and rightly so. It is a scam that most Americans find repugnant as they know what it is really about and what it’s true agenda truly is and it ain’t about them saving the world.

    It is about them controlling the world.

    They know it and we know it

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