Global Trends of the 2010s #3: Panopolis
Published on: January 13, 2010
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  • Chas C-Q

    1) The environmental movement wishes this: “unnatural” mankind, off of the land; as densely and vertically packed as possible, with all the rest a vast wilderness.

    2) So, we should re-watch “Soylent Green” and “Max Headroom” for our future-history lessons.

    Chas C-Q

  • Concerned

    Dick Cheney, David Rockefeller, Jagdish Bhagwati and the other CFR sweatshop, child-labor loving goons don’t want you to put together the code words in this article to read the hidden message – literally, just remove every other sentence and you see the real agenda. As an example:

    “Even the poorest will have access to…sources of information. The poor will know a lot about the rich…The total cities of the near future will be tinderboxes ready to explode into any imaginable kind of class, ethnic or religious strife…The challenges of governing and regulating panopolis will occupy governments in many countries, and the challenges should not be underestimated…Urban populations are usually better organized politically and more prone to rapid action than rural ones; the revolutionary politics of the twenty-first century will likely take shape in these cities.”

    As the supranational capitalist cabal go around the world creating zero tax export zones with rock bottom wages and abominable conditions (while making the people drink sludge) to manufacture everything from cheap toys to high-end watches for the (proportionately small) mid-level mercenary classes of consumers, and as the big multinational buyers seize up subsistence farmers’ land and convert it into big-agri slave plantations, people will head even faster to the cities. Such cities – like today’s Rio, Jakarta, Mexico City or ShenZhen – will contain vast disparities, with the larger portion of the population being on the bottom of the pyramid. However, as the technological rev. that began with industrialization continues to remake infrastructure & supply chains for the urban consuming class, so will the ability of the impoverished vermin to know that they are being exploited and, moreover, to organize & demand a slight increase in their lot from the wealth siphoned off by the surfeited elite. They will foment a whole string of uprisings in the manner of Egypt 2011, S. Africa 1993, Nicaragua & Iran 1979, African American riots 1968, etc., etc. THAT IS WHY – my fellow, sociopathically avaricious goons – we have to super-fund the surveillance and police states in order to know what the rats are doing in their holes before they rise up against us, to quash, gas and restrain them and send them and their dirty offspring back to our machines. We need to have an efficient, electronic fist ready to handle the threat to our cartel.

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