Sex With Robots
Published on: January 10, 2010
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  • When the Christian religion was enforced by public sanction, there was rationing of sex: Most people got one spouse, and that was where you got it. Now, in the age of birth control and liberated women, we see that a small number of men get a large number of women, and a substantial number of men get no women at all because women would rather have a piece of a superior male, or nothing at all, than these poor fellows. Supply of an ersatz product (pornography) has been driving the rise of the entertainment delivery systems for a generation now, to meet this demand. It will be the cutting of robotics, as well, to meet the same demand. There is nothing surprising here. This development has been predicted for years, and is going to make some entrepreneurs a fortune.

  • Bob

    “It is a long way from ‘I want to hold your hand’ to cozy little chats about neo-Thomist philosophy.”

    Let’s not be too harsh on the robots; it’s not as if the Beatles progressed much.

    Lexington: Ah, but what if the “superior males” become molto delicati and opt for luxury sex robots, leaving actual flesh and blood women for the discontented hoi polloi?

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