How The Gator Lost His Mind
Published on: January 8, 2010
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  • Hey, I’m no expert, but I did read a couple of Jackson biographies a few years ago — Remini’s one volume paperback is the best, because so concise. One thing I came away with was what a great military general Jackson was, in a category with Julius Caesar and Napoleon (an opinion of one no doubt!).

    What distinguished them was (a), the almost inhuman rapidity of their marches, which caught their enemies by surprise; (b) their willingness to get down and walk with their soldiers during the tough times, sharing their hardships; and (c) their quickness to attack with no time for thought.

    Granted Jackson only fought one big battle (two if you count the Indians in Alabama). OTH, Napoleon lost these qualities as time went on.

    Not sure what, if any, significance this has for the larger themes in US history. But it sure impressed the British and got Jackson elected president.

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